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As it happens: Interview with Andrea Alipaz in Bolivia

Andrea Alipaz is interviewed live from Bolivia by an indymedia activist on Friday 10-17-2003 as the President is being forced from power by a united people of Bolivia. Hear the events just as they were happening only a few days ago. Hear the interview on PDX IMC Web Radio
Andrea Alipaz gives an empassioned and clear impression of the events that occured in Bolivia on Friday. This includes the action of the peoples from many classes coming together and the inhuman murder of people by the military forces. Hear the interview on PDX IMC Web Radio

This audio was given to the PDX IMC Audio collective by an indymedia open publisher just like you. If you have audio content that you would like to have available for streaming or would like to have your own radio show, send an e-mail to salaud'@'riseup.net.

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Andrea Alipaz 22.Nov.2006 12:53

Jerry W. Alipaz of Fresno,CA jerry_alipaz@yahoo.com

I am very interested in contacting Andrea Alipaz to discover our family ties to Bolivia,if any one can help me in this matter please e-mail me at  jerry_alipaz@yahoo.com

Many thanks...

4910 E. Andersen ave Fresno, Ca 93727