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The Revolution is Coming!!!

Speaking Truth to Power -

You have to think of who runs the institutions. All institutions have power structures. It is those that censor, demean, ostricize, destroy, lie, and spread hatred that we must oppose. Anytime someone feels they have a right to tell you that you can or cannot participate in a public endeavor based on your free speech, tell them to go back to Nazi Germany. Always SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.
The Lorax:  Speaks for the Trees like CFA
The Lorax: Speaks for the Trees like CFA
Anytime someone tries to shame you or tell you what you can or cannot say, stand up against them. Anytime someone is shaming you they are using a patriarchal fascist tool of shaming. Shaming is used to silent dissident voices, or voices that are out of the "norm." Shaming starts a pattern of self loathing and loathing others at a very early age. If anyone is engaging in hatred you are most likely codependent with what you hate. Let it go. Hatred binds, love frees. And trust me you don't want to be bound by what you hate. Let it go.

Anyone that feels that they have the right to tell you what to say, when to say it, or how to say it, tell them to go back to hell or Nazi Germany. Dictators have no place in any of movement. You are sovereign over yourself and no other until someone has physically assaulted you or robbed you. Otherwise Freedom of Speech is what makes this country great. When communication breaks down that is when wars start. If we all make a commitment to communicate with each other, I can guarantee you there will be few if any wars.

I have been ostricized, threatened with fabricated life altering charges, censored, demeaned. I can forgive because I know that all humans are not evolved. Many still live the codependent struggle of fear/hate. When these people who assume themselves leaders learn the power of Love, deep breathing, temperance, tolerance, and Community building the revolution will be here. Until then energy is spent on the revolution consuming itself.

Such a waste. Hatred is such a waste. I wish you all feel the power of Love.

Let no one tell you what you can or cannot think or say. Ever!!!! Let that be the test for Freedom for everyone everywhere. If they censor you, let me know, and I will help be your voice. Anytime anyone needs an audience and a community, put the word on Indy Media and atleast I (like no one else I know) will be there. That is a commitment to community which I have been maintaining quite sometime despite being physically assaulted, and now having my civil liberties taken away through fabricated charges.

Tenacity, perseverence, faith, and the power to Forgive those that seek out hatred against me and others.

I will prevail.

When institutions become so big that they do not allow speech against them, it is time for those institutions to fall. Speak Truth to Power.

It's the only real power you have. Truth x Power = Love

Lies x Power = Hate

Indy Media is the strongest potential for active community conscious building. There have been a lot of great posts lately, and I am learning from all of you that post. Fantastic stuff. Great job CFA. Take care of our Forests.

I too speak for the trees.

Please to all of you that are hating, lighten up. Live and let live. Hatred is what fueled Nazi Germany. Let it go. Let the hate go. You don't run this city, none of you. And real media of the people, by the people, and for the people will continue to exist no matter who becomes a censor.

Let's all learn from our mistakes, and grow. I refuse to be a victim of your hatred. You may use mob/gang tactics to become powerful. But I would rather say the wrong thing, and stand for free speech, than be right and not let other people say what they want, and associate where they want.

"I may not believe in what you have to say, but I defend to the death, your right to say it."

The revolution is coming!!!

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But... 11.Oct.2003 11:14

Someone who's been attacked by Gabe

Gabe, when are you going to look at the lies you've told, the hurt you've caused, the people you have ostracized, your offensive views on women and breasts?

When are you going to address the reasons that you have been ostracized form all these groups?

security culture 12.Oct.2003 09:42


One of the main guidelines for security culture is addressing the behavior rather than the individual. It seems that many of the people who have had dealings with Gabriel Rivera suspect he is either insane or a cop (notice that he showed up right before the Bush visit and started really causing trouble about three days before Bush arrived). Either way, the damage he is able to cause should be minimized by keeping him away from sensitive information. Some would advocate taking him behind the barn and horsewhiping him, and I have my own opinion about that which I will not advocate here.