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Venezuela's Chavez Blasts Columbus Day, Declares 'Long live Sitting Bull!'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged Latin Americans on Saturday not to celebrate Columbus Day, saying the 1492 discovery of the Americas triggered a 150-year "genocide" of native Indians by foreign conquerors who behaved "worse than Hitler".

"Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity," the populist president told a meeting in Caracas of representatives of Indian peoples from across the continent.

Columbus Day on Oct. 12 is celebrated as a holiday in the United States and several Latin American nations, but Chavez said it should be remembered as the "Day of Indian Resistance."
Reuters Newswire [UK]
Sat Oct 11, 4:21 PM ET

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged Latin Americans on Saturday not to celebrate Columbus Day, saying the 1492 discovery of the Americas triggered a 150-year "genocide" of native Indians by foreign conquerors who behaved "worse than Hitler".

"Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity," the populist president told a meeting in Caracas of representatives of Indian peoples from across the continent.

Columbus Day on Oct. 12 is celebrated as a holiday in the United States and several Latin American nations, but Chavez said it should be remembered as the "Day of Indian Resistance."

"We Venezuelans, we Latin Americans, have no reason to honor Columbus," he added.

The Venezuelan leader said Spanish, Portuguese and other foreign conquerors had massacred South America's Indian inhabitants at an average rate of roughly "one every 10 minutes." He described Spanish conquistadors like Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro, as "worse than Hitler."

He said even the continent's geographical names, like America and Venezuela, were imposed by foreigners.

Chavez's opponents, who are seeking a referendum to try to vote him out of office, say his self-styled "revolution" in the world's No. 5 oil exporter is aimed at installing an anti-U.S. communist system like the one in Cuba. Chavez says his brand of left-wing nationalism will make Venezuela more independent.

The Venezuelan leader hailed as heroes Indian chiefs who had fought against the invaders, such as Guaicaipuro who resisted the Spanish founders of Caracas, and American Indian chief Sitting Bull, who defeated U.S. Gen. George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.

"Long live Sitting Bull!" Chavez declared, drawing applause from his audience, many of whom wore traditional native clothes and head-dresses.

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Bravo...President Chavez 12.Oct.2003 21:08

a wall fly


This is a bold and great statement from a upcoming great leader in the Western Hemisphere. The celebration of the death of tens of thousands of Native Americans(thou that is a low ball figure--no hard figures will ever be truly known); is a disgrace to the valuelessness of this country and what is was made from..blood of the innocent Native American and the sweat of the African slaves.


approximate figures 12.Oct.2003 21:28


We've all been lied to about Columbus. Before Columbus sailed the Atlantic, he was a slave trader for the Portuguese, transporting West African people to Portugal to be sold as slaves. Columbus initiated the first Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Columbus, his brother, and his son all continued slave trading of indigenous peoples from the Americas to Europe and from Africa to the Caribbean. Under his administration as viceroy and governor of the Caribbean Islands, 8 million people were killed, making his "contribution" to history the first mass genocide of indigenous peoples. The Columbus legacy is steeped in blood, violence, and death. Public holidays celebrating Columbus not only teach children to honor a cruel and brutal man, they encourage people in this society to ignore, look away, and even support racist practices embedded in today's economic, political, and judicial systems.

By conservative accounts based on Spanish surveys, the Taino numbered as many as 8 million in 1493. During Columbus' tenure as "viceroy and governor" of the Caribbean Islands and the American mainland from 1493 until 1500, he instituted policies of slavery (encomienda) and the systematic murder and rape of the Taino population. Dominican priest, Bartolome de Las Casas, was the first European historian in the Americas. He was an eyewitness and wrote in painful detail of the tortures he witnessed. In a survey conducted in 1496, he estimated that over 5 million people had been exterminated within the first three years of the Columbus rule. Later accounts that gloss over the horrors of the Columbus regime are revisions of history.

By the time of Columbus' departure, only 100,000 Taino were left, and by 1542, only 200 were left. Within the entire Caribbean Islands, about 15 million indigenous people are estimated to have been exterminated within one generation of Columbus' arrival. This is genocide, the wholesale killing of an entire race of people. These policies, established here, laid the foundation for extermination policies that Europeans used to justify the elimination of over 100 million native people throughout the Western Hemisphere. By any standards those numbers describe a Holocaust.

quit honoring a genocidal racist
quit honoring a genocidal racist

Re-write history 13.Oct.2003 13:18


First, Cheers to Hugo Chavez for saying it like it is, even if the CIA doesn't like to hear it. The levels of destruction wreaked on the indigenous populations from Massachusetts to Uruguay is truly horrific. I reccommend "A People's History of the United States," by Howard Zinn, to clear the mind of high school US History, or first grade memories of construction paper pilgrim hats.

According to Zinn, when Columbus returned to "Hispaniola" (now Haiti and the DR) he had to prove himself to the Spanish crown by filling his fleet with gold, slaves, etc. His answer? Hand out copper pendants to all indigenous people who found and turned over a certain number of ounces of gold to the Spanish. If you weren't lucky to find any (non-existant) gold and, therefore, lacked a copper pendant around your neck? You got your hand chopped off by a "conquistador."

He knows his days are numbered ... 13.Oct.2003 14:55

Jonathan simon_bolivar_el_liberator@yahoo.com

Chavez this flamboyant South American Salve Master is just unhappy about what Bush said to his dad last week who is running the Cuban Slave Farm and he is taking it on Columbus instesd.

Somebody please teach him some manners which I am sure he has NONE and reminds him that when God lays his hand on a shoulder of a man that others should leave their hands away for good. Leave Columbus alone, and let him rest in peace.

His dad Castro can take care of Bush remarks himself and Chavez should just be busy figuring out how to pay his military expenses with the money that he doesn't have.

He is digging his own grave without even knowing it.

Jonathan -

12 Oct 2003 22:03:54 GMT
Chavez decrees pay boost for Venezuela military

CARACAS, Venezuela, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is resisting opposition efforts to call a referendum on his rule, on Sunday ordered a hefty salary rise for the armed forces in an apparent bid to shore up his support.


Jonathan, more substance please, less BS ad hominem 14.Oct.2003 01:16


Jonathan, all I ever read from you are personal attacks on Chavez that seem to have no basis in reality. How would you know whether Chavez has manners or not, and what does that have to do with anything anyways? How is Cuba a "Slave Farm" when every single citizen has food to eat, shelter, and free education? Yes, they have few PlayStations and TVs are also rare. Is that so bad when all physical needs are met in Cuba? That's doing pretty well, considering the crushing embargo Cuba suffers, a portion of a brutal economic attack from the US.

What would you have Chavez do? Are you pissed because he isn't selling his country's natural resources off to predatory international corporations that plan to enrich only Venezuela's ruling elite? Are you angry because Chavez gave 2.5 million acres of unused land to previously urban shanty-town dwellers? Are you unhappy because pro-Chavez demonstrations are invariably *at least four times larger* than any anti-Chavez demonstartion has ever been? What SHOULD democracy look like, Jonathan?

One man perspective !!! take it or else ... 14.Oct.2003 09:31

Jonathan simon_bolivar_el_liberator@yahoo.com

In regards to Chavez having any manners or not why don't you ask real Venezuelans. Go to Google and type Venezuela and then select groups and post your question there. You can also see Chavez "Alo Presidente" show on-line to see how his past wicked military background and illiterate upbringing has influenced his disturb character that he is today and else ... . I don't need to even start giving you basis on Cuba's slave farm opinion. Our president addressed that in a great speech last week and I am sure you can find a copy of it on line. You are just resentful on the fact that you are not making enough money to support your kid's collage here and you can't send them to Havana as well. Or maybe your $9 monthly fee on your OHP health insurance is too much and you want it free! What can I say? Welcome to America, and have a nice stay in Oregon.

Real democracy doesn't looks like, but it confirms acceptance or denial of people's wish at the ballot boxes SIMPLE and EASY. Venezuelans have their rights by the constitution, have the will along with the signatures to just do that and Chavez MUST step aside and let them discharge their frustration and release their discontent at the ballot boxes.

I am not angry or pissed but simply an external voice of those children of Bolivar that you rarely come across in this liberal town to see. Venezuela under Chavez in a few years will be headed into either Civil war or a biggest catastrophe in the South America's history just over an ego of one lunatic man.

By the way next time just write your views as I do, and don't turn it into a debate. This is not a chat room, town hall, or council for having a debate, discussion or a dialogue. Accept the fact that this is a one man idea's, one man perspective, one man opinion and it is simply biased, prejudiced and neither liberal nor merciful.In my opinion as FREE men living in a FREE country we have a responsibility to not only protect our way of life but also help those who wanted to be liberated and need our help, push, and support.

Lastly for your information Venezuela's ruling elite are in Miami and else where like Cuba's ruling elite. The penetration of the ruling elite in Venezuela today is done by bribes to high rank members or mangers in the military, PDVSA or the members of Circulo de Bolivariano who are at his commands and Chavez dominates them with his whip and without anguish, and to your disbelief they are loving it too and are asking for more. Maybe that is why you want to be there!!!

You naughty liberal Portlander... HeHeHeHe ... Just joking... ..

Jonathan -

shocking 14.Oct.2003 12:26


"Go to Google and type Venezuela and then select groups and post your question there. You can also see Chavez "Alo Presidente" show on-line..."

Amazing, you're telling me that Venezuelans who have access to the internet don't support Chavez. I think I'm going to die from shock. Or perhaps I'll calm down and continue to listen to the Venezuelans who can only write letters to those of us in the States talking about how corrupt the media is in it's continual attempts to portray Chavez as an evil dictator and how, while some Venezuelans do oppose Chavez, most are extremely wealthy, and their numbers are far fewer than those who support him.

Get a life, Man! 14.Oct.2003 15:40



Everyboby knows why you hate Chavez. We all at the International Club know your absurd fixation for a Venezuelan woman who rejected you good. Man, have some dignity and move on. You know nothing about Venezuela or President Chavez.

As an Iranian, I feel embarrased to know one of my own country to be so stupid.


The less I spoke .... 14.Oct.2003 16:04


So I assume that you agree with the rest of my views. That is what I call a civilized progress on your part.
I am happy for you ....FINALLY. It was about time !!!

Now since you are in the receiving end of letters from Venezuelans who are getting schooling from Cuban's army as we speak I ask you to not pay too much attention to them as they contain Cuban toxin. Believe me that toxin can ruin your abilities to perform your job even as a communication director. I can see that it is already working on you ...

Please don't make me repeat myself, but for the one more last time "This is a one man idea's, one man perspective, one man opinion and it is simply biased, prejudiced and neither liberal nor merciful. "


The wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard:
Why can't we all be like that bird?

-Edward H. Richards

Misinformation and ignorance 14.Oct.2003 16:57


Before we go on any longer about slave farms and dictators, let's admit that, considering the biased and right-wing coverage of just about any piece of news that comes out of Venezuela (and Cuba, Brazil, etc. etc.) we are hardly in the position to throw around such terms or even claim to know enough to have developed such a close-minded, narrow opinion. The level of complexity that characterizes the economic, political, and social situation in Venezuela deserves our attention (and not just from Fox news) but it also deserves our willingness to try and understand what is really happening instead of just painting things in black and white. And please, stop with the children of Bolivar crap. No sabes ni de que chingaos estas hablando.

Misinformation and ignorance??? Really!!! On whose behalf??? 14.Oct.2003 18:03

Jonathan simon_bolivar_el_liberator

Well let me tell you something. I have been to Venezuela three times this year, and I am going there again next month in November. I have traveled to more than 60% of the country by car and was hosted and lived with Venezuelans (Rich and Poor). I had conversation of all sorts and I know what I am talking about what is your name *.
I be in Miami this weekend and will spend time with Venezuelans living abroad as well as well as hosting a very important figure from Venezuela who I had a pleasure to meet on the plane who is in the field and working as an Economist for the last 28 years in the government. Beside that I had two Venezuelan roommates back in 80's and I was introduced to the country and culture years ago. Needless to say that I have so many Venezuelan friends in Venezuela and here that are sharing my views and it is only fair that people know about the strong opposition views on Chavez. Do you realize that Chavez is the only obstacle to Venezuela today? Just think about it for a second !! Therefore, Venezuela is very deer to me as it is to America and neither me nor our government will budge on leaving it on the table for Castro to grab.

I do agree that Chavez has supports (without any doubt) just like Castro, Khadafi and else, but that is NOT an indication of a progress especially if it is going to be decided by the mass uneducated and needy people who for a little food on the table sell their dignity, future, will, and else. The middle class and the educated who are NOT leaving Venezuela (unlike other elites who get paid by hard currancy abroad and support Chavez) are the ones who will make or break this country's future for good, and Chavez has no choice but to listen to their wish and get the ballot boxes out soon.

Jonathan -
The infidel - Is that going to make you happy now?
Have a good day.

And please, stop with the children of Bolivar crap. 15.Oct.2003 09:47

No sabes ni de que chingaos estas hablando.


Well Said 24.Nov.2003 13:31

Jay Cadotte

It is well known that Historians of days past are reeling from the barrage of new evidence that ultimately has presented their research on past historical events as biased, inaccurate and in many accounts unscrupulous. (Yes I do mean You mr. Edgar McInnes). We are to begin a new and unprecedented era that exemplifies the Past contributions of Aboriginal Peoples in the formulation of New France and now Canada. In regards to President Hugo Chavez, The true facts have come to fruition and as a leader of his country, his first responsibility to his people is to be truthful. His statement about Columbus is undoubably correct and requires further dialogue. As you young people grow up and become citizens of your community and societies, it is imperitive that you learn to think for yourself, but it is of equal importance that you find meaning in the deeds of your ancestial fathers because the very essence of life within the human condition is to become moreso human, therefore it is in your best interest to know the historical events which our ancestors attributed their gold franincense and mur. Most Aboriginal people would have enlighten you on the demographics of their decimated race. All you would have had to do is ask.

So WHAT if Chavez isn't tight with the US?! 14.Jan.2004 09:15

lucky weda lucky_weda@yahoo.com

"He is digging his own grave without even knowing it."

If by this you mean that Chavez is not a little dictator on the US payroll (like Saddam was), well, what's wrong with that? Nothing. I wish more countries would just sock it to the US and it's shitty foreign policy.
I agree with fact that there aren't a whole lotta PS2s, tvs, and whatnot, but hey, I hear Cuba has a literacy rate of 97% -that means that the average Cuban can actually spell, unlike you Jonathan. I'm not trying to put you down (we all know you get enough of that), the point is that you need to think before you speak.

So WHAT if Chavez isn't tight with the US?! 17.Mar.2004 05:50

lucky weda

I would like to agree with lucky weda and his comment. Cuba doesnt need TV or PS2's because I would just be sucked into another dimension like US kids appear to be. FOX news, CNN just feed lies and hypocracy. The US is the most bloodiest democracy known to man.

I suggest you listen to a song called 'Nature of the Threat' by an artist called Ras Kass and truly understand the absolute difference between what schools are being taught in the US about columbus and what he actually did. The United States was founded on slavery, lies, genocide and greed. And for scholars to actually produce books and evidence to suggest this wasnt so is stating that slavery did not exist and how columbus was a man 'ONLY' seeking new civilisations.

Oh yeah, Bush is nothing but a coward. Give me 10 minutes with him and his administration and I'll give them a history lesson they well deserve. Peace out and get rid of Ariel Sharon.