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Green Party, labor, and latin@s

Latin American labor activists to speak at Pacific Green Party state convention this weekend.
From the PGP's convention web site ( http://www.pacificgreens.org/convention/):

"Our keynote speakers will be Juan Carlos Galvis and Jaime Castillo Ulloa.

"Juan Carlos Galvis is a Colombian Coca-Cola Worker, Vice President of SINALTARINAL (Colombian National Food & Beverage Workers Union) and President of CUT, Colombian National Trade Union Confederation, Barrancabemeja. Juan is a human rights activist and leader of the local coalition "Space for Human Rights Workers of Magdalena Medio" He has received many death threats and has survived assassination attempts. Juan Carlos is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Coca-Cola filed in US federal court linking the corporation with paramilitary groups trained at the SOA (School of the Americas.) The United Steel Workers of America is a party to the lawsuit on the workers' side.

"Jaime Castillo Ulloa is a labor activist from Tehuacan, Mexico."

homepage: homepage: http://www.pacificgreens.org

wow, can I go? 15.Oct.2003 18:29

naive liberal

Wow, do I have to be a Green to go to the convention? I always thought the Greens were just a bunch of disenfranchised Democrat, middle class, stoners and here they go taking labor issues seriously. That'll teach me to paint liberals with the same broad brush.

Yup, everyone's invited 16.Oct.2003 08:42

A Green

Yes, Pacific Green Party conventions are open to the public.