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Eugene: Anti-Columbus Day Activities

Come out and join us for two days of Anti-Columbus/ Indigenous Solidarity activities, including debut footage from WTO Cancun protests.
Mon 12 noon: Indigenous Solidiarity Day at EMU Amphitheatre on the UO campus. Come see Chrystos (rad indigenous poet), Stormy Ogden (author on colonialism and women's prisons), Prof. Chuck Hunt (annual Columbus Day lecture) and many more, with music from Azuquita and Juice to Make it Happen.

Mon 8 PM: The Cascadia Media Collective presents: Guerrilla Media In Action, Columbus to Cancun. WOW Hall (8th and Lincoln) $5
Poetry from Chrystos and other special guest performances. Video from FTAA Quebec, Denver Transforming Columbus Day 2002, WTO Sacremento and debut footage of WTO Cancun.

Tues Stormy Ogden and Chrystos at LCC in the Education Building.
but.... 13.Oct.2003 21:51


i get the day off!


AND... 07.Mar.2004 08:54

Ellinda ellindamj@hotmail.com

that's great but don't "celebrate Columbus" ... just celebrate a day off!!

i agree 28.Sep.2004 13:57

joe shmo

we are doing a debate for school and i am for the negative side. columbus was a murderer and caused the spread of slavery

back again 29.Sep.2004 12:14

joe shmo

type in "murder"+"christopher columbus" in google search to find a bunch of stuff. oer project is going well we are sure to win ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺

back again 29.Sep.2004 12:29

joe shmo

our debate is going good...we are sure to win with our evidence ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺