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Don't Let Vera Sell Us Out Again!

Tell Vera to stop giving our hard earned resources away to those who have everything already! DOWN with the Portland Business Alliance!!! They ARE the enemy!
The city council just gave hundreds of thousands of our dollars away to PBA interests, to pay for advertising campaigns to bring shoppers to downtown businesses. Fuck that! Our schools and social services are in crisis, and they're digging out $400,000 for an AD campaign to support PBA??? Not only that, but rumor has it the mayor and the city council are now considering a "tax overhaul" to give those poor little businessmen a break. We all know Vera is in their pockets, but this really stinks. How could she think for one minute these kinds of giveaways are appropriate? Especially when the rest of us just agreed to a tax hike to pay for needed services. Why shouldn't businesses be forced to pay their share??? They are NOT good neighbors. They're extortionists who have bought our city officials.

Tell the mayor what YOU think.  mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us
Francesconi is the PBA candidate for mayor 15.Oct.2003 17:56

don't forget

Francesconi is the PBA darling for the next mayor's race. Yeah, the guy who sunk the anti-war resolution. He hired away Gordon Smith's fundraiser, and has sucked up a ton of dough for the mayor's race. And his web-site is replete with a PBA who's-who endorsement list.

Reason I'm running for City Council 15.Oct.2003 18:19

Brian Smith

I'm going to drop off the paperwork on Friday. I've had a political awakening, ever since the war started and I tried to peacefully protest and got pepper sprayed and attacked by bad cops. We need to get some good people in City Hall that care about the PEOPLE not crap like advertising. I've been researching a idea to get wireless internet access for anybody in Portland metro(which would be one of the first projects of it's kind I'm pretty such). How much would it cost, maybe $250,000 at most. Have the project run by non-profits like freegeek or personaltelco.net

I believe the children our the future and to deny them resources in place of business interests is a crime. I want more school band and science classes not riot police.

Contact 15.Oct.2003 18:22

Brian Smith

If anybody wants to talk more about creative community minded ideas that are substainable email me at  bsmith@logicallyrewired.com

My webpage is currently being redone and should be back soon:

DOWN WITH SPRAWL 15.Oct.2003 20:41

Downtown businessman

This downtown advertising support is a good thing. If you hate sprawl and paving over wilderness and farms for McMansions and strip malls you will support high density and a vibrant downtown. A vibrant healthy downtown will attract yiuppies to live closer to downtown or in downtown Pearl District area. Or would you prefer the yuppies buy McMansions in some new subdivision 30 miles away from downtown to commute every day in their stinking Suburbans? So you see, this is part of the downtown high density strategy vs the GREEDY PIG DEVELOPERS who want to turn our Willamette Valley farms and wilderness into unlimited sprawl and freeways. DOWN WITH SMOGGY SPRAWL!

Questions to businessman 15.Oct.2003 21:58

Brian Smith bsmith@logicallyrewired.com

How does spending $400k on advertising help the downtown community? How is the PBA actually using this money and is that going to be released? Was there any debate, on if they actually need this money or just want to be greedy.

How about we cut down on traffic by using public transportation or bike? Give tax breaks to business that contribute to the community not just greedy ie. Full-time positions, unions, promote public transportation, and education/health benefits. Why should tax payers pay for services that only benefit a small group?

Vera's completely out of touch 16.Oct.2003 00:25

with reality

in this cash-strapped and economically -downward -spiralling community, but she is a "lame duck mayor" so can suffer no consequences for FINALLY, BLATANTLY SHOWING HER TRUE COLORS that she downplayed all this time: SHE IS DEFINITELY IN THE POCKET OF DOWNTOWN'S "DEEP POCKETS." Their money always funded her campaigns, and she always quietly lobbied for their interests and funded their projects through the years. Many of us knew it all along (we saw her in action on cable access!) and opposed her but, here in Portland money talks in politics so, until we figure out a way (or commit to working hard enough) to change that, we're going to be stuck with the sellout Francesconis and Leonards and Saltzmans and Stens et al of this world (before them were Mildred Schwab and our goody two shoes U.S. Rep. Earl, amomg others) and our public funds are going to be paid out to sweetheart deals like the Mt. Tabor Reservoir replacement, etc. for Saltzman's engineer buddies. It's depressing to think that over the years here in Oregon "vested interests" have sunk the Homestead Exemption, passed corporate windfall measure 5, put in anti- poor voter registration requirements and sentencing (Meas. 11), defeated Healthcare for All and GMO labelling, and are getting ready to trounce the PUD...

already wrote her 16.Oct.2003 02:10

about the children's garden

No reply, but I hope this isn't her way of responding, unless maybe it's a roundabout admission of damage. Seems to me like her and the police are just one ill-concieved face saving effort stacked on another. I got chased out of downtown with my kid by the cops during the the war protests because I had a kid along and I was afraid the cops would get ugly, since they were already trying to intimidate passive peace protesters. I know who I was afraid of and who killed my shopping that day and it wasn't the homeless and it wasn't the protesters. Oops. Well, that's okay, they'll make it all up to Portland by defoliating the place to make it a nice safe, clean place where the homeless have nothing green to pee behind. Oops. Well, that's okay, they'll make it all up to Portland by throwing a few bucks at a few merchants as long as they can stiff the taxpayers.

It's sad, I'd come to Portland just for the falafel in that market near Powell's, and gladly load up the car with a long winter's read and what-not while I was in the neighborhood. Not these days. I wouldn't even touch Powell's through Amazon Marketplace. Maybe when I get see a copy of the e-mail from the boss at Powell's assuring me that the workers are squared away, and copies of the e-mails he sent Katz and the cops begging them to snap the hell out of it before they lose more otherwise lifetime customers, there might be a shadow of hope of that. That's pretty harsh, but I've gotten the deep impression by now that the Portland cops are nuts and it's just not a great place to get pulled over because of a stupid out-of-towner trafic snafu, and that the mayor could only be too happy about the situation. I love the place, cannot stand the way it sounds like it's being run...

I wish I could get Katz to see things like others might see them (even if I'm seeing them wrong here), but that could be part of the problem. Maybe she does, and will be ready to respond to the bad publicity with some other completely preposterous thing intended to compensate for the preposterous thing before. Alas, a little decency may go as far as the 400k, but the latter may be easier to cough up since its from someone else's pocket.

P.S. for Officer Meyers, are you sure it was the homeless peeing in the bushes? I am so sorry, but sometimes I have such trouble finding a restroom in Portland, especially after I've been holding it an hour or two, sitting there going zero MPH on the freeway. You hug a tree, and I will bring an empty jug along if I ever stop in again, ok?

Another idea for the 400K 16.Oct.2003 09:56


Hey, why not take that cash and build public restrooms with it instead? I'm certain more people would find downtown a good place to do their business if they had a good place to do their business....

garden 16.Oct.2003 14:35


FYI, if people are still pissed off about the "children's garden" they might want to take their energy to the First Presbyterian Church. The space was not cleared out without their knowledge, as some people seem to think.

The simplest way 16.Oct.2003 14:39

to promote downtown business

is free parking on Saturday. Spending 400K with some well connected ad agency is just government payola for favors or campaign contributions, as usual. Every single thing going on with the City council is about payola. Why are they going to bury the reservoirs? Payola. Why are the taxpayers going to pay for the North Macadam development? Payola. How else do you figure city council members making $73K a year are driving new volvos and living in Alameda. These people are out for themselves and their cronies... period.

We need to break this cycle.


Our council style of government needs to be replaced with a city manager. The mayor and council members should meet a couple times a month to set policy and make sure things are running smooth. They should not have full time positions. They should not have full time salaries.


KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR A COMING INITIATIVE TO CHANGE THIS LUDICROUS STYLE OF GOVERNMENT. All it does is rip off the taxpayer and fill the coffers of Vera Katz, Jim Francesconi and the likes of Homer Williams.

Downtown- where all the lights are 16.Oct.2003 16:34


Yeah? Well who's in the pocket of big greedy subdivision developers who would rather pave the whole Willamette with sprawl to fill their pockets? Who's in the pockets of the local big car/SUV dealers who would love to see the number of long distance car/SUV commuters increase from more and more suburb subdivisions? Maybe its you!
I'll take Vera and her crew any day!

and on marketing... 16.Oct.2003 16:58


The PBA is not getting this marketing money.

businessman 16.Oct.2003 18:14


increased consumerism is the single worst solution to pollution that I have ever heard. Adieu!

businessman II 17.Oct.2003 00:57


As much as I agree with you, Gertha, I think he's pre-emptively accusing us of being sell-outs before he even got to know us :( poopy pants!!!!!!

update on Officer Meyers 17.Oct.2003 19:39


Don't know "if" this is the best site to post latest on Officer Meyers, but I saw his name mentioned above and so will
post it here. Thanks for having his picture posted two of three places last week, as that is how I was able to recog-
inize him when I saw him shopping the other day at a local supermarket. The long unkempt blond hair was the tip
that assured me it was him. Besides he had on his uniform as he pushed the grocery cart about, so I know it was
him! He doens't know me from Adam's housecat, so it was easy to RETALIATE against him for his chickenshit
ways...misuse of power as a Portland cop! While he absentmindedly shop, I caught him with his back turned and
easily dropped 2 very expensive items into his cart, and then causually moved on my way. I saw him going through
the checkout and while he absentmindedly put the 2 items up on the counter, he obviously didn't realize they were
there till the check told him how much he owed. He was bewildered, perplexed, and didn't know what to do, but
to dig deeper into his wallet and pay for it all. Guess he won't have enough left to pay for a much needed haircut
will he? See...this is how we deal with these loonies...it's a wast of time to write 'em letters, call 'em, or protest to
their bosses...only way to get their attention is to inflict RETALIATION upon 'em and let 'em feel what it's like...even
though a milder version...to be a VICTIM! So! Thanks for plastering his picture on your website. Do this more with
some of the other errand cops and it won't take long till WE THE PEOPLE do Vera's job for her and straignten out
that fucking bunch of assholes. Try it!

about officer meyers 17.Oct.2003 20:29


awww, now that almost makes me feel bad. seriously, i don't know why, but it kinda makes me feel sad. the only way to make myself feel better is to remember that this is the guy who is criminalizing povery in portland. i guess a little "but for the grace of God" is a good idea after all.