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Activists in Cascadia protest at Office Depot in support of Canadian forests

Today, Friday, Oct. 17, activists in Cascadia stood up to defend the forests of Canada. Meeting at the Office Depot on MLK near Stark, they brought banners and flyers to educate the public and Office Depot customers about how the store's paper procurement policies don't go far enough to protect ancient forests.

Although two driving passers-by had the usual blather -- "Go home!" (I am home, I thought to myself, here in Cascadia, trying to defend the forests!) and "Hippies!" -- other people honked and waved, and at least two customers told Office Depot they would be taking their business elsewhere. The first of the two was staff from one of the Community Colleges, and the second was a city employee who purchases supplies for a whole division, so these two customers represented significant business for the store. The woman from the city had not heard about Office Depot's policies before, but was quickly convinced on the spot, and went inside to tell them she was terminating the relationship. Yay!

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