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Arnie's Army

wWe are marching in Arnie's Army till "The End Of Days"
Arnie's Army

A boy from Austria dreams of power
lifts big weights
poses in the sun
with the perfect physique
He becomes Mr. Universe
"Pumping Iron" made him a star
so he immigrated
to the land of the free
where he could build a career
on Planet Hollywood
from big oiled biceps and
and little loin cloths
"Red Sonja" "Red Heat"
"Conan the Barbarian"
becomes a box office bimbo

Steroids Good
Hitler Good
Group Sex Good
Money Better

"Can I stick my tongue
up your anus"

Became the "Predator"'s
pick-up line
Must have worked
on Maria Shriver in '86
Satan's kiss
is what the Catholic Kennedys call it
Here and now
in the land of OZ
behold the Golden Boy
son of a "Kindergarten Cop"
poised to govern
the fifth largest economy
in the world
Mr. Universe
have we got a role for you

He's seen with the Rothchilds
has meetings with Kenneth Lay
TV Newswoman wife
has nothing top say
coaching him on
his analinguistics every night
She's so uptight
that's probably the only sex
"The Last Action Hero" gets
to stick his tongue
up Maria's anorexic ass
But that's okay
he wants so much more than the bitter button
wants his finger on the button
Give the "Terminator"
power over the largest killing machine
ever assembled
watch him go
kill the bad guys
are you and me
Anyone who makes less than a million
or doesn't want to wait on the rich
and eat the crumbs from their table
with gratitude
Yes Sir
has a place
marching in Arnie's Army
till "The End Of Days"

In 2008
Arnie's no "Junior"
isn't it great
to be going off to war
and killing someone today
Raping and pillaging
all the way
"Can I stick my tongue
up your anus?"
Of course you can
in the golden hills
above the sea
He is risen
"The Running Man"
sponsored by the Rothchild's and Warburg's
"Jingle All The Way"

It was a "Total Recall"
Sharon Stone what a slut
got her butt kicked
Only Linda Hamilton
could stand up to Arnie's
"True Lies"
he wants you to accept
"Collateral Damage"
as he turns this land
into a Martian mutant slave work colony
while smoking a big cigar
It's a "Raw Deal"
but it could be worse
Arnie could be "Twins"
with Adolf
the Austrian boy who
dreamed one day
that he'd be king

But what do you expect
from the first private citizen
to own a Humvee
or the first immigrant
to become President
just as soon as Congress can change
the 14th amendment to say

"Can I stick my tongue
up your anus?"
It's the little "Joe's Last Chance"
still in production
What would you do
with the 30 million you got for
"Terminator Three
Rise of the Machines"
on Planet Hollywood
the Kennedys are turning over
in their graves
crumbling under the cyborgs are coming
marching in Arnie's Army

poet34 10/11/03