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Top Three Revolutionary Things You Can Do In Miami

An Opinion Piece
Top Three Revolutionary Things You Can Do In Miami: (an opinion piece)

1. Bring truckloads of building supplies and working hands to renovate the poorest neighborhoods in the USA, which happen to be in Miami.

2. Navigate your way into the Everglades and the INS concentration camp to liberate the Haitian refugees held prisoner by the US Government, their children stolen from them.

3. Bring the police, our fellow workers, to our side of the struggle.

Please distribute widely.
Wake up America, Revolutionary tactics go far beyond street protests. Think about it.
So true 23.Oct.2003 00:05


*Sigh*... that is so true. The old "let's all converge in the urban core and try and SHUT IT DOWN" plan is so 1999. It worked well in Seattle, but since then the Establishment knows what to expect and plans for it.

A predictable adversary is usually a neutralized one, so why always play into their plans and do what they expect?


huh? 23.Oct.2003 05:31


4) burn all unessential capitalist property to the ground after the looting begins.
5) scratch number 3. the police are the hired army of the rich. (we've been down that reformist road before)

But what could be revolutionary in miami? a plan would be a good place to start. possibly instead of hangin in the protest pit making scary faces at the robos, decentralized actions all over south florida might be in order. and the "sit in the street and arrest me" actions are sooo boring.