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OCT 25 Black Bloc Tactic

OCT 25 Black Bloc Tactic
On OCT 25 we will take to the streets of SF. Lets make not only are voices heard, but our actions as well. There is one good tactic that could be used against thee pigs.
1. Get some eggs.
2. punch two holes. one on top and the other on bottom. Make sure you dont crack the egg.
3. pour out the yoke, and make sure every thing is gone, and its hollow inside.
4. Tape the bottom of the egg with good tap. (duck tape is good)
5.Pour a dark paint (blue, red, black) into the egg and fill it up
6. Tape the top (just like the bottom)
Now you have a nice little throwing device that if thrown on a pig with riot gear, (mainly his helmet shield, it would smear paint and he wont be able to see. In conclusion, this would make them have to take off the helmets.In a situation like that, they would prefer not to do such a thing. Remember they are only tough when they have armor and weapons. When expose they fear the people. tell your friends and hope to see some egg bombs on the 25.
Light paint also works 16.Oct.2003 12:30


Light paint works well, also. UK activists often use pink or white paint, because the little white particles in the paint make it impossible to see during daylight, which reflects off of them. This wouldn´t happen as much if the paint particles were dark... Besides, imagine how those RiotKops would look wearing porcine pink outfits! Oink, oink!

christmas ornaments 16.Oct.2003 13:10


i appreciate the egg-bomb idea, since a broken eggshell can't injure anyone.

One can also procure some clear glass christmas-tree ornaments and fill them with paint, sealing them with tape or wax (just be very careful of fingerprints on glass). Obviously, broken glass can hurt people, so i don't advocate throwing this kind of paint bomb at people -- though they're very effective on buildings.

pink ink 16.Oct.2003 19:00

inky pink

Where could someone donate a gallon of pink paint?

you say code, we say pink

cheap paint 16.Oct.2003 22:16


You can get 5 gallons fo recycled paint from metro recycling for 20 dollars. That would last quite a while.

what should we use? 17.Oct.2003 15:48


Does it have to be free range, organic eggs?
Or is this being cruel to eggs.
Rather than taking a dozen eggs, take a dozen work mates.
Its workers who will change society, not eggs- even hard boiled ones.