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Latest Info on Blodgett timber sale

Logging began wednesday in Unit 7 of the Blodgett Timber Sale in Umpqua National Forest. The Logging was prevented for one day by Forest Defenders, but began again yesterday after a blockade was removed by the Forest Service. This area consists of gorgeous rocky meadows as well as madrones, hemlocks, sugar pines, doug firs, yew trees, and more. It is also home to numerous wildlife including at least one cougar.

The rights to log this area were given to Roseburg Forest products / Scott Timber as replacement volume under the controversial Salvage rider program. Both companies are owned by Allyn Ford of Roseburg, OR. Mr.Ford is also the Chairman and 3rd largest shareholder in Umpqua Bank behind the Herbert Family and Richard Williams; all of which are huge player in the logging industry.

Lock down at Medford BLM sale

Deep in the wild and remote Siskiyous mountains, more than a dozen forest defenders set up a road blockade this morning in the active Bear Pen timber sale west of Glendale. Three people locked down in the early hours and they continue to hold the blockade this afternoon. Several loggers and trucks immediately turned around when they met the first slash pile and saw more obstruction further down the road.

Activists were confronted by the security guard and two loggers. Although the guard was irate, the two loggers were respectful of and interested in the demonstration. The loggers said that they live 3 hours from the logging operation and expressed frustration over the long drive for work. When asked why they did not stay closer to home and perform light-touch forest work rather than penetrate deep into the wildlands far from communities, the loggers said that the forests on the Coast Range have already been decimated, denying them further work.

Three arrests have been made at Bear Pen and they are being taken to Douglas County jail in Roseburg. The Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS Wild) won a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) today for the King Wolf timber sale in the Glendale District of the Medford BLM. A hearing has been set for October 28. The basis of the lawsuit is that the Medford BLM sold more than half the volume that they said they would to Swanson-Superior. People are needed to go to King Wolf tomorrow with the TRO to ensure that Swanson-Superior has in fact halted their logging operations as ordered by the court. Please call 541.821.3882 if you are able to make that trip tomorrow.