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OLYMPIA: O22 police brutality march

october 22/ olympia: there will be a march and die in against police brutality. meet at sylvester park (capial + legion) at 4pm and WEAR BLACK.
this wednesday, olympians will take part in an unpermitted march to show our disapproval and sadness over police conduct in our city and around the country. we will wear black to mourn and honor those who have been tortured and killed at the hands of police.

this is an autonomous event in conjunction with the national day of action against police brutality. there is no sponsoring organization. if you want to see civil disobedience, critical mass, educational leafleting, street theatre or anything else, get it together and JUST SHOW UP AND DO IT!

MEET: Wednesday october 22, 4:00
WHERE: Sylvester Park (Legion and Capital Way) Downtown Olympia, Cascadia
WHAT: march downtown with a die-in. this event is what you make of it.
WHY: because we've been paying attention and find the militaristic power and dehumanization employed by the police to be unacceptable. we need to voice these concerns and change the system that allows police violence to continue unchecked.

the links below highlight some incidents involving our kind and gentle local police force.

here is a page from our indy newspaper, Works in Progress about the murder of steven edwards by the OPD:

this is a story about the time the OPD pepper sprayed a crowd of peace activists after hitting a woman with a motorcycle:

ALSO: today (sunday) at the evergreen state college a man was pepper sprayed by a campus police officer (an ex-marine) while the cop was confiscating his dog. he was denied medical attention for over an hour.