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Oregon Spotlight/Steven M. Stroud

The oregon Spotlight is a one man organization ran by Steven M. Stroud. This paper uses published information to demonstrate holes in the directors past, his uses of lies and deception, his alliance with racists skinheads (et. al.), and his attack on anti-hate groups and activists. While posing as a "group" that espouses the ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King, the OS has an agenda that is twisted out of proportion and is used to gain photo-ops for Stroud. All works are cited, however, Stroud has removed all linked material that were on his dicussion board a few days after this work was published last year.
This article was published last December on several independant media cites. Steven Stroud and "ari" (unknown if this person really exists) threatened the author with lawsuits, and counter research "exposing" the author. Although they talked the talk of exposing me, I was never afraid of the baseless accusations or opinions of Stroud and his literary pseudo-thugs. No report ever came forward, as expected. I tried to respond to the Oregon Spotlights baseless attacks, however, my comments were deleted from his current discusion forum.( http://www.quicktopic.com/19/H/ELbjtLkedbhVS/p-1.-1) .

First the disclaimers. For the last 7 years I have been active in the anti-hate movement. I have had the privilege of sharing information about hate groups and my involvement, on numerous occasions at Universities, Colleges, high and middle schools, trainings, media, and forums. In the beginning of 1996, I left a white supremacist hate group called Aryan Pride, which I had founded. The decision to change my life was not like I was walking down the street one day and a thunderous voice from the heavens roared "Scott, your healed." It was a process of challenging my thoughts, educating myself, and falling down and getting up; a daily event. I have spent the past 5 years working on two BS degrees in Sociology and Ethnic Studies.
This paper is biased in the sense that the director of the Oregon Spotlight has accused me of involvement in hate crimes, faking hate incidents, sending threatening letters to white supremacists, being an extremist, terrorist, Jewish Defense League militant, a homosexual, working in cahoots with racists, lying about my past, etc (to name a few). However, he has not produced one piece of evidence for his claims besides simplistic conjecture, hearsay, conspiracy theory and psychobabble. However, his accusations appear to be a self reflection and I will demonstrate that through his public comments and actions.
Since exiting white supremacist groups and thought, I have been able to move on and pursue one of my passions and live a tranquil peaceful life Before Stroud's change in rhetoric about Volksfront (a white supremacists group in Oregon) it would make sense why people should fear (or take precautions) when having to deal with threats from these groups. Stroud stated;
"Do not be fooled, the Volksfront itself may claim to be a harmless organization by appearance. In reality they are nothing more than a thinly disguised White Supremacist Neo-Nazi group hell bent on making Oregon and the other four remaining western states an autonomous white homeland. Their individual members may even take it a step further and use or employ violent acts to obtain their goals. Their records speak for themselves." 70
In this research I will not share with the reader information that is not supported in citation to its original source. However Stroud has removed the Open Forum 2, in which I quote him on numerous occasions. Stroud has never before removed an entire discussion from the record. It seems suspicious since on his webpage discussion link all other discussions are present and accessible. However, I have maintained copies of the large discussion with hundreds of posts.
I will also not share private e-mails between Steven Stroud and I in the past; information shared in confidence, should ethically remain that way. There are a few emails that I will share however, that were not sent in confidence but sent in a delusional, paranoid, threatening manner long after I left the Oregon Spotlight.
There will be no "secret sources," and/or conspiracy theory. Everything will be cited in the works cited section at the end of this paper and an appendix to support some material.
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, all material appearing in this research is distributed without profit for informational and educational purposes. This article contains copyrighted material which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

Oregon Spotlight Director Steven Stroud
Steven Stroud is the self-appointed director of a two man "organization" called the Oregon Spotlight, which claims to follow the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King. The organization was founded 5 years ago when Portland State University Professor Randy Blazak met Steven Stroud. However, after almost 5 years, Randy Blazak reportedly resigned from the OS and Stroud took over as director.
In a short biography provided by the Alliance for Diversity (Corvallis, Oregon) the Oregon Spotlight is portrayed thus (no author cited):
"As director of Oregon Spotlight, Stroud does extensive outreach to the youth of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, as well as intensive monitoring of hate group activities. Stroud, a private investigator and former skinhead, and Blazak, a professor of Sociology at Portland State University have appeared on local news, Sally Jesse Raphael Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The Discovery Channel, and MTV." 66
Steven Stroud gave a presentation to this group on February 20th, 2003. I had sent a warning to the director of the group of Stroud's questionable history.

Steven Stroud's history as a neo-Nazi skinhead
Steven Stroud first came to the attention of Communities Against Hate (who I was volunteering for at the time), when the Oregon Spotlight announced their formation in 1998. Steven Stroud was reported to be a former skinhead. It appears from news articles and show transcripts that Steven Stroud came from an abusive house hold and found the acceptance he was looking for in skinheads. He stated that he stopped "hating" when he was placed in a foster home, which (with my limited knowledge in law) would make you a minor. 67 In other words, he was a minor at the time he claims he left organized white supremacy.
It would appear that Steven Stroud's involvement in hate group activity was in his child hood, if at all, and could not have been that extensive. In a 1998 interview with the Oregonian newspaper, reporter Bryan Denson wrote that
"Stroud, 30... joined a Seattle skinhead gang in the early 1980's... for three years Stroud beat up drug dealers and gay men... In 1986, Stroud landed in a loving foster home in Bellingham, Washington, where he put his skinhead life behind him." 63
However in his interview with Oprah Winfry, he described his life in this way;
"Steven grew up in an abusive household. By the age of 13 he was removed from his home and became a ward of the state. During his teens, he found the acceptance he was looking for in a neo-Nazi hate group. Steven recalls terrorizing a young Jewish boy and at one point trying to strangle him. After the attack, he was placed in a Juvenile detention center, a year later he was placed in a foster home." 64
By these two accounts and dates the story of his involvement is thus; at age 13 (1981) he was removed from an abusive household and became a ward of the state for two years. At age 15 (1983) he became a skinhead. At age 16 (1984)he was placed in juvenile detention. "A year later" (1985) he was placed in a foster home. One report said it was 1986. If it was 1986 Stroud would be 18 that year.
Besides the story of his life there have been no pictures (that I have seen) of Steven Stroud as a young skinhead. In fact if I remember right, when the Oregon Spotlight was created Stroud had a mullet (hair cut) and then shaved his head. As an aside, two years after I left the skinhead movement I decided to shave my head one day. I could barely look at myself in the mirror. It was alarming. I was seeing some one who was gone and not a part of my life. But hey, I could be wrong about the mullet, perhaps I just figured it was fitting for this type of persona.
It seems in the articles and stories I have come across that there is a gap and a fuzzy account of his life from age 13-18, and since his juvenile records cannot be released, we will never know the truth of what has happened. Even if he was placed in a foster home at age 17, his involvement with skinheads would be at most a few years of his teenage life. If his involvement was in an institution during these years, was he on the streets? Was he a runaway, or was he a skinhead while in the custody of the state (which would make his involvement even more limited). Anyway it is viewed, in these two articles alone (and there are many in the works cited) would show that his involvement was rather short and limited to the first years of teenage life.
In the past Steven has questioned my involvement in hate groups. He has tried to downplay my involvement of being a skinhead with only 5 members, and even Volksfront (who Stroud at that point was in agreement with) says we were a small group. However, there is a plethora of evidence out there that disputes this claim.
In his previous accusation pertaining to the depth of my involvement, he has said who would know better than a white supremacist group, such as Volksfront on former skinheads. In accordance with Stroud's logic, what does Volksfront say about Steven Stroud's past skinhead involvement? Although I do not make habit of citing neo-Nazi organizations, Volksfront has made comments pertaining to Steven Stroud's past involvement as an alleged skinhead:
"The reality is that Stroud has lied about his past movement involvement to make a name for him. No racialist in the Pacific Northwest has heard of him prior to his career as Mr. Civil Servant." "Steven has never been a member of any movement organization." 69
In an interview by Alan Siporin of Eugene's radio show "Critical Mass," Steven is described and interpreted in this way:
"During the show, he sweats sticks to the follicles of his shaved head as he describes once having drawn swastikas with soap onto the mirrors of prison showers to terrify Jewish inmates."68
I have never seen any evidence that indicates Stroud has been incarcerated in an adult "prison." My sources say he has not. The extent of his incarceration has solely been to juvenile institutions. Perhaps, I could be wrong, but from what I have gathered he has done NO time in prison. It could be an honest mistake by Siporin or a game of semantics by Stroud, to help build an image.
Besides the point that Stroud has no one to "vouch" for his involvement in hate group activity as a child, and that no skinhead or racist movement has ever heard of him prior to his involvement with the Oregon Spotlight, many questions have gone unanswered. Rob Owen who covered the Television Critics Association in 2000, reported that,
"Stroud said he hasn't stayed in touch with the friends he made during his time as a teen-age skinhead. 'I am not able to actually locate them, except for one' Stroud said. 'I am very well aware of where he is. And every so often, I do go up to Seattle to visit his grave.'"67
Just like his juvenile records we will never know. In other words, he has lost all contact with his former gang members (which was like family), and the only one who could vouch for him is dead. In my opinion, it appears that the story lacks credibility, and the evidence of his skinhead involvement has never been displayed. Perhaps this is the reason Alan Siporin stated that Stroud "speaks about his past as if he's referring to somebody else." 68
In 1997 Maureen O'Hagan of the Willamette Weekly covered Oregon Spotlight's press release on hate groups. At the press conference she reported that self-acclaimed former racist skinhead "Steven Stroud is at it again:" stating that he was making accusations that racists in the northwest were "stockpiling weapons, buying property, getting in to public office, (and) forming links with prisoners." However, when he was asked questions pertaining to the details of his statements he "dodged" inquiries, his "proof was made up of sketchy anecdotes," he would not "identify the nefarious political candidates," and he "refused to say how many people were involved." Johnathan Mozzochi of the Coalition for Human Dignity "questioned Stroud's tactics," and knowledge; stating that Stroud's information was incorrect and "hate crimes were not on the rise." O'Hagan concluded, "Stroud's alarmist rhetoric isn't new." In October, Stroud stated "Latino gangs (were) taking over the west side rail." However, "Local police experts... dismissed his claim as alarmist.1"
Steven Stroud is at it again. Randy Blazak (co-founder of the Oregon Spotlight) was asked to resign by Stroud. Within the last year Stroud's rhetoric and the mission of the Oregon Spotlight has changed dramatically. Using the content found on his web page and in his discussion board, it seems apparent that Stroud has taken a new road in his post-hate life. Many organizations and people within the anti-racist movement have become alarmed at the approach and rhetoric that the Oregon Spotlight has undertaken. Oregon Spotlight's self appointed director Steven Stroud has taken a more sympathetic approach to racist propaganda, uses homophobic and sexist language, has frivolously attacked anti-hate organizations and personas, has admittedly provided the locations of anti-hate activists whereabouts, and is down playing Oregon based white supremacist organization Volksfront.
In the newly revised mission statement (August 2002) the Oregon Spotlight says it wishes to "establish communication with white racialist organizations.2" Although communication is a wonderful approach, it should not come at the cost of compromising oneself. For numerous years the racist right has diligently tried to make their groups more palatable. For example: in Oregon, Volksfront has also tried to create a fašade that is more acceptable to mainstream white Americans, by portraying the organization as a "European-American organization." However, the group in and of itself screams of white supremacy, hatred, and xenophobia.54 Besides appearing more mainstream the racist right has also employed uses of wordplay to help alleviate some of the negativities surrounding the white supremacist movement.
When I was a guest, confronting racist women, a young lady pointed out that she was not a racist, but a "racialist." However, one guest argued, that a rose by any other name still smells as sweet. It seems that Steven Stroud is using the terminology and wordplay that racists have been trying to attain. Although the word racialist does not appear in the dictionary, it is an attempt to throw off the negative stigma attached to the label of racist. Besides the Oregon Spotlight, no anti-hate organization or academic has referred to (that I have researched) white supremacist racists, as racialists.
Stroud has made a point of referring to racists as racialists3, and has referred to their beliefs as mere "political beliefs: 4" both statements that attempt to redefine the labels of white supremacy. This word play, such as racist/racialist can be equated to a marketing ploy, attempting to sell you an old product in a new label: "new and improved". It is the same as redefining the third world as a "developing country." It is like a right-wing conservative telling you he is a "compassionate conservative." Although the label has changed, the essence arguably remains the same. What could go unchecked is that once a label is associated with a negative stigma (then redefined) in the overall census of the populous, it is given a new face, new name. Hence, racist/racialist. It is nothing more than a self-redefinition.
Besides redefining white supremacy Steven Stroud has engaged in insulting those who disagree (mostly those to the left of the political spectrum) ten-fold and has made statements that are homophobic and sexist in nature. In his response to Maureen O'hagan's report he stated that the "WW (Willamette Week) should grow some testicles, 5" and the "writer should grow balls.6" In another post he stated that "either you have huevos (Spanish slang for testicles) bigger than superman or you used extremely poor judgement.7" Although Freud might have an interpretation about his numerous references to the male testicles, I do not know anyone in the anti-hate community who would equate (or use such language) whether a person is worthy and strong based on having testicles. According to Stroud having "balls" is what it takes to be a man. When referring to posts and challenges made to others on his board Stroud states "don't provoke them (racists) and you have nothing to fear, and if you do then be a man and stand up." Although "be a man" is used quite often, it also presents the illusion that women are inferior and weak. In an article posted on the Volksfront website said that it is "Quite ironic considering his line of work as an investigator and bouncer at a nude dance club in Portland." 57
Besides sexist language Steven Stroud also uses homophobic language. On numerous occasions, he utilizes the word "punk" which in the context he is using it in refers to a person who either has anal sex by persuasion of violence or is raped anally. As in redefining a word such as racists, using words that stigmatize a group, provides legitimacy and is accepting of homophobia. A few examples of Stroud's use of homophobic language are:
"I learned to kick back or be a punk, 44" "most punks can never hold their own in a fight most often making them P.A.B. (Punk Ass Bitches)... I am no punk... I would be dead if I was a punk... Punks die for nothing, respectable men die for something, 45" "I could name a good number of punks... I could name a good number of punks who claim to be educated worthy men... 46"as a noun as in 'Scotty is your punk, Ari... 47" "Remember Ari, "punk" is a reality not a term of fear."60 "Scott... you will be able to disclose to the rest of us the name of your boyfriend you said you had." 62
Even the racist Volksfront stated that ""It appears that Steven Stroud is some what of a homophobe." 69 What would give them that idea? As with any remarks homophobic and/or sexist in nature, it should not be accepted from an organization that claims to follow Dr. Martin Luther King's visions and beliefs. I do not believe that the leader of the civil rights movement would use terminology desired by the racist right, or use homophobic/sexist language.
Steven Stroud has also altered the mission of the Oregon Spotlight to attack anti-hate organizations. For decades racist propaganda has attempted to slander and point fingers at numerous organizations that fight hate such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment (NWCAMH), the Coalition Against Hate Crimes (CAHC), the Center for Democratic Renewal (CFDR), and the Coalition for Human Dignity (CHD), to name a few. White supremacists have dedicated websites to "exposing" such anti-hate organizations. It seems that the Oregon Spotlight has changed gears and now is targeting anti-hate organizations as stated in the revised mission statement. However, Stroud's alarmist rhetoric isn't new. He assails that anti-hate organizations here in Oregon and across the United States "have done more to increase hatred than to end it, 9" and that he knows of organizations that use violence and are "front groups" for violence.10" Posted on the Oregon Spotlight web page Stroud claims that the anti-racist movement has an incredibly violent history in Portland... " and that "there is an old guard here that is continuing to perpetuate violent practices," against racists. He further goes on to conclude that protesting and rallies in response to hatred inflame the issue, and that the protesters (rally) look like "idiots," and "disturb the peace.11" However, this has not been the experience I (nor others) have had at numerous protests. In a report by the Gazette-Times on February 21st, he states the opposite "A rally is an effective way to show support in numbers against hate, but that rally must be followed up with networking in the community that continues to show a strong front." 71 Won't they look like idiots?
Stroud also bemoans "rampant corruption within the anti-racist movement.12" However; he has not produced anything of substance to substantiate his claims made against any organization. Questioning Stroud's "report" on anti-hate organizations a writer asked, "Did you give up the ADL/SPLC battle or are you still waiting for the proof? I have been waiting for proof since summer.50" Stroud's accusations against anti-hate groups have targeted the fringe of anti-hate activists such as the Anti-Racist Action (ARA), and the Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP), both staunch street enemies to racists skinheads. He claims that money has gone for the purpose to fund violent actions and those groups involved such as "the SPLC or ADL... are funding organizations that work... with violent factions.13" However, no facts or sources were given.
In Stroud's numerous allegations he says he is conducting research on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Coalition for Human Dignity (CHD) and asserts
"The published facts should scare the hell out of anyone." He further states that the "ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the CHD, and the Center For Democratic Renewal (CFDR) make the business of hate a profitable entity"... and that anti-hate organizations such as those mentioned above, "scare the hell out of (him) far more than Volksfront... or even the NWHSN (Northwestern Hammer Skinheads). 17"
In Stroud's attack on the Southern Poverty Law Center he made allegations that Mark Potok "plagiarized" him when he was on Good Morning America. However, Mr. Potok would not need the cutting edge research of Steven Stroud. In response to the Southern Poverty Law Centers suit against three skinheads in Portland (in the early 90's) where they beat an Ethiopian exchange student to death with baseball bats, fists and boots, Stroud states:
The Seraw case is one... I am following. The SPLC used at least one of the defendants in the case to assist the prosecution... It is this sort of unethical BS that a multi-million dollar organization should be ashamed of doing... This is the same organization that stole information from the Oregon Spotlight in the mid 1990's and he damn well knows it. I cannot wait to see them eat crow.14"
Although the forthcoming facts, attacks, and eating crow have still not surfaced, this is the same rhetoric shared by numerous racist groups.
Volksfront (VF) stated in response to the Willamette Week article that criticized Stroud, "Only a complete idiot would quote... Mozzochi (CHD) as a source... so get lost you penis pushing faggot-promoting bloodsucker, 15" Stroud went on to say, "VF... you shouldn't put a people (homosexuals) down so low I prefer to use terms such as Potoked or Mozzachied as in 'the WW (Willamette Week) really Mozzochied you' or 'man he really Potoked you hard last night.'16"
Although his childish name calling and accusations are bent on old grudges, Stroud was sent a response about his comments from Mark Potok. Stroud quotes the letter from Potok on his web page in a section he calls "Oregon Spotlight quotes: By friends or foes." Below it reads, "Steven, perhaps you've had a little too much to smoke. Mark Potok September 23, 2002 Director of Publications and Information for the Southern Poverty
Law Center.51" However there is no source given to cite the quote. Besides the baseless accusations, name calling, and "fear" of the Southern Poverty Law Center the attacks get broader in scope.
Stroud points out that "The ADL spies on other organizations they disagree with such as certain Arab-American groups.18" Taking up the similar position of racists, by bad analogy and finger pointing. "The ADL has extensive intelligence files on white activists and even negroes and Muslims," states Volksfront. 58
The Oregon Spotlight went as far as to compare the ADL to the Jewish Defense League, a group of militant Jews.19 In a post by the Volksfront he says "Investigate the ADL-Terrorist criminal front! 20" The Oregon Spotlight director has made this investigation one of the guiding missions of the Oregon Spotlight. His allegations and propaganda against big organizations and activists is also a new distinguishing feature of the Oregon Spotlight. Although many of his claims have been baseless, alarmist, and without fact. He has also engaged in attempting to assassinate the characters of individuals in the anti-hate movement.
Personal attacks on the character of individuals and activists in the anti-racist community have been plenty. Recently Steven Stroud attacked the credibility of Dr. Randy Blazak. Stroud appeared disgruntled that Blazak used sarcasm when speaking with racists on the board, which ails in comparison to the insults and generalization racists have used. Volksfront has tried to paint a picture of Dr. Randy Blazak as a media "whore," communist, homosexual, red propagandist, liar, deceitful, etc to further his "agenda" against racism.21 In a recent quote from Stroud to Blazak on the Oregon Spotlight's discussion board he states, "Blazak, It appears as if you are continuing to utilize lies and deceit to accomplish your goals," calling him "professor sound bite," and that Blazak should not consider Stroud to be "an ally any longer.22" It appears as if the rhetoric espoused by Volksfront has also influenced Stroud's view on Dr. Randy Blazak. However, speaking of media "whores," Stroud has often used and sought media attention frivolously. Stroud has appeared in the media numerous times on such shows (which he trophies on his web page) as MTV's "flipped," the Oprah Winfery Show, the Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Fox News to name a few.53 (The media lives for stories that are sensationalist in nature. They know in America that "everyone wants to be on T.V.," and exploit peoples stories for mass profit. For this reason I will not allow the media to "use" me. In my research of former racists I find that the media uses many). Stroud also stated that Blazak, who is recognized as an expert on hate and white supremacist groups, that "his rhetoric is not to surprising given his association with vigilante anti-racist types.24" I would argue that Stroud's rhetoric is no surprise given his associations and sympathies with vile racist types.
As a warning to the reader, my opinion of Stroud's rhetoric and public behavior can be viewed as biased (however, I have cited each and every source) due to the fact that there was also a full blown attack on myself asserting that I was unethical, untrustworthy, mentally unstable, paranoid, a JDL terrorist, and that I should fear the truth.25 (7 years ago I denounced racism and have ardently worked to share my experiences, learn, protest, attend seminars, lectures and became active in the anti-hate movement). It appears as if Stroud has diligently followed my past in order to find some sort of hypocrisy and hatred in my words. He has diligently tried to label me a Jewish Defense league terrorist over the last year, since this is the only weak fact Stroud has to go on: and he seems to be trying to milk it.
It has never been a secret that in 1999 at the expense of Irv Rubin, the JDL invited me to speak about white supremacy in Nevada and California, and to protest along side of them at the front gates of the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Quakers, anarchists, concerned mothers, and a few others saw the importance of bringing the protest to the Aryan Nations and joined us: instead of protesting in a nearby state. In my opinion, as stated publicly in every presentation, the Aryan Nations could have paid my tab to protest them and I would have come.
Besides his conspiracy that I am a JDL terrorist, his allegations of being unethical, untrustworthy, paranoid, and that I should fear the truth were not based in fact whatsoever. After a Synagogue in Eugene had 5 rocks with swastikas thrown through there windows an inflammatory letter was sent to Volksfront via e-mail. There was talk saying that the police were investigating and that criminal charges could be pressed. Steven Stroud went right to work. I argue that Stroud started to let people know that he knew who sent it by saying; "'PROUDHEBREW at YAHOO.COM' Tried to rally up a problem and spark violent reaction using passive aggression to gain his goals (Yes you idiot, we at the OS know who you are... for the sake of you not getting your ass kicked one more time we have chosen not to expose you)." 61
However, Stroud's allegations became more pointed on January 19th 2003 when he stated that it was nice to see "you burning yourself with the -emails I sent to  Proudhebrew@yahoo.com. I am glad to see you received them. He should be smarter next time."62 In response to Stroud's baseless accusations I challenged him to produce the evidence, knowing full well that I have nothing to do with the outrage expressed in the "Proudhebrew" e-mail. This is Stroud's weak attempt to silence me by beating the racist war drums to provoke an attack. There is absolutely nothing out there to tie me to this e-mail.
As I stated in countless university presentations and on-line to Stroud: there are those out there who will question me, but the "truth will stand the test of time." Although there were numerous attacks on my character (untrue and not worth defending), Stroud's accusations were hearsay at best and provided no facts whatsoever. Realizing that Stroud was distracting me from my real goals I stated that:
"Your tireless and relentless attacks and pursuit at defaming my character have no validity whatsoever. Hearsay, suspicion, and your conspiracies mean absolutely nothing. The fact remains, that I do not fear the truth... . Truth stands the test of time.26"
Not long after, I received an e-mail from Stroud that stated, "You are a lying sack of shit and you know it... Ever Forward; Peace always, Sincerely, Mr. Steven Michael Stroud.27" It is like the similar pattern of right-wing radio talk show host Sean Hannity, in which a prelude to his show says "even when he is wrong, he thinks he is right." After this e-mail Stroud has also sent me harassing e-mails claiming to have "contacts at the NSA (National Security Agency) and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)" and that he would be carefully "monitoring" all my e-mails, and that I was being followed.28 Although I highly doubt that Stroud has any contacts at either the National Security Agency or the Canadian Security Services, I find it alarming that he would dedicate so much time to tacitly producing racist propaganda and promoting their agenda, by spotlighting and attacking those working to stop hatred.
The Oregon Spotlight director Steven Stroud on numerous occasions has provided information on his discussion board of the whereabouts of certain anti-hate activists. Knowing full well of the dangers that could bring. In an article in the Spokesman Review newspaper Stroud acknowledges the dangers of former skinheads;
"Stroud and Blazak say skinheads despise so-called race traitors above all. 'For them, the worst enemy, greater than Jews, greater than blacks, is the race traitor,' says Blazak. 'Not only do they know the secrets, they also know its all wrong.'" 65
Recently, I questioned Stroud's information gathering tactics. I asked if he shared information with racists. His reply was that "information sharing is the benefit of non-violence.55" Historically and in the discourse of white supremacist circles it is an easily attainable fact that if someone was going to be a victim of violence by racists, there would be no warning whatsoever (ask the victims of the Order, Buford Furrow, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, and countless others targeted by "single cell violence). In this sense, if Steven does not know, he does not have to tell. This is the similar strategy used by racist leaders in the U.S. They do not want to know of any criminal activity, due to the fact that they become involved and responsible, when they have knowledge. Information sharing is not a "benefit" of nonviolence: it is treachery.
Information sharing, and providing the whereabouts of activists' locations is opposed to the ethics of being an anti-hate group director or activist. As an aside, Volksfront has created a database of anti-hate activists and organizations. In an article I wrote describing white supremacist Volksfront, I briefly touch on their security database by saying:
Volksfront has also started a Security Database to track "enemy individuals and organizations." They are asking for any info whatsoever to add into the entries they have. "To access the database you must have three references known to us (VF) or established organizations." Persons like myself, and other activists who speak out against this group are given a file number and entered into their database. It is obvious that this information could be used by "lone wolfs" or others to harm activists, this is an attempt to quite dissent or protest against this group." 54
Although Stroud's statements seem innocuous, they can provide information for racists to be on the look out for certain individuals in different states, counties, and cities. If I knew that some one is in my community, then I will watch for him/her that much more. Chances are, with a heightened awareness, that you will spot the person targeted. Police use this everyday when trying to apprehend criminals, by pointing out a possible area the suspect may be residing in, and raising the officer's awareness. What is more alarming is what Stroud said about racists a year earlier in response to what some one has to do when leaving the white racist movement.
" 'He needs to get out of there,' says Steven Stroud... 'His tattoos have to be covered. He has to disappear for a while.' Stroud and Blazak say skinheads despise so-called race traitors above all. 'For them, the worst enemy, greater than Jews, greater than blacks, is the race traitor," says Blazak. "Not only do they know the secrets, they also know its all wrong. 49'"
Stroud (who claims to be a former skinhead and racist) has stated that racists know where he lives (by placing racist material at his house), works (by entering the strip bar he works at), what he drives, etc. Have the views of the white supremacist movement of "traitors" changed or could there be other factors involved? Given the about face of Stroud, I could conclude that there are other reasons he has remained safe. However, I will not waste time on conspiracy theory and let his comments, and actions speak for themselves.
Having knowledge of the violence used by racists, Stroud has provided information that Jonathan Mozzochi was last in San Francisco, and that the Former Director of Communities Against Hate (CAH) is in Arizona.29 Unfortunately (and of course) I have been the one targeted by the Oregon Spotlight. In August of 1998 I was attacked by racist skinheads in Eugene, hospitalized, and had to have reconstructive surgery to my face. Stroud knows of the incident and potential for racist violence and poked fun at the attack saying, "Scott should have his head examined after being hit with that role of quarters a few years ago.30" First, the police were unable to ascertain if I was hit with something other than a fist. With Steven's intimate knowledge of me being hit with a "roll of quarters" by an unidentified man, does he possibly have information on the attacker? Second, this was a frightening experience for me where I was cowardly attacked by two Skinheads. What person in the anti-hate movement would have the audacity to poke fun at such a traumatic event? In another comment he implies that I "look cute in pictures." What pictures? What does he know? Stroud has repeatedly given out the possible whereabouts of myself (hence my wife and children) on numerous occasions. A few examples would be:
(August 24, 2002) "How is good ol Bellingham, 31" (August 25, 2002)"You are up north (in Canada I believe) fishing, 33" (September 27, 2002) "Having Scott Britt do something more constructive with his time than expatriating elsewhere, 32" (November 14, 2002) "how is Eugene, 34" and (December 3, 2002) "you never left Eugene, are seen on a regular basis getting on the bus.56"
Not only am I in Eugene, but also the search has been narrowed down to public transportation. Why would some one knowing the history of violence so diligently peruse, locate, and share personal information with racists who have not only attempted to silence me before, but have made numerous death threats against the lives of those who oppose them. However, Stroud claims that sharing information with racists55 is a benefit of nonviolence and that he shares my information to warn racists to beware of the violent anti-racist Scott Britt: although this is not the case.
It appears that the Oregon Spotlight director Steven Stroud has numerous sympathies toward the racist right, and they have taken notice. Hate band Intimidation One's webpage wrote an article (about a spy operation, no less) about the attendance of a Coalition Against Hate Crimes meetings and Steven Stroud's demeanor. Intimidation One is a very influential group due to their resiliency, infamy and networking with other white supremacist groups like Volksfront, Hammerskins, Jew Slaughter, etc. In this article it gave a tacit decree to street skinheads and racists saying "The 'Bouncer' (Steven Stroud), seemed agitated & pre-occupied with something other than this meeting. After giving a couple of comments on his "expertise" of Nordic mythology, and how it is combined into the skinheads psychology, he left the meeting to step outside, and read a paper for the duration of the remaining meeting. My opinion of the "Bouncer" is that he is not very intelligent, and is in this coalition, only for self gain, and media attention. (Bold red) To those of you out there on the streets of Portland that are NS activists, this man poses no threat to us, other than not letting one of us into his night club! 59
His attacks on anti-hate organizations, word play, assaults on character, and providing there whereabouts, are all helpful to the racist and white supremacist fringe. In a letter from Steven Stroud posted a year earlier he states:
"The Volksfront is an organization made up of many convicted felons and hate mongers who have attempted to do a very shoddy job of disguising their true agenda. The Volksfront may be very careful in printing their ideology, claiming to be a harmless political organization... Don't be fooled, the Volksfront itself may claim to be a harmless organization in appearance. In reality they are nothing more than a thinly disguised White Supremacist neo- Nazi group hell bent on making Oregon and the other four remaining western states and autonomous White homeland. Their individual members may even take it a step further to use or employ violent acts to obtain their goals. Their record speak for themselves.35"
However, this has changed into a rhetoric that attempts to make the Volksfront seem innocuous and palatable for the main stream. Stroud on numerous occasions stated that:
"They [Volksfront] have done nothing wrong at this point, maybe they are tired of living in a fish bowl... 36" "The Volksfront as a whole organization has never been involved in a criminal act and is not listed as a criminal gang in this state... 37 "The Volksfront is NOT listed as a criminal gang... 38" "The ADL... SPLC... CHC... CFDR... Scare the hell out of me far more than Volksfront does, or even the local" Hammer Skinheads.39"I know of members of the racist right who are critical of the violent tactics of their own.40"
Besides the change in stance towards Volksfront and other racist groups it appears Stroud is also highlighting racist propaganda, in which he sees communities of races and cultures segregating themselves, and that many gangs are minority gangs.41 He questions and insinuates a policy of "English Only.42" And makes light of how easy it is and unfair the courts are, when suing white supremacist bands like Intimidation One for inciting violence, than it would be to sue Eminem.43
By way of conclusion, I am appalled and would never (and I know others do not) offer support to any organization that portrays itself as anti-hate; when it evidently sympathizes with racists, uses homophobic/sexist language, attacks credible anti-hate organizations, assists in locating anti-hate activists and then disseminates the info on line and in collaboration with racist, and down plays white supremacist fronts, like Volksfront. I would have reported on others who acted in this manner had it been anyone else. In this instance it happened to be the one who targeted me constantly. Steven Stroud has made numerous allegations against many respectable organizations and people. However, he tends to dodge direct questions, his proof has been sketchy at best, and he admits he shares information with racists.
With such a change to the position of the Oregon Spotlight and views now held by Steven Stroud, it appears as if the organization and it's director have made an "about face" and have moved from a group that opposes hatred to one that tacitly promotes it, all under the guise of an anti-hate group, that follows Dr. Martin Luther Kings principles. Although the director of the group verbally veils himself as Gandhi, and on a moral highroad, he has taken the road of Don Quixote, fighting invisible windmills.

add your own comments

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by Scott Britt 10:33am Fri Mar 7 '03

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by SB 10:39am Fri Mar 7 '03

If you would like a copy of the works cited please e-mail me. I cannot get any message to appear in the comment section.

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OF1= Open Forum 1
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Then the numer of the post. For example;
OF2 169 = Open Forum 2, post number 169.

All other citations are cited to their webpage, author, or e-mail. Personal e-mails (besides those held in confidence) to myself also accompany this report.

Quicktopic links deleted by Oregon Spotlight 20.Oct.2003 13:32

Scott Britt

The Oregon Spotlight deleted the pages that were cited around the time this article was rumored and then appeared. Before this, the discussions were not active, but were available for review.

Steven Stroud 27.Oct.2003 08:36

Oregon Spotlight.

Steven Stroud- pic by Barometer news Seth Gardner
Steven Stroud- pic by Barometer news Seth Gardner

More 27.Oct.2003 08:39

Scott Britt via third party

Weekly Message
"Nothing Like A Little Harassment. Cheese With That?"


"Recently, the Oregon Spotlight and myself have come under the duress of harassment from one of our former associates, a Mr. Scott Britt... . we are getting inquiries about his baseless accuasations about this organization and those affiliated with it. Aparently Mr. Britt is attempting to gain some sort of notoriety and make a name for himself ... . Mr. Britt was once a member of this organization and was forced to resign in July of 2000 due to extreme indiscretions and self admitted connections to the Jewish Defense League... The full extent of Britts involvement with the JDL is unknown... The Jewish Defense League is a known domestic terrorist entity. As well, Britt attempted to get the OS tangled into a nasty mess with a potentially violent Neo Nazi out of California by the name of Alex Curtis... .Most recently Britt had threatened to disrupt a speech at a local community college and public library that brought me in for a lecture... it became obvious that Mr. Britt's goal was to harm and defame my reputation. ... Britt claims that I am a homophobe, anti-semite,etc, etc. He also claims that I was never a skinhead and that I "fabricated" this story. If he has a great story I encourage him to break it to the news... .
Mr. Britt has also taken Oregon Spotlight  http://www.oregonspotlight.org/weeklyarchive.htm
out of context an intelligence operation that has been conducted in cooperation with independent indivduals ... It was unknown at the time of the operation that Mr. Britt would end up being a lead catalyst in the issues we were trying to resolve... .On somewhat of a lighter note Britt must write absolutely awesome personal ads judging from the ads that people have been calling me from. I have talked to some of the most wonderful gay men in the last two months... ..
Steven M. Stroud

AT no time was I ever "forced" to resign. In my two page letter sent to both Stroud and Blazak, I stated that I was leaving the group because of Oregon Spotlights "Idleness," and (my personal opinion) what I percieved to be the goals of both Stroud and Blazak.

To answer some of Strouds accusations in this e-mail let me state:

If that is what it is when some one constantly beats a propaganda drum against me, then that is what I am doing. Mind you he has to this day offered no support to his claims. He is as vague as Bush'.

Scotts search for "noteriety and make a name for himself":
Please! Media boy!

yes, I did have three person to person contacts (in Idaho for 3 days, Nevada for 2 and California for 2) with them and approximately 12 contacts by phone and twenty by e-mail (mostly info sharing).

Alex Curtis:
I have been hearing this for years and Stroud has yet provided anything.

Strouds adress to a community college:
Yes, I did that. Not to "Harm and defame" Stroud (he does that by himself), but to give them an idea of who they were having as a guest. However Stroud is in company of Blazak+ you do the math.

Scott "also claims that I was never a skinhead and that I "fabricated" this story"
I do not state that. I state (the obvious) that it (Stroud's history as a racist skinhead)is "questionable" and if parts are true, an inflated story.

Stroud's "Intelligence Operation" against Scott:
Where is the report(s), the lawsuits, etc Stroud threatened me with. Truth stands the test of time. And why does Stroud talk like? Intelligence Operation, full extent of Britts involvement , forced to resign, I am not at liberty to discuss that , time of the operation,etc?

Personal gay add subscription:
If some one farted, Stroud would blame Scott.

Strouds an alarmist. His claims against most or substance free and delusional opinon. My responses to his criticisms is not harassment. He is the one who brought it on himself (Cause and effect, except he thought I might lay down and take it) But whe I know it to be BS, I invite his proof. NOT ONCE HAS STEVEN STROUD EVER OFFERED ANY EVIDENCE TO HIS CLAIMS. ALL HAVE BEEN BASELESS. I might be in another country, but I like to keep my friends close, but those who appear to be against me closer.


Oregon Spotlight 08.Jan.2004 22:28


Oregon spotlight has removed its webpage? Anyone know why?

Steven Stroud is a fraud 27.Sep.2004 16:09

Scott G. Britt

Just as I said, "Truth will stand the test of time. After the threats of law suits, personal injury, "research on Scott's activities" and his countless BS attacks, Steven Stroud has produced nothing to this day. What can he say, he is an alarmist, a blow hard, and most of all has no integrity. Hell he should get Dan Rathers job. Stroud knows of this article on this site and the one in Seattle and has not once produced any of his evidence. Due to his lack of courage, evidence, and credibility Steven Stroud as I have said before is full of baseless attacks to further his visions of Grandiose.

I know personely that Steve M. Stroud worked as a third rate security guard 22.Jun.2013 10:05

Druu B

At Security Services Inc. in the Portland area, Steve was a handfull if not an absolutle nightmare.He repedilaly harassed other employees and to the clients.One site in particular, a lady on one of the sites was stalked and harassed several times by Stroud which resulted in the loss of this site and a lawsuit.Stroud repeately stated he worked as a CIA agent,a lead cartoonist on the Ren and Stimpy cartoon, NSA officer, and many other ridiculas claims.Stroud definetely suffers from dellusions of grander, and an unbelievably over the top Homosexual phob, who only made him more Gay with his Homephobic rants. In 2003 I was shocked to see Stroud on the news, I guess any idiot no matter what the facts are can call for a news conference.Scott Britt, Im sorry on what you went through with Stroud harrassing and stalking you and your family, Stroud is a pathetic excuse for a human being and a proven loser(Anybody who robbs people to support his Heroine/Meth habit) is not someone who should be feared instead feel sorry for this idioted Homo-phob.