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Allyn Ford to begin logging at Blodgett timber sale tomorrow

Roseburg Forest Products, owned by timber beast Allyn Ford, will begin logging operations at the Blodgett timber sale tomorrow.
Allyn Ford - ecocidal maniac
Allyn Ford - ecocidal maniac
Blodgett is located in the Umpqua National Forest near the town of Cottage Grove, Oregon. A tree-sit there last year saved 9 acres of old-growth (along with public outcry and pressure), and Roseburg Forest Products released paperwork stating that they would not begin logging the rest of the sale until 2004. Well....the forest defense community won a major victory against 6 other timber sales last week, and RFP is probably worried about a ripple effect and decided to get the trees on the ground before anything else could stop them....

The unit they will begin operations in is unit 7 - a highly diverse unit on a steep slope, and home to a cougar, and others. There are gorgeous rocky meadows there as well as madrones, hemlocks, sugar pines, doug firs, yew trees, and more.

Allyn Ford/RFP holds contracts to log dozens of other old-growth timber sales in Oregon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org

South Umpqua Bank 13.Oct.2003 17:02

ominous figur

Is Allyn Ford still chairman of the board of South Umpqua Bank?

Stumpqua 13.Oct.2003 18:22


He's the 4th largest stockholder and the Chairman of the Board:

Pay Exercised
Allyn Ford, 61
Chairman N/A N/A
Raymond Davis, 53
Pres, CEO, Director $ 463.00K N/A
Daniel Sullivan, 51
CFO, Exec. VP $ 274.00K $ 12.00K
Steven Philpott, 51
Exec. VP, Gen. Counsel N/A N/A
David Edson, 53
Exec. VP N/A N/A

Holder Shares Reported
HERBERT, MILTON 946,676 15-Oct-01
HERBERT, LYNN K. 553,158 1-Sep-02
WILLIAMS, RICHARD CARL 258,868 31-Mar-03
FORD, ALLYN C. 152,086 1-Sep-02
OBIE, BRIAN B. 118,181 2-Sep-03

Addresses 13.Oct.2003 19:14

Dept of Homeland Defense

Umpqua Bank
1400 NE 2ND Ave Portland OR

Umpqua Bank
1448 NE Weidler St Portland OR

Umpqua Bank
2545 SW Terwilliger Blvd Portland OR

Umpqua Bank
7700 NE Ambassador Pl Portland OR

Umpqua Bank
12705 SE River Rd Milwaukie OR

Umpqua Bank
8611 SE Causey Ave Portland OR

Umpqua Bank
12550 SE 93RD Ave Ste 100 Clackamas OR

Umpqua Bank
6610 SW Cardinal Ln Ste 300 Portland OR

nice pic 13.Oct.2003 23:02


There's something about this picture of Mr. Ford. It makes him look like a strong capable dude. Thanks for the post.

Mr. Ford if that really is your name.... 14.Oct.2003 09:47

Dr. Strangelove

Every time I see this picture of Allyn it makes me want to get out a sharpy and draw a speech bubble and write "all your trees are belong to us."

Dear Mr. Ford,
May the trees your companies kill fuel the fires that burn you in hell.

The Earth

Is it cutting old growth, or any growth? 28.Oct.2003 16:04


Are you all concerned about the cutting of old growth or are you concerned about any cutting? You will find animals and fresh water in any growth of timber, why does Old Growth stand out as your cause?