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Help with Padded Bloc workshop/Training November 8th in Colorado

a call for support/help with PB trainings
Greetings from the rocky mountains.

AGs from the Colorado Anti-ftaa spokes are doing a Padded Action workshop and training on November 8th (possibly the 9th), in order to raise conciousness about what and why Padded Bloc as well as prepare tactically for doing padded action (marching formations, defending formations..etc) Most of the training will focus arround the Body Hammer Pamphlet but may incorporate a myriad of ideas and different tactics.

The people facilitating this feel we have experience in making DIY padding but not a lot in formations. It is somewhat imperative that we have more help if we are to train/skillshare for actual formations. We are calling for anyone who has any experience in actual formations and is in the western US region to please get in contact with us @  co_consulta@ziplip.com ASAP. thank you.

with love--and in struggle,
-t/ashira AG

homepage: homepage: http://www.coloradicals.org