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Hanford Tank Cleanup Forum Oct. 25

Hanford Watch & Hanford Information Network sponsor their annual forum on cleaning up Hanford's underground nuclear waste tanks -- the most critical cleanup issue at Hanford.
A Roundtable Discussion: Hanford Tank Cleanup

Third Annual Oregon River Protection Forum

Saturday, October 25, 2003
9:30 - Noon
OMSI/Parker Room
1945 Water Street SE Portland, Oregon

For over a decade, NW citizens have insisted that the U.S. Government build a facility to safely remove and treat the 53 million gallons of nuclear waste currently stored in decaying underground tanks at Hanford.

Now, progress is being made on construction of a "vitrification plant" to turn the liquid waste into glass - - and PROTECT THE COLUMBIA RIVER.

How much has been done?
Is the project on schedule?
Will the plant vitrify all of the waste?
What about "supplemental technologies?"

Please join us for an informal roundtable discussion with local activists, DOE leaders including River Protection Manager Roy Schepens, and contractor presidents to find out the answers to these and other critical questions.


Hanford Watch, 503-232-0848
Hanford Information Network, 503-702-5120
email:  paigeknight@msn.com, or  cleanupnw@aol.com

homepage: homepage: http://hanfordwatch.org/

Photo inside Hanford underground waste tank 14.Oct.2003 01:09

Hanford Watch

A photo to go with the article.
Inside tank looking at far wall
Inside tank looking at far wall