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The info you've all been waiting for...OCTOBER 22 DAY TO STOP POLICE BRUTALITY!!!!!!!

It's finally here, so damnit, you had all better flyer your asses off and get everyone you know out there.
What: October 22 March to Stop Police Brutality, as well as speakers and a potluck before hand

Who: All members of the community are encouraged to participate

When: October 22, 2003. Potluck and speakers start at 4:00pm, march takes off at 5:00pm

Where: South Park Blocks (across from the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall)

Why: To voice the public's opposition to a growing trend of police brutality and excessive use of force

On October 22, 2003, a diverse group of individuals will join together in the streets of Portland to say not here, not now, not ever! We will be rising up to let every police officer everywhere know that we have had enough! We will state, loud and clear, that the phrase 'To serve and protect,' doesn't mean a damn thing so long as it's worn behind a badge of deception, hatred, and brutality! I want to see this violent power trip end every day of my life, not just October 22, but this is a good chance for the community to get out there en mass, and say it loud and clear so that no officer can say they didn't hear us.

We are asking for individuals to come out for this event. There will be a potluck, speakers, and a march through downtown Portland. Feel free to bring food for the potluck, signs, and anyone you know. It is also asked that you wear all black as a symbol of solidarity and mourning, but this is up to each person individually. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come. No matter what your race, gender, socio-economic background, age, or religion, we are all open targets for violent police misconduct. People who associate themselves with minority groups are especially encouraged to attend, because we recognize the threat of police profiling is aimed most commonly at racial minorities, sexual minorities, transgendered and gender variant individuals, and young adults.

The streets are no longer safe. There is a gang of 1000+ running rampant on the streets of Portland, armed to the teeth with guns, "less than lethal" weapons, and harmful, sometimes deadly chemical agents. The police are supposed to foster a sense of security in their communities, but how secure do you really feel? How safe are any of us when we have no way to fight back against armed officers who are given complete power over our freedom and our lives? How safe is the community when their actions will go unpunished and often rewarded despite obvious judgement flaws? Don't forget that these 'slight flaws in judgement' have led to countless severe, even permanent injuries and multiple deaths! This is our chance to say STOP POLICE BRUTALITY!

The potluck and speakers will be in the South Park Blocks (across from the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall) starting at 4:00pm, and the march will start at 5:00pm on Weds, Oct. 22. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more general info, check out the October 22 Coalition's website,  http://www.october22.org

What is the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality all about?

(Taken directly from the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality website.) "In city after city across the U.S., thousands of people will hold demonstrations, rallies, marches, forums, workshops, concerts, art shows, organizing meetings, and more, to reach out to and involve millions more. We will use the pictures, stories and statistics from the Stolen Lives Project to let people know of the horrors and outrages which are being kept from their sight, and call on them to be a part of fighting back to stop this national epidemic. We will WEAR BLACK! to symbolize our mourning for those whose lives have been stolen from us, and speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves.
* * * * * *
Laws continue to strip away civil liberties and protection against COINTELPRO-type government eavesdropping, searches, seizures, evidence fabrication, frame-ups, and ambushes. People are being held in jail indefinitely on secret evidence and denied access to lawyers or a chance to contest their imprisonment. Police, the FBI, CIA, INS/BICE and other law enforcement agencies, the same institutions that have brutalized and even murdered people, are being given expanded powers over us.

All of history teaches us that, as Frederick Douglas said, "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.... The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." "

-  http://www.october22.org


Does anyone know if this march is unpermitted? I sure hope so. There is nothing more disgusting then playing by their rules and applying for permits! These are OUR STREETS and any time we get a permit we are saying that its okay for them to not only restrict our rights to freedom of speach, but they charge you as well. There is something called the constitution and thats the only permit I go by......

another march 16.Oct.2003 11:49


i'm happy you're willing to put some effort into this and all, but the thing is, i went to an anti-pig violence march last year, and then we had an entire year of pig violence. until we're willing and able to do more than march around and yell things, i don't see the point any more. i don't say this to discourage your effort. i just...this is just how i feel.

police violence is a very real issue in our community. sometimes it seems like they think they can just keep brushing it off, because they can discredit anyone who points it out. the news is complicit in this, implying that protesters who get beaten and gassed deserved it. i don't know what it's going to take, but it's time to do more than we have.

a police officer shot an unarmed woman to death last spring, and barely got a slap on the wrist. the "force" stood by him the whole way, claiming some kind of divine brotherhood, some right to just shoot people if they think they can get away with it. we need to understand that these guys truly are our enemies. i don't say this as some rabble rousing trouble maker, either. i'm a parent and a "taxpaying citizen" and a worker and all the other things one would think would confer some air of respectability. (not that it takes these things to be respectable, but these are the things the media plays on -- the people who are angry at the police are all portrayed in a particular way, and i don't fit that stereotype.)

anyway, i support your desire to have a march, and that's cool. i may even come to it. but we really, really do need to do so much more. we've had some notable victories lately -- the resignation of kroeker being a big one -- but the disease remains. i don't know what to do about it, but we must do something.

HEY 16.Oct.2003 12:25


Lets have a march not just to end "police brutality" but a march to end THE POLICE as well!

Response to Da 16.Oct.2003 13:32


Yeah, let's end the police. Then there will no to stop me. I'm good at what I do and have no plans to slow down.

WTF!!! 16.Oct.2003 13:57


"Lets have a march not just to end "police brutality" but a march to end THE POLICE as well! "

That has to be the most brain-dead statement I've ever read on here. Normally I don't post but this kind of idiotic statement deserves one.

So tell us Da. Are you going to clean up and investigate traffic accidents? What about speeders? Drunk drivers?How about chasing down and arresting people who break the law? If there are no police, how are you going to keep your house and property safe? are you going to pick up a gun to defend yourself? or will you try to "reason" with the criminal while his friends are ransacking your house and doing god knows what else.

But of course you don't believe in the law do you? unless it's you or your property. Then you could probably quote it faster than the best lawyer in the business.

You talk a good fight kid but if it ever came down to brass tacks, let's say someone breaking into your house, wasting your loved ones or kicking the snot out of you, you'd call the cops faster than you can say 9-1-1.

I'm against police brutality in all it's forms. But to make a statement like this shows no thought for the future of our city and our planet in general. GROW UP!

I'm with da 16.Oct.2003 14:43

da da

As far as I can tell the police are irrelevant. They do very little but hurt and harass citizens. They do not catch criminals, get confessions or even prevent crime. It is total bullshit to believe otherwise.

Once in a while the police actually arrest a bad guy but it is never without a citizens assistance. They don't know shit about fuck and do their jobs only through coercion and violating citizens civil rights.

If there is a property crime they can't do anything and if it's a person to person crime well they might try to do something but usually won't be able to. If I was a victim of a crime I would never call the police to help me and I don't know anyone who would. In fact I think the police cause more crime by their very presence and the illegal tactics they use.

Da is right we should just get rid of them.

Ok Da Da 16.Oct.2003 15:29


Your opinion and your welcome to it.

By the way. Do you ever read arrest reports? how about accident reports? Traffic Ticket statistics?

It's all there in the police records for public knowledge. So if the police aren't doing anything, then who is making all the arrests? writing the tickets? doing the accident investigations?...Thats right, those non-working people called the police.

But lets say for a minute this little paradise of no police comes true. Who's going to investigate accidents? take care of drunk drivers, etc? or will all those problems magically go away? And while you're at it, why not get rid of the Firemen, how about animal control, department of sanitation and roads, Heck, let's just do away with the whole shooting match why not?

If this does happen, let me know on here asap. I'll go downtown with my rifle and do a little shopping. After all, who's going to stop me? certainly not the cops-they don't work.

In fact, what is preventing you from doing a little "five fingered discount" ? If the police don't work as you say, you should have no problem picking up some really nice items.

Don't talk the talk unless you can walk the walk kid.

da da da 16.Oct.2003 15:48


actually, da might be onto something. i mean, it's kind of an inane and sophomoric comment because i can't see how a march is going to make a difference one way or another. similarly, i don't know how s/he intends to "get rid of the police" so it seems like empty words.

but in response to WTF, i gotta say you haven't been paying attention. Yes, i love that little myth too. the one that says the police are the good guys, the glue that holds our society together, the people who come to our rescue when we need them. at least, i loved that myth until i snapped out of it.

the fact is, we're better off without the police. sorry all you fresh faced boys and girls in blue who went into this job to "help" people. if you haven't already noticed, you will: that's not what the job is all about. it's about preserving the economic order. protecting the wealth and privilege of the haves from the need, desire, and justice of the have-nots. preserving a status quo that's killing us. how else can you possibly explain beating and gassing people who blocked the streets for a peace demonstration, and then blocking the streets yourselves for a krispy kreme donut shop grand opening?

we will all be better off when we learn to settle our differences ourselves, rather than foisting them off on some ill suited man with a gun to settle for us. the us is the most crime infested nation in the world, home to more murders than anywhere in the "civilized" world. and we're the most heavily policed state in the world. is there a connection? certainly, more cops has not equaled less crime.

whatever you think of da's plea for and end to police, surely you must recognize the fact that the police haven't done anyone but the PBA any favors in this city for a long, long time.

A correction 16.Oct.2003 15:57


I'm all for police accountability. But to just blurt out "The cops need to go" without having some kind of mechanisim in place is not only idiotic, but dangerous in the extreme.

"we will all be better off when we learn to settle our differences ourselves, rather than foisting them off on some ill suited man with a gun to settle for us"

On this point I will agree with you. But until we as a people learn to take some responsibility for our own actions, it'll never happen.

And just because the PDX police are crapola, that doesn't mean the whole system of police is. A Chicago cop once saved my life when he was off duty (pulled me out of a wrecked car). There is good and bad in the system, but the system itself is not to blame.

??? AKA coplover or cop? 16.Oct.2003 15:58

da da

I do walk the walk triple confused person. I am not a kid. And I know what I'm talking about.

Yes ??? I have read arrest reports and they are more often than not full of lies and distortions. They mischaracterize events to suit their purposes and then perjure themselves in court.

The police only investigate crimes they feel like investigating by public pressure or the prompting of city hall. They do not solve traffic crimes - there are hit and runs everyday and speeding violations all the time. The truth is the police cannot be bothered to deal with traffic crimes - they think it is beneath them. If they did really direct traffic and ticket those who commit infractions there would not be 55,000 automobile related deaths per year.

I was assault in SE Portland (only a flasher who yelled and grabbed at me) - I called the police not to have the man arrested but to inform the community. I was transferred three times and then given an answering machine to leave a message. Needless to say I did not bother to leave a message. That kind of police disfunction is not solving crimes ??? is it? Why would I call them again? And why would I believe that they will do anything?

Who hasn't had a bike stolen or had their car broken into in this city? No one even bothers to call the police because they CANNOT AND WILL NOT DO ANYTHING.

Only psychopaths walk around wanting to rob, rape, murder for no reason. And guess what the police can't stop that from happening.

Oh yeah, the worst crime that was committed against me in this city was when the police assaulted me. I guess that was the part of their job that is going to cost this city's taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Just doing their jobs, ha.
Making the city safe -ha ha.
??? for defending them - ha ha ha

Response to Da 16.Oct.2003 15:59


The police do some great things for our community. For example recently my wife was in a horrible accident. The people that were their to take of her were police. When I someone I'm close to was raped three years ago the police investgated the crime and the rapist is now enjoying a long vaction at the Snake River state penn. Granted the police need to held accountable for their actions but to say that we don't want the police is foolish.

to ??? again 16.Oct.2003 16:26


you stated, "And just because the PDX police are crapola, that doesn't mean the whole system of police is. A Chicago cop once saved my life when he was off duty (pulled me out of a wrecked car). There is good and bad in the system, but the system itself is not to blame. "

This is interesting, in that it ends with a conclusion that does not follow from your argument. yes, the system itself is to blame. the cops themselves are sometimes good, decent people, sometimes authoritarian assholes with napolean complexes. but the system itself is wrong.

you point out that a good cop saved your life once when he was off duty. cool! he's a hero. seriously. and see? he was a hero off duty. so his heroic act had nothing to do with his being a cop, nothing to do with "the system." it had to do with what kind of person he is, and for the record i think many cops are actually good people in real life. but the job they do is wrong. the system is wrong. and when a bad cop is in that system, there's not a damn thing we can do to stop him. one scott mccollister springs immediately to mind.

yes, the system is flawed. it's a sham designed to protect those who have taken everything from the rest of us. a police state is not a good place to be. i don't know that yet another march is necessarily the way to deal with this issue, but it's certainly better than apologizing for the police.

speakers? 16.Oct.2003 16:59


Does anyone know who will be speaking? Just curious.

endorsement list? 16.Oct.2003 17:19


Is there a list of endorsers? Which affinity groups are anchoring this?

Radicals just don't get it 17.Oct.2003 07:54


Some of the worst, most violent, most oppressive places in the world to live are those without a strong government and law-and-order. Think Somalia - rampaging gangs of thugs with guns, who run around looting and killing. Think Afghanistan - warlords with their little fiefdoms, fighting with each other, imposing Islamic fundamentalist law if they so please, and so on. Think about the civil wars in Africa - a hallmark of them is always random groups of young thugs ( either the "resistance" or the "army" ) who maraud around the countryside, mutilating, raping, and killing as they go. The weak, fragmented, non-existent governments in these places are absolutely powerless to stop any of this. There is no law; the law comes from the barrel of a gun. The law is might makes right. If I have the gun, and you don't, I can rape your wife, then shoot you both, and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it.

Anarchy is a great theory, and sure sounds nice in all those books by those dead white girls and guys, but reality is just a little more complicated. In reality, the worst places to live are those WITHOUT a strong central government. Just take a look around you. Given the obvious evidence, what would any rational person with an iota of common sense choose? The heavy-handed modern police, or total chaotic violence a la Somalia or Afghanistan? Well, duh.

The reality appears to be that if there is a power vacuum, someone will fill it. The reality appears to be that while it would be nice if we could all sit around, hold hands and sing kumbaya, there are a lot of fucked up, violent assholes in the world. I look at societies that have no police, no law-and-order, and no control, and I don't see any place that I would want to live, nor would 99% of the population.


to chris 17.Oct.2003 12:16


Hey Chris, you seem to have just made the point that "rampaging gangs of thugs with guns, who run around looting and killing" is a bad thing. Isn't that what we just said? The PDX police are such a gang, and should be disbanded. See? We agree.

you're looking in the wrong places 17.Oct.2003 12:25

cultural historian

Historically speaking (and I mean human history not "civilized" history) the most peaceful, non-violent societies have been those without a strong central government. In fact, 99% of all human cultures that we are aware of have not had a strong central government and human cultures have managed to survive just fine for hundreds of thousands of years. Still, there are many places (though their numbers are dwindling as rapidly as ever) one can look to find peaceful societies without "law and order" as we define it. Many of us look to those places and do see a place we would like to live. The question for us to answer is how do we get there? There is certainly a valid argument to say that we will never be free of the culturally instilled violence that surrounds us, but to take that position is certainly defeatist. We may as well acknowledge that Riane Eisler was right when she spoke of the only logical, rational outcome to a continuation of societies based on violence: complete annihilation. For those of us who believe another path is possible we must look to other solutions besides the strong authoritarian bullies that have not provided us with safety or security. The solution lies, perhaps exclusively in the creation of communities that can police themselves without an authoritarian structure. In war torn areas there is not only a lack of government but a lack of community as well. The roles of the "police" can be radically shifted for those that have joined because of their own power issues provide no benefit to the community. Those that are legitimately interested in "keeping the peace" can provide a useful community function as "peace keepers" but not serving the functions of "policing". Communities have always had peace keepers, which are essential to keeping a community strong, but they have not always had police to breed anger, resentment, and discontent.

To Cultural historian 17.Oct.2003 12:47


Thanks for writing that. I was thinking about Chris's question, and although he might not have articulated it the way I might have, it's an issue that I've been worrying about as well. This system is obviously not working, and I'm always inspired by the strength, courage and solidarity in the anarchist community. But I always find myself wondering about what we would ever really do if we had "anarchy." I don't know enough about it, I just kept thinking about the bullies of the world who might exploit a lack of order. Your answer is really enlightening to me, and inspires me to look deeper. I think I've been brainwashed by the same cultural lies, the ones that say we need some authority figure to turn to to solve our problems. It's weird that I didn't notice that before, but thanks for writing this. It's really refreshing when someone actually takes the time to explain differing viewpoints instead of just yelling at each other. Sometimes, people can learn something.

cultural historian, you are wise 17.Oct.2003 13:35


cultural historian, thanks for your comments. I wholeheartedly agree with what you have to say. The problem, as you point out, is how do we get from there to here? As you point out, there were many societies that lived peacefully without draconian authority structures to enforce "law". However, unfortunately, we do not live in such a place and probably will not for quite some time.

I merely wished to point out that lack of a state, in and of itself, is not necessarily a good thing, if the alternative is merely for societies to sink into violent, amoral chaos.

And I of course I fully agree with you that reasonable people can agree about things without recourse to violence or a state. My point is, of course, and the problem is, that there are a lot of unreasonable people in the world. A lot of them. And they are very unreasonable. So, I mean, now that we're in this mess, how do we get out of it?

I'll be the first to stand up and say: I don't have the slightest idea.