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Let's get every critical masser out there on Wednesday!
On October 22, and 4pm, there will be a vegan potluck and speakers with a rally following it. We are also asking for a critical mass to accompany the folks who will be on foot. I look forward to seeing you all there.
bikes r good 18.Oct.2003 21:58

freebee freebeebumble@yahoo.com

im gonna be there and if im there then my bike is there ,
any people on bikes wanna meet at city bikes at 3:45
contact me and i will tell you if we are in mass
(hint, the more people that contact me the better i will be able to say if we are in mass or not)

why on wednesday 20.Oct.2003 10:21


I thought these were on the last friday's..
I understand ther are special ones sometimes, what is the cause of this one?