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Preaching an un-Christian message to the Israelites

Bring on the civil war prophesied by the Palestinian Authority and then Israel can come upon some peace. That's the way to peace in the Middle East.
Israel Should Build More Homes In West Bank
Grant Swank, September 10, 2003

It's no big deal. Logic reigns. Israel should build more homes in West Bank. Period.

Forget the road map thing. PA has thrown the map into the sea. Why then should Jews have to fish up a wet map?

So on with the home constructions.

Jews need shelters. They need houses. They need communities -- not "settlements" -- but communities. (Whoever came up with this gypsy term "settlements" for bona fide towns, villages, burgs, and so forth? Nowhere in America would a town permit itself to be named a "settlement." Nowhere. Not in France. Not in Germany. Not in Russia. Not in China. But in Israel, it's okay? Not!)

So build build build.

If PA doesn't like it, let PA go back home to jail their own murderers. Jail them.

Bring on the civil war prophesied by the PA and then Israel can come upon some peace. That's the way to peace in the Middle East. Let PA extinguish itself by its own bloody hand. Forget the much repeated fears of civil war this and civil war that.

What of it? PA doesn't care about life. PA cares only about not caring about life. So let PA work its own death ethic on itself.

There's no reason to go round and round on this as news releases are doing today. Round and round. The world is dizzy with round and round -- supposedly sophisticated reporting that is nauseating at best and criminal at worst.

So ... on with the towns, Israel. Let them reach to the mid-day sun.

As for the PA, go back to your own houses and lecture your killers on how to be civil or extinguish one another in a civil war. The rest of the world is so very very tired of your insanity.

Good riddance.

Pastor J. Grant Swank, Jr. (New Hope Church, Windham ME), is the author of five books and over two thousand articles in Protestant and Catholic publications as well as a columnist for the Portland Herald (Maine) -- for more biographical detail, see  http://www.bushcountry.org/Bio_authors/joseph_grant_swank_bio.htm

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preaching to the choir? 11.Oct.2003 17:11


well he really picked the right place to post this thing

boycott israel 11.Oct.2003 17:37


1. Boycott israeli products.

2. Boycott products of supporter of the current israeli government.

Who to boycott 11.Oct.2003 17:48

Swank is a wanker

Please boycott Swank and his buddies:

- Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., Pastor, New Hope Church, Windham ME

- Harvard Divinity School (J Grant Swank's alma mater)

- Portland Press Herald newspaper, Portland ME. (J Grant Swank's employer)

- AmericanDaily.com (J Grant Swank publisher, et al.)
- IntellectualConservative.com
- The Village Idiot.com
- MichNews.com
- Chalcedon.edu
- FreeRepublic.com (USO Canteen Chapel link)
- WoundedShepherds.com (Insights link)

- Pastorates: Calgary, Alberta; Indianapolis IN; Akron OH; Fishkill NY; Manchester CT; Walpole MA; Windham ME.

- First Prize Writing Contest (award prize to J Grant Swank)

Boycott? 11.Oct.2003 19:20

Catalina Eddie

How can I boycott any of that crap? I don't buy it already.

Vancouver, USA