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Calpine Plans for Medicine Lake Resource Extraction include 200 new sites

MEDICINE LAKE - A San Jose-based company planning to build a pair of geothermal plants near this sacred lake has asked the U.S. Forest Service for permission to conduct more than 200 surveys of the resource-rich area.

Calpine Corp. says it isn't planning any new projects and that the surveys are meant only to get a better understanding of the area's potential. Although the company made the formal request, the project is really headed by the state California Energy Commission, which funds geothermal research, Calpine spokesman Kent Robertson said Monday.

Environmentalists warned that more surveys could mean only one thing: More development in an area held dear by American Indians and nature lovers.

Medicine Lake Hike and Campout Oct 18/19

The Medicine Lake Caldera is a magical area held sacred to many of the Northern California and Southern Oregon tribes and a rare refuge for the wild in the scared landscape of the Southern Cascades and valleys of the Klamath Projects. Located about 30 miles east of Mt. Shasta, Medicine Lake is the largest shield volcanic in the Cascade Range and host roadless areas, rare carnivore species, lush lakes and springs, vocalic flows and lava tubes, and many ancient forests. It feeds the largest spring system in California. Partially due to the "energy crisis" they helped manufactured, Calpine corporation has approval to begin turn this landscape into an industrial wasteland of power plants, toxic slumps, large roads and at least 38 miles of clearcuts for 1000 feet wide power lines. This will all be paid for with taxpayer money and sold back to us as "green energy".