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Verdict: A music nothing called the Beatles

Appendix to previous Verdict
(The Five Judges)

(Judge T., Judge B., Judge S., Judge M. and Judge K.)

Appendix to 1st VERDICT

"A music nothing called the Beatles"

There is much more that can be considered and that can be revealed about the worst musicians on Earth, if musicians at all, namely: The Beatles.
Such bad musicians that George Martin had to pay a session drummer to record "Love me do", because Ringo was unable to play the elementary drumming of the song. Such an elementary drumming that even a beginner could play, but not Ringo....
Such bad musicians that they had to ask another two fingers bad guitar player called Eric Clapton to do solos on their songs because George Harrison could not produce reasonable guitar string vibrato....
Such bad musicians, if musicians at all, that at the studio they had to record their elementary songs over and over again about a thousand times because every take was full of blunders. In fact, on the Beatles' "white album" we hear John Lennon screaming " got blisters on my fingers!!", due to the many million times he had to repeat the thing at the studio.....
Such bad musicians that they used the same chord sequence in about 70% of their songs, (I-IV-V-relative minor and their permutations) meaning that they only composed one song and repeated it in different rhythms, Keys and permutations throughout 70% of their repertoire....
Such bad musicians that at the Cavern, about a couple of years back, McCartney had to start the elementary "I saw her standing there" four times because every time he got in he did it out of time. Ironically, the session musicians he played with that night started the song ok, but McCartney could not....

The Beatles were such mediocre composers that they stole other people's songs and made it their own, sometimes only changing title and lyrics. Other times they would play other people's songs backwards and steal the melodies and harmonies thus being produced. They've been listening to other people's songs played backwards since 1967. Since then, 40% of their "compositions" have been stolen from backwards-played songs. This trick was also used by "Oasis". They very well knew about this fraud of the Beatles....
George Harrison was taken to court by the "Chiffons" because of stealing one of their songs and calling it "My sweet lord".
The Beatles stole Trini Lopez's "Bamba" and called it "Twist and shouts", pretending it was their own.
The Beatles stole one of the Salvation Army's songs and called it "Strawberry fields forever".
The Beatles stole the end of the second part in "A day in the life" from "Men made of match sticks".
John Lennon stole a part of "Jealous guy" (..I began to lose control..) from "She's a rainbow".
John Lennon stole the guitar pattern of "Dear Prudence" from the guitar pattern of "Something in the air".
Paul Mc Cartney stole the bass line of "Susie Q" and used it in "Taxman" and did it again in "Rain". Stole the bass pattern of "Let's spend the night together" and used it in "Get Back" and in "I've got a feeling". Stole the bass line of "My girl" and used it in "Two of us", and so on, and on, and on, and on....
They even stole songs from their own songs. John Lennon stole the chord pattern of "You've got to hide your love away" from "I'm a loser". Stole the guitar pattern of "Dig a Pony" from the pattern in "Two of us". Stole "Merry go 'round" from "Flying". Stole the beginning of "Rocky Racoon" from the beginning of "I'm a loser".
George Harrison stole the chords in "Isn't it a pity" from the beginning of "Eight days a week". Stole the first bit of "Fixing a hole" from "Michelle". And so on, and on, and on, and on, and many more "ons"....

The Beatles were very poor singers, if singers at all. They had no voice for singing. Their voice was very thin and nasal, with no depth, no body and with no vibrato. All they could do was shout. In fact, their lack of voice forced them to shout. The Beatles did not sing, they shouted. They should have left singing to Tom Jones, Humperdink, Joan Baez and so on...The poorest voices in the Beatles were Harrison's and Lennon's. Harrison did not have voice at all, not for even shouting. Lennon's voice was so nasal, that he always did the backing lower voice and when he did not then he shouted. He had a crow's tone. The Beatles had to always use special microphones to add depth to their skinny and nasal voice, and after that, they spent hours at the recording studio embellishing and concealing their nasality with equalizers and effects, that is HOURS....the Beatles were not singers...the Beatles were SHOUTERS....

Being homosexual Brian Epstein the forger of the Beatles project, Epstein instructed the Beatles to let their hair grow, so as to appeal to repressed homosexuality in people. Epstein noticed what the effeminate face of Elvis Presley did on people and the fame he gained because of it, so he played the same card. The Beatles boom was not due to their music, but to their appeal to repressed homosexuality. The Beatles opened the homosexual Aquarius era which is ruled by Uranus, the planet of homosexuality....Musically they were so bad that the A&R of the Decca record firm laughed in the face of Brian Epstein when he listened to the recordings of the Beatles, and he told Epstein that they sounded like tin and that he was not interested. George Martin told Epstein, when he listened to the recordings of the Beatles: "Mr. Epstein, you better go back with the boys to Liverpool", because of how bad the musical quality of the group was.... it was with the idea of the long hair (that would appeal to repressed homosexuality in people) that Brian Epstein was able to convince George Martin.....

They were possibly the ugliest faces ever seen on stage. George Harrison's face looked like Frankenstein, John Lennon's face looked like a witch. (They really needed long hair to hide their ugly faces). Paul Mc Cartney had such an effeminate face that he always played the Miss Beatle role. (close friend of homosexual Mick Jagger).

The Beatles degraded the standard of music so much that they made stardom accessible to every music beginner. Thanks to the Beatles we see non musicians and bad musicians on stage. Thanks to the Beatles we have the audience on stage. Thanks to the Beatles anybody is a star, WHOEVER. Thanks to the Beatles we have sound pollution, known by the drugged minds as "rock music". Thanks to the Beatles people do not appreciate the work of quality musicians anymore. Of course the Beatles promoted drugs, so that because of drugs their elementary noise would be perceived as "music" through the handicapped state of appreciation of the idiotic limbo of slowed down mental processes. Thanks to the Beatles we see idiotic music beginners on the "greatness delirium" of a paranoid mental frame induced by drugs....Hebephrenic, Paranoid and Catatonic schizophrenics have become "stars". The stage has become a mental asylum, thanks to the Beatles...

Thanks to the Beatles and the electric guitar with distortion where any note you play would just fit because differences are not noticeable, we have the audience on stage. You just press any string on any fret, wherever...it will do....No one will notice a thing. Any noise would do.... In tune or out of tune, in the scale or out of it, who cares?...the distorted electric guitar will conceal anything...You don't need the slightest knowledge of music. You just buy an electric guitar and a distortion pedal and you're a star....Music?....what's that?.....Music?....WHO CARES?.....
Since the electric guitar was invented anybody is a guitarist,...WHOEVER....With such sensitive strings that even the wind can play just by blowing on it, also due to amplification, anybody can prostitute music, whoever. You just press the strings with the fingers of one hand and it sounds....you can use the other hand to make a phone call at the same time....Even the cat can produce sounds on the electric guitar by walking on the strings.....EVEN YOUR CAT COULD BE A STAR!!!!.....
You don't need to practice to play an electric guitar...it sounds on it's own....

Thanks to the electric guitar, bad non guitarists that play with only two or three fingers such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Townsend, Keith Richards, John Lennon, George Harrison, Hank Marvin, Sting, Noel Gallagher, Steve Winwood, David Gilmour, BB King, Chuck Berry, and so on, and on, and on, have polluted music, but when you give them an acoustic guitar they can hardly do much,.....strum it at the most....
As a matter of fact, with the exception of "Yes" and "Emerson, Lake and Palmer", you can throw all the remaining "rock bands" into a dustbin....THE LOT....sixty or seventy years of noise making bad musicians or non musicians into a dustbin....together with electric guitars, drugs, "greatness delirium" and all.....

The same applies to synthesizers, samplers and all type of electronic keyboards with sequencers and any kind of electronic tricks that allow bad or non keyboard players to pollute the stage.....Just by pressing a key on these gadgets you hear fat symphonic sounds that resemble the body of a full orchestra, psychedelic ensembles for the drugged minds and so on, that sound as if the performer was using all the fingers of both hands to play it, but when you look at the fingers of the players, they are only pressing one or two keys, that is, they are only using one or two fingers on the keyboard, and sometimes the left hand is never being used, and when it is used, only another one or two fingers come into play....Once again, these gadgets place the audience on stage and allow UNTALENTED idiots to become "stars"....

As another aspect of the music degeneration and quality standard lowering brought about by the Beatles, we see untalented female "singers" with no voice making it big by showing tits and ass on the stage, or by using pornographic gestures, or by insinuating sex in one way or another. If they want to show their tits and asses they should be on pornographic magazines and leave the stage to talented female singers such as Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Diane Ross, and so on...Just recently, one of these idiotic untalented female "singers" was seen on an American TV show performing side by side with Aretha Franklin attempting to copy what the great Aretha was doing...We still wonder how Aretha permitted it....The only way these untalented female "singers" can get on top of the stage is by going to bed with the managers or producers.....
And now, a list of untalented female "singers": Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, etc., etc.,...once again, the audience on stage....

And finally, let's talk about the "Harmonizer", the gadget that allows non singers and crap singers to "sing". Unfortunately for the Beatles, the thing was not invented at the time they were polluting the stage, otherwise they would have been taken for singers. You sing out of tune and the Harmonizer corrects your voice....Every note you sing that is out of pitch is taken to perfect pitch by the artefact....You have the tone of a parrot?...don't worry....with the Harmonizer you will sound like Caruso. It changes your voice to sound like the voice of any known voice virtuoso, and you can even choose which singer you want to sound like!!!...is that note too high for you?....you'll reach it with the Harmonizer....it will create it from one of your low notes!!!.....the gadget is incorporated in the "karaoke" devices used by the audience on stage.....you just BARK into the microphone and you'll sound as sweet as the nightingale....

All of this thanks to the Beatles and their counterpart the Rolling Stones who opened the door for THE AUDIENCE TO GET ON TOP OF THE STAGE.....

You have been informed.

(The Five Judges)


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Dumbass Posting 11.Oct.2003 20:28


And why the fuck is this on indy media, and what are your qualifications to judge the Beatles in the first place?

Spam Alert!! 11.Oct.2003 21:10


As for your "accusation" that 70% of Beatles songs are I-IV-V-relative minor, I'll have to put on my old Beatles records tonght and listen for that. I must say that I have never noticed that before...they must disguise it pretty well, those crafty Liverpudlians!

In the meantime, I am now worried about my taste for jazz and blues. I mean, after all, 90% of blues songs are based on nothing more that the I-IV-V progression, and jazz uses ii-V-I progressions all over the place! And think of how many tunes are just a rip off of one stinkin' song, "I've Got Rhythm"!!!!! In fact, if you think about it, most of the music you hear these days is nothing but chords moving in fifths and forths and thirds and seconds and their inversions. It's horrible!! Where is the creativity in that?? It's just the same twelve notes being played over and over. How boring.

One true sentence in a sea of total stupidiity! 12.Oct.2003 01:18

Dancin' Dave davidk@oz-online.net

There's only one true sentence I can find in this stupid piece which only shows that the authors have absolutely 0 comprehension of the psychological depth of communication in popular music. "Thanks to the Beatles anybody is a star". Yeah, John Lennon directly stated that in Instant Karma: "Who on Earth do you think you are? A superstar? Well right you are! We all shine on".

Well, that's why the Beatles created a vast global movement, and people who write stupid shit like this make no difference at all!

sacrilege 12.Oct.2003 02:58


On (or about) John Lennon's birthday, this is nothing more than an intentional undermining of counter-culture history. Brian Epstein was an insecure and shy man who, nonetheless, revolutionized the way we look at and listen to music. He was a drug addict. The song "Blackbird" is a tribute to the Beatle's close friend and manager, Brian. The idea of 45 rpm singles and a store that sells nothing but records, were innovations of Brian Epstein in late 50s, early 60s London.

Clapton co-wrote "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," hence his invitation to play on that song. Harrison co-wrote the Blind Faith song, "Badge," and returned the favor by playing the unusual guitar track on that song. Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton have utter command of their instruments, accoustic and electric. To denigrate a period in social history when corporations did not control the arts, and individuals were given free reign in creating their art and infusing it wth the ramparts of the times, is a disinfo campaign, a rewriting of history for the generation that followed.

catch before they implode! 12.Oct.2003 08:35


You can catch the Judges performing renditions of Pat Boone renditions, wearing their brand new suede leisure suits, in a van down by the river.

Beatle member songs not worthless 12.Oct.2003 19:02

Melvin Cowsnofsky

Someone said "The song "Blackbird" is a tribute to the Beatle's close friend and manager, Brian."
Thought the Beatles' song "Blackbird" on the White Album was Paul McCartney's tribute to Black American women struggling against the racist oppression in the 1960s ("Bird" was British slang for "woman" at the time). Songs such as this prove the Beatles are more than the commercial Britney Spears type shallow talentless garbage the spammer claims they were.

John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" was used by many thousands of protestors, including the ones when Richard Nixon met with them in DC in the middle of the night and listened to them, bringing home many thousands of men that Lyndon Johnson had sent to Vietnam. John Lennon's protest songs include "Power To The People" which uses chants from American Black Radicals and other "anti-establishment" groups.

George Harrison's Concert For Bangledesh was beneficial.

Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page brought awareness of the true blues / rock masters: Black Americans. Many people became aware of Robert Johnson and other legends because of covers by Clapton, Zeppelin, and other people the spammer tries to bash.

The "British Invasion" was a product of racism: white boys and white girls from England stealing from the Black Americans, they and their managers and record companies making millions while the true inventors died penniless. However, the Beatles, Clapton, and other artists who were libelled in the spam article used their influence for much good.

I thought it was amusing... 13.Oct.2003 11:14


...in a stoned out, pontificating prog-rock fan-boy kinda way.
Reminds me of being cornered by some old fart pothead psuedo-intellectual type in a bar, who insisted that no good music has happened since the Moody Blues called it quits. He said no one had THE RIGHT to perform or record music unless they possesed the virtuosity of a classical music composer and/or could read and write music. 'Cept all the examples he'd cite of REAL MUSIC actually came from lowly ROCK beginnings before doing the PROGRESSIVE thing. He was one of those guys that were trapped in this arrested state of development in about 1975.

i like the beatles 22.Feb.2004 21:48

M. Small

To whoever wrote this -- sarcasm and intelligence are not the same thing. I thought indymedia was a progressive website.
P.S. George wrote Taxman, not Paul. It's a good song, too. You got a lot of other basic Beatle facts wrong -- if I were you I wouldn't take a sarcastic tone such as this on something I was so ignorant about. Get off indymedia and stop wasting your time and ours.

BEATLES FOREVER! 05.Mar.2006 12:23

Joe McDuffie cap_hollywood@hotmail.com

This so called panel of "judges" of the so called "high court" ..... they sound "high" alright! Just a bunch of jealous hound dogs,coveting the fame and riches duly awarded the most profound rock and rollers of all time!!! Beatles forever!!!!!! 1 2 3 4 !!!.......