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Portland Band on National Tour to Promote Awareness and Action Against Voting Machines

Portland new wave band Railer are touring for 5 weeks across the country, with a mission to inform and invigorate fans and voters to take local action to prevent voting machines from being purchased and installed for the 2004 election.
Portland, OR - October 6 - Upcoming Portland band Railer is launching a nationwide music
tour in mid-October to join the fight against fraudulent voting technologies. The popular new wave rock act that won the Northwest's largest ever band search and will tour coast to coast spreading information about the new technologies while introducing new fans to their unique sound.

Railer frontman Randall Scott says "I think this is an excellent way to educate and invigorate people that aren't afraid to take action. The American voting system is on the fast track to corruption and we have less than one year to stop it before we lose every shred of democracy there is left."

As a band, Railer is no newcomer to controversy. While the band were showcasing for major labels in Los Angeles, the head of Columbia Records left mid-performance after Scott jumped off stage and lap danced on top of his girlfriend. "I didn't know who she was at the time", says Scott. "The room was dark and I saw a beautiful girl on the couch. I guess he didn't find it as humorous as everyone else."

The band have raised the eyebrows of the industry with their combination of 80's synth stylings and modern rock influences. They have charted in the top 20 for college radio, yet are new enough to be wary of their first national tour. "I'm more worried about someone flattening our van's tires than I am living off of peanut butter." Says Railer Keyboardist/Guitarist Ray Rude. "We are out to play music, but our other mission is clear - to stop the current voting system from being replaced with fraudulent technologies."

While trying to survive the road, the band will donate 100% of their profits from their tour compilation CD to organizations that promote educating the public about new voting technologies. "There are a lot of people that are running websites that cost money," Says Scott. "We would like to donate what we can to those that are effective at getting the facts out there."

At each stop, the band will also hand out fact sheets regarding how votes are open to manipulation based on newer technologies. Though the band has been categorized as "New Wave", they say it's foolish to rely on this new technology. "It's already been proven corrupt," Says Scott. "The companies that make the voting machines have promised to hand the next election to Bush, and and in turn they have been given billions of dollars by Bush players to complete a sweeping computerization of voting machines nationwide by the 2004 election. Governor Arnold? Come on. This isn't just a conspiracy theory, it's a clear and present danger."

Railer are determined to have their music and their message heard. The "New National Anthem Tour" begins this month in Minneapolis and ends in Portland

17-Oct Minneapolis MN The Church 9pm all
18-Oct Chicago IL Underground Lounge 9pm 21+
19-Oct Milwaukee WI Club Anything 8pm 21+
20-Oct La Crosse WI Club 324 Live 8pm 21+
21-Oct St. Louis MO Creepy Crawl 8pm all
22-Oct Grand Rapids MI Liquid Room 7pm all
23-Oct Bowling Green OH TBA 8pm TBA
24-Oct Lakewood OH Symposium 8pm TBA
8-Nov Jacksonville FL VooDoo 8pm 21+
9-Nov Tampa FL Liar's Club 8pm 18+
10-Nov St. Petersburg FL Venom Nightclub 7pm all
12-Nov New Orleans LA Mermaid Lounge 8pm 21+
13-Nov Baton Rouge LA Spanish Moon 9pm 18+
14-Nov Austin TX Elysium 8pm TBA
15-Nov El Paso TX Peanut Gallery 8pm 18+
16-Nov Albuqueque NM Burt's Lounge 8pm 21+
18-Nov San Diego CA Brick by Brick 8pm 21+
19-Nov Los Angeles CA Liquid City 9pm 18+
20-Nov San Francisco CA DNA Lounge 8pm 21+
21-Nov Portland OR Paris Theatre 7pm all Ages

homepage: homepage: http://www.railerband.com

Thankyou dear musicians 13.Oct.2003 12:52


Yeah--We don't want those damn machines. Were not that stupid!