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Help save Mt. Hood!

Bark has an unusually large amount of tasks we really need help with in the upcoming weeks and months. Please check out the list below and let us know if you can help!

Some of this stuff can even be done from home. Everything is no experience neccessary!

1. Phone banking (this is desperately needed in the next week - you can do it from home!)
2. Flyering around town for Bark's next hike on November 9th.
3. Tabling for Bark around Town or at "Fall Fest" a benefit on Saturday October 25th. (You'll get in this $10 event FREE: bands, puppet show, belly-dancing, and fire-dancing).
4. Watching Bark TV videos and writing a brief description of their contents (a great way to learn about Bark)
5. Odd jobs around the office: filing, data-entry, errand running, etc. (we could definitely use help in the coming week here at the office.)
6. Calling our volunteers to ask for help (yes, we need it that bad!)

Remember folks: Bark is built on the strength of its volunteers - we only have 1 employees to monitor the whole Mt. Hood - we need your help! Students - you can intern with us! Call us anytime!
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