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Cob Unveiling

Come see and help complete a unique and artistic natural building in Porltand
You are invited to celebrate the addition of the Cob Sanctuary at the New Day School. This small natural building with artistic style will be used as a classroom, yoga, and meditation space for this Anada Marga school. The structure was adopted by last year's Village Building Convergence ( for more info see www.cityrepair.org)

This Saturday the 18th, our Workparty is from 12pm until about
5pm when we will start dancing, playing music (open jam) and eating. Bring work clothes, musical
instruments, and food.
Bring items to put in our 10 year time capsule.
All ages and skill levels welcome.

The school is on SE 18th and Clinton in Portland.

Donations for the completion of the Cob Sanctuary are apprecated.


phone: phone: (503) 287-2442