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What is planned for Colubus Day (protests, demos, events)

What is planned for this Columbus Day here in Portland?
What is planned for this Columbus Day here in Portland? Is there a demonstration scheduled or something like it? Also, I work at a place where I have to wear a damn costume every day this month. What is a good "protest" get up? I was thinking maybe a Native American woman with fake blood and handcuffs or something. Now that I've typed that out it sounds totally rediculas and stupid. Any suggestions?

Columbus didn't discover America 05.Sep.2004 19:03

Amaral peter5416@comcast.net

You're absolutly right. Protest that day in every way you can, I know I will. christopher columbus was an idiot, and here's why. First of all the Vikings were in America first, however there is little evidence to suggest there ability to travel back and forth between America and Europe (thereby no consituting a discovery). The group of Europeans to arive here after the Vikings were the Portuguese in 1425, far earlier than Spain(columbus). The Portuguese are well known as the first explorers, however they don't get credit for discovering America, dispite the fact that there are huge Luso-Canidian groups in Canada with evidence that their people were there first (1425). There is also Digton rock, which listed the names of Portuguese explorers who landed in 1425. Anyway, getting back to why they don't get credit for the discoveries, basically there was a huge Italian-American population here in the 1800's. And, during this time an English book was published claiming that Christopher Columbus discovered America. This idea was imensly popular with the Italian-Americans, so it unfortinantly stuck. Also, we know that columbus asked the Portuguese King to furnish his voyage fisrt. This because he learned to sail in Portugal. The Portuguese king denied him for a reason- he saw columbus as perhaps not an idiot, but rather a foolish young boy whom had no experience. Additionally, the Portuguese were in America first and the king had to protect his assests. In fact, before Portugal started searching east, it went west. Just look at how early they found the Acores, which lye in the mid-Atlantic. Also look at the date of Brazil (1500-possibly falsified, it almost conveiniently just a few years after 1492). Please, you can look all of this info up for yourself, it's all true, prtoest away. (In the name of Portugal!) By the way Luso is short for Lusitania, which is the ancient name for Portugal which was origianlly settled by the Celts in 700A.D.

Resist Columbus Day in Portland 19.Mar.2005 07:35


Hey, I'm a member of the School Committee in Portland, ME. I am trying to win a PR battle with some conservatives who still like the lie that is Columbus Day. In our local paper, there is a survey. Please vote in support of changing Columbus Day!