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AUDIO FILE: Lloyd Marbet Speaking On the P.U.D. and Campaign Finance Reform

At the recent Jim Hightower Presentation at Portland State University, Lloyd Marbet spoke for about 8 minutes about the upcoming vote to turn Portland General Electric into a Public Utility District and the most recent Campaign Finance Reform Initiative petition drive
"We need to stop legalized bribery in Oregon. We need to put Money Is Not Democracy's initiative petition number 53 on the ballot; we need to take back our Democracy; we need to enact Campaign Finance Reform."
Referring to corporate control of the political process, Lloyd says, "what is happening to us is not new; it has been going on for a long time. What is new is the opportunities that are now before us and the face of the powers that that stand against us....we need to take control of our utilities, we need to take control of our legislature."
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