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Taking Back the Power Grid

The final results of the Multnomah County PUD Measures 26-51 and 26-52 are still weeks away but it is not to early to analyze why we allowed the initiative to fail and more importantly figure out how we can keep it from happening again. We need to learn how to "Take Back the Power Grid."
  • First, PGE has uncoupled the name PGE from Enron. Consider the home page of PGE that emphatically states, "A Plan of Reorganization and related documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court reaffirms that PGE either will become an independent company or will be sold. Either way, Enron will not be part of PGE's future." (http://www.portlandgeneral.com/)
  • Next, PGE launched a preemptive and ongoing, massive media and PR campaign with the simple and clear message, VOTE NO.
  • Finally, PGE has created an astroturf citizen's organization, gave it a sexy name (Citizens Against the Government Takeover), created a high-end website, ( http://www.citizensagainstthegovernmenttakeover.com/) and gave the group a decent bankroll. They even printed t-shirts in colors standardized to the vote no print media campaign.

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