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"Preserves for People" event a success!

report-back from today's sustainability/anti-capitalist food barter at People's Co-op
Today's money-free barter event for home preserved foods at People's Co-op was a success! Folks showed up throughout the afternoon with jars of jelly, pickles, and compote, and traded them. I took applesauce, peaches, pears, blackberry jam, and dill pickles, and went home with apple-fig-chai compote, grape jelly, plum jelly, spicy pear jelly; pickled zucchini, asparagus, and beans; spicy crab apples, blueberry jam, tomatoes; AND two 22 oz. bottles of home-brewed stout! Most of the fruit and vegetables were home-grown or from local organic farmers. No money was used at this event, although a couple people who didn't have preserves tried. Attendees exchanged tips and talked about the politics of food. De-commodifying food is vital; the corporatization of the food supply has been leading to malnutrition, loss of livelihood, and has broken the sacred connection between eating and the earth. Interestingly, most of the people who attended this event were young people in their twenties and early thirties; it was good to see that the food preservation arts are being taken up by a new generation.
Congratulations! 19.Oct.2003 19:24


Sounds like the event was a success.
Nice to see something positive and proactive being written about on this board from the activist side.

makin' it happen...with love 19.Oct.2003 20:27


it's a beautiful thing. you all are an inspiration.

now your set for the long cold winter. oh wait. that's my problem as i live in minneapolis. but i can dream dreams of dandelion wine.

Don't forget the dumpstered cukes! 19.Oct.2003 21:10

A. da Gurke

Yes, I'm happy to say that I brought pickles made from dumpstered cucumbers. Today was a bunch of fun. Thank you, pickle boy, for putting on such a great event.

It was a shame that I had to mask up, though, when that guy in the suit came over. Hopefully one day we can live in peace and feed each other without making profit without having to watch our backs. As a kid I never would have dreamed that exchanging food without exchanging money would be suspect!

in the same vein... 19.Oct.2003 21:11


...there's a skillshare/barter board up at the red and black cafe (2138 se division) that no one ever seems to use.
someone's gotta break the ice!

There is? 20.Oct.2003 07:52


There's a skill/share/barter board at the r and b??? I didn't know that! Where is it? I go to the r and b all the time, and I never even noticed it!

Hey, let's do more stuff like this. Let's maybe start making things now, and then have a Christmas without Capitalism barter fair in December. Is anyone down for that?

Sure. 20.Oct.2003 10:29

A. Da Gurke

I'm sure that if you organized such an event it would be a success!

trading is more fun 21.Oct.2003 09:01

jonny and trout

we brought pickled asparagus and bread and butter pickles and squash and also garlic dills. we were only there for about 45 minutes but traded for blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and fig jams, spiced apple/pear sauce and a couple other canned fruits. this was great! we will be back for sure and would be interested in a winter solstice barter as well. no money involved! sweet!

cheers, jonny