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Eastern Oregon timber sale fieldchecking help needed

Hey folks,

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project (BMBP) has asked that we pass on a series of timber sale field checking opportunities that volunteers are needed for. Give them a call at 541-385-9167 to express your interest.
Be sure to call in advance far enough for someone to call you back, since they are in the field a lot. Also be aware that the later you come, the more likely it is we will encounter snow.

This is a great way to learn about eastern Oregon forest ecology and genuinely help stop massive timber sales in both green forest and burned areas. BMBP has a great record of busting law-breaking federal agencies and stopping destructive logging, but they really need volunteers to walk the ground and the timber sales are typically
much larger than those found in western Oregon. Here are the dates:

November 3rd - 7th - Deep timber sale, Ochoco National Forest

November 10 - 14(or 16) - Eyerly, Easy and Monument post-fire
'salvage' timber sales

November 17 - 21 - Flagtail and Monument post-fire 'salvage'
(be prepared for snow on this one)

Have fun!
I'll spread word. 26.Oct.2003 15:17