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Whatreallyhappened.com and Rense.com

Anyone noticed that Whatreallyhappened.com and Rense.com have dissappeared???
Is anyone else experiencing a problem accessing these web sites? I fear the worst! Much has been said of late about websites that have been ordered to remove content regarding the Diebold story. Everyone knows what happened to VOXFUX. My ISP is Comcast, but not for long if I learn they are a party to any attempt to squelch my access to web sites of my choosing. I have no way to know if this the case at this time, if anyone knows what's up please reply.

Both of these sites were up earlier today but are no longer available.
I have been able to get Rense 26.Oct.2003 00:49


But it keeps on dropping out.

I pulled both up for check...OK 26.Oct.2003 00:56

sharp as tacks

I saw your posting, so checked both my AOL and MSN hook-ups and I didn't have any problem with either rense or whatreallyhappened, though I didn't stay connected longer than 10 secs or so for each. I understand both have been under immense pressure over their postings over vote-scam, but have no idea what's up with Comcast...could be a particular problem dur to solar flare? dont know otherwise. keep us posted on it, OK?

Trace Route 26.Oct.2003 01:51


I pulled my head out and ran a trace on both sites in question. WRH gets dumped at the 14th hop somewhere in Anaheim, CA at the following location: anhmcalwcx1-irriserv-gige-wcg.net That router may have taken a dump. Rense traces the route all the way through, but I still am receiving an error when trying to connect to the site using either EI 5.0 or mozilla. My ISP appears to be off the hook, my apologies to Comcast. I am just skeptical of big biz these days. These sort a problems are unerving and make me crazy. Sorry for the panic attack, I feel relieved that others are able to access these two web sites. Whenever this type of thing occurs, it makes me realize just how much in the dark we would be without access to alternative news links.

I'm in Seattle by the way. Thanks for checking at your locations . pete

WRH "Hacked" 26.Oct.2003 17:25

Martin S. White martin@naicr.org

According to Micheal Rivero, who has reported to our organization, his site has been "hacked." Mr. Rivero reports this transpired simultaneously to rense.com and antiwar.com being taken down. Though the latter two appear at the current time to be up.

Martin S. White
President, NAICR

WRH Reporting To The National Alliance? 27.Oct.2003 12:16



WRH is back 30.Oct.2003 06:16

webbcat <- new WRH site here.

BTW same day the website of Dutch veteran journalist Willem Oltmans went down to. ( http://www.willemoltmans.com). His last articles were highly critical of the policies of the Israeli government.

wrh now gone 10.Dec.2003 20:57


Looks like its gone, website of same name exists but severely toned down