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October 22 March to Stop Police Brutality Portland, OR

On October 22, 2003, a diverse group of individuals will join together in the streets of Portland to say not here, not now, not ever! We will be rising up to let every police officer everywhere know that we have had enough! As one local activist, Zazabelle, put it, "We will state, loud and clear, that the phrase 'To serve and protect,' doesn't mean a thing so long as it's worn behind a badge of deception, hatred, and brutality! I want to see this violent power trip end every day of my life, not just October 22, but this is a good chance for the community to get out there en mass, and say it loud and clear so that no officer can say they didn't hear us."

We are asking for individuals to come out for this event. There will be a vegan (no meat or dairy products) potluck, speakers, and a march through downtown Portland. Feel free to bring vegan food for the potluck, signs, and anyone you know. The speakers will include Craig Rosebraugh, Stu Albert, Dan Handleman, and more. It is also asked that you wear all black as a symbol of solidarity and mourning, but this is up to each person individually. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come. No matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, or religion, we are all open targets for violent police misconduct. People who associate themselves with minority groups are especially encouraged to attend, because we recognize the threat of police profiling is aimed most commonly at racial minorities, sexual minorities, transgendered and gender variant individuals, and young adults.

  • When: October 22, 2003. Potluck/speakers - 4:00pm, march - 5:00pm
  • Where: South Park Blocks (across from the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall)
  • Why: To voice the public's opposition to a growing trend of police brutality and excessive use of force

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