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Cascadia Forest Alliance to Close itís Office?

Dear activist community,

There is not currently money, and more importantly, collective energy to maintain the CFA office. There is not a committed group of people willing to be responsible for maintaining the space, and there is only enough money to pay rent for a short period longer.

If there are people who want to see CFA have an office this winter, and who are willing to be apart of making that happen, now is the time to come forward. Otherwise, CFA will close its door on December 1st, 2003. CFA's phone, email, and website will be maintained, but the rest of CFA's physical infrastructure will shut down.

There will be an open house to clarify and discuss the issues for the community at large on Wednesday, October 22nd at 7pm at CFA's office (corner of 16th and Clinton). If you have input, and especially if you are serious about committing to the current office or a new CFA office, please attend, or contact the office at 503-241-4879 ASAP. No final decisions will be made at this meeting - it is only for clarifying the issues and to allow for further community assessment.
cfa pic
cfa pic
There will be a meeting the week after the open house on Wednesday, October 29th to make a final decision on the issue. Unless something dramatically changes between now and then, it is very likely that the current office will close and not reopen at a new space in the near future (see option # 3, outlined below for more details).

Those of us who came to consensus on this statement admit we are not all-knowing and are open to any other alternatives, options and input; this is simply the situation as we see it. We also see winter as a potentially valuable time for restructuring and re-envisioning CFA for the future, a task that may be easier without the pressures of maintaining the CFA office space.

CFA, and all those that care for and want to work with the Portland direct action forest defense community, are faced with the following options. It is important to keep in mind that option #3 is the default option, barring some major change in the next week. Option #1 and #2 are not currently feasible given the state of CFA's collective energy and no one currently involved with CFA wants to see CFA complete dissolve (see option #4).
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