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Local Homeless Organizing Campaign Under Attack!

Dear Friends,
The newest Tent City, "Integrety Village" was swept this morning amidst menacing threats from the local Police Department. Brother Ibrahim Mubarak, a Principled Muslim Revolutionary who has spent most of the last few years organizing around Homelessness and Imperialism, has been named the Information Co-ordinater, and faces jail time for allegations of " sleeping outdoors". Brother Ibrahim, to the ire of the courts has refused a plea agreement on the basis of the Principle of Universal Human Rights.

A conferance with the Media was held on location at SE Water Avenue, to discuss the situation with Today's Sweep. Cadre from the Tent City along with various other stratas of the Local Left were in attendance to denounce the actions and to demand Universal Housing, Healthcare, and Employment be instituted in the United States, a "developed" Western Industrial Country.Furthermore, the group intends to maintain a presence, that is the necessity of a basic sleeping arrangement, were ever it so chooses until the situation is genuinely resolved.
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