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A Mugging At Albertsons - Albertsons Admits To Wrong Doings!

Long Known For It's Abuse Of Oaklanders, Albertsons Admits To Wrong Doing At It's E. Oakland Store After Receiving Complaints & Attention!

Send your complaints, comments, or experience to;

Larry Johnston the CEO of Albertsons and his subordinates!

 Lawrence_Johnston@albertsons.com,  Michelle.Lawrence@albertsons.com,  Charles.Lightfoot@albertsons.com,  Nick.Kormeluk@albertsons.com,  Mike.Beckstead@albertsons.com


A Mugging At Albertsons -- Oct 5, 2003


Lawrence R. Johnston et,al
250 Parkway Blvd
Boise, Idaho 83278

Dear Mr. Lawrence

I live in Oakland, California and want to bring the
Albertsons Store at 247 E. 18th St, Oakland, to your
attention. It's a total nightmare!

It has become a complete pig sty during the past year
with dirty sticky floors, stale products, and odors.

Many products on the shelves have expired dated labels
with some products having expired months ago.

The meat department is the worst with meats not fit to
feed a dog because of low-quality cuts or being
discolored from freezer burns. Some appear to have
been thawed out and re-frozen, especially the steaks.

My friends call it ghetto food at this store and we
generally feel mugged every time we go there by high
prices and low-quality.

Often when time permits we go to a better part of
Oakland where white people shop and the quality is
markedly better, fresher, with clean floors.

It is time for an investigation at this store to clean
up the brazen outrageous discriminating policies being
promoted by Albertsons staff at this store!

Worse yet is that Security at this store acts like a
bunch of thugs!

People shopping there get mugged by security!

Around 8:30 pm Friday Oct 3, 2003 I watched a woman
leave the store with a cart full of food when she
suddenly was jumped by 2 thugs. As I was about to call
the police, someone told me that was security.

I did not hear any alarms go off as she walked out the
door, and they did not identify themselves as security
as they jumped her!

They were dressed like punks and not in uniform!

As they dragged her back into the store after nearly
breaking her arms and handcuffing her I heard one of
them scream at her that she stole a loaf of bread!

All of us watching this were shocked by what happened
to her! Are we to be next?

This store scares me and I hope that an investigation
will happen and that city code inspectors check out
the products at this location.

Oaktown CA.


From: "Michelle Lawrence" < Michelle.Lawrence@albertsons.com> | This is spam | Add to Address Book
To: "' Oaktownblues@yahoo.com'" < Oaktownblues@yahoo.com>
CC: "Charles Lightfoot" < Charles.Lightfoot@albertsons.com>
Subject: Store Concerns
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 10:27:29 -0700

October 8, 2003
John Cooley
Dear Mr. Cooley,
Thank you for your email regarding recent visits to our store on E. 18th Street in Oakland.  I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences you encountered while visiting our store.
Larry Johnston forwarded your letter to me, Michelle Lawrence.  I am the Area Vice President, and oversee the store you have inquired about.  While it is disturbing to read the concerns you stated, I am, unfortunately, aware of the store conditions. The District Manager, Charles Lightfoot, has personally visited this store to address your concerns, including security issues, as well as sanitation concerns.  I am proud to inform you that we are closing this store at the end of this month to rebuild a new, up-to-date store for our customers.  I am confident that you will be pleased with our new store once it is completed.
Again, thank you for writing and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you experienced while shopping at our store.  Your patronage is very important to us, and we appreciate any opportunity to better serve you.
Michelle Lawrence
South Bay Area Vice President
Michelle Lawrence
South Bay Area Vice President
Albertson's Northern California Division

You gotta give her credit 10.Oct.2003 21:25


You gotta give her credit for admitting the conditions. Most corporate types wouldn't do that. The conditions are quite nauseating.

where will the new store be built 10.Oct.2003 21:32


looks like latter to the hood.

Plans Change 10.Oct.2003 23:45


I've seen it happen before. A store is closed with big promises for the future. Then they come up with some excuse to delay construction. Eventually they forget the whole thing, as they intended all along.

The only thing that's accomplished is the local residents employed there lose their jobs.

Drop The Charges! 11.Oct.2003 03:33

Food Not Jails!

No Time For Bread!

Contact Larry Johnston To Demand Charges be Dropped!


what do we care 11.Oct.2003 09:35


I don't see why we should care about this. It's like somebody whining about some Rite Aid in Montana. Big deal.

excuse me? 11.Oct.2003 14:06

one people

just because it didn't happen in our neighborhood does not mean that we shouldn't care about it. iraq is a long way from here too; does that mean we should simply shrug and say, oh well? the borders that we erect only serve to divide and separate.

TY, indeed 11.Oct.2003 20:56


I understand that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere", etc, but I must admit I shared the same senitment.... "Why do we [I] care???" If we were to pull the true and elaborated customer service complaints from various stores and establishments.... .um... there's much worse to worry about than a Ghetto Albertsons.

Eat This 12.Oct.2003 04:31

Guinea Pig

Why Does It Matter?

Oakland is a reflection of Portland.

When shit happens in Oakland, it ripples in Portland.

It matters.

Eat This!

Customers Hoodwinked By Sell Dates!

Changing The Dates/Re-Wrapping The Meats

Click below for shocking info...


We expanded our investigation to include six more of the biggest, most recognizable names in the grocery business — Kroger, Publix, A & P, Safeway, Albertsons, and Pathmark — which together run thousands of stores in nearly every state.

       Is it the industry's dirty little secret? Do other supermarket chains do the same thing? We expanded our investigation to include six more of the biggest, most recognizable names in the grocery business — Kroger, Publix, A&P, Safeway, Albertsons and Pathmark — which together run thousands of stores in nearly every state. We would investigate a number of stores owned by each company, and spend about a week in each store. How would they do?
       First stop was Albertsons with 1,700 stores in cities like Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City. We chose six stores in Dallas and Denver, including an upscale Denver store, complete with its own dry cleaning, Starbucks, and pet care center.
       Just like we had at Winn Dixie, we imprinted the bottom of trays, tracking about 30 packages a day per store. And like Winn Dixie, Albertsons has a strict policy — that "prohibit(s) the extension or alteration of any sell by dates."
       But it wasn't long before re-wraps of meat with expired sell-by dates began showing up at Albertson's, too.
       The date on these pork chops is March 16. But look on the side: we found our imprint showing they used to be dated the 13th.
       We found 16 packages of re-dated meat in this store alone.
       The manager of the meat department was friendly.
       Dateline: "We just have a question about dates."
       But we wondered, was he completely unaware of what was going on in his own department, or was he telling us something that wasn't true?
       Dateline: "So then do you ever change the dates?"
       Store Worker: "No, it's against company policy. I'd get fired."
       At another Denver Albertsons we found an unusually clever way to secretly change dates.
       "There are two labels."
       New labels dated the 17th, covering up old dates that said the 15th, placed so carefully we almost missed them.
       Dateline: "Do you ever change the date?"
       Store worker: "Oh, no, no, no, never change the date."
       At another Denver Albertsons, this manager told us he had heard about re-dating, but he'd never do it.
       Store worker: "I know 16 guys who have been fired for doing that."
       Dateline: "Why would they do that?"
       Store worker: "Why would they do that? Because we have gross profit numbers that we have to get out of there and everyone gets all paranoid. That's a three dollar package and I mean I'm not going to lose my job for three dollars."
       Yet in his department alone, we found seven re-dated packages.
       Store worker: "Never mess with dates."
Sell-by dates are not required by law; they're more a good-faith promise of freshness.

       In Dallas, we found more of the same: expiring sell by dates, with new dates added.
       Re-dated lamb and re-dated chicken, both given two more days to sell. Re-dated beef given three extra days. Re-dated pork given four.
       And remember the former meat worker warning us that most re-dating would be impossible to track because it included replacing the old trays? Look at this: at one Dallas Albertsons, we imprinted a beef skirt steak in a yellow tray.
       When we came back the next day, we couldn't find it. But we did find a beef skirt in a black tray that was exactly the same weight and price of the steak in the yellow tray. And this steak was dated five days later.
       Was it the same meat? We cued up our pictures — before and after. They matched. It was the same steak.
       So in all, what did we find at Albertsons?
       We found re-wrapping and re-dating at all six stores we checked — a total of 48 packages.


In related news 12.Oct.2003 18:05


In related news, stale bread was found today at a Utah Shop N' Save. More on Indymedia at 11!