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Barter event at People's Co-op: "Preserves for People, Not for Profit"

A money-free barter event for home-preserved food.
So you have 18 quarts of dill pickles and no strawberry jam?

Or a bushel of sun dried tomatoes but no apple butter?

Join other home canners and preservers on Sunday, October 19, from Noon to 4:00 p.m., for a free-of-charge barter event at the People's Co-operative Food Store! Bring whatever items you've preserved from the fall's bounty that you'd like to trade and go home with delicious food to share with your family and friends over the rainy winter months. In the spirit of cooperation and to show that alternatives to capitalism can be fruitful (literally!), nothing may be sold at this event -- only bartered. Another world is possible, but we can't make it happen without food!


"Preserves for People, Not for Profit" aims to be a quietly anti-capitalist event where both experienced and beginning home-preservers can meet to share skills, make community, and enjoy great food. The corporatization of food is a dangerous trend, and home preservation from gardened, gleaned, or dumpstered food is one tactic to take. If you've got questions about this event, please feel free to write me at the listed email address. I'm bringing dill pickles, blackberry jam (pictured), applesauce, and more. Hope to see you there!

homepage: homepage: http://www.peoples.coop
address: address: 3029 SE 21st Ave (SE 21st at Tibbets)

Alternative dates for Alternatives to Capitalism? 10.Oct.2003 20:32

rashaction bcreidh@earthlink.net

Hooray for the Co-op and the organizers of a Bartering Event. As I am unfortunately bound up in the thrall of capitalism that particular day and time (work calls), will there/are there in the works any other dates/times for such a necessary and wonderful action?

trader 10.Oct.2003 21:38


Why not trade food for stuff ( ie ART) too?

why the event isn't for trading other stuff 12.Oct.2003 01:30

Pickle-boy essiggurke@riseup.net

response to "dude": it's possible there will be a general barter event of all things, not just food, at people's co-op on Buy Nothing Day (the day after thanksgiving). stay tuned for announcements about that....

this event is set up just for home-preserved food because food preservation is a very important skill to develop and share, and because food is such a foundational thing. the event is meant to encourage home preservers both old and new in honing their skills and meeting other people to form community. some people might go so far as to say that food is a human right and should not be the object of capitalist commodification and profiteering; if so, then bartering would be one way to go.

the people's co-op philosophy is "food for people, not for profit". the idea is that food should be produced and distributed as needed, not in order to make people rich. it'd be awesome if food could be attained without money. this event is a small step in that direction.

also, home preservation is a good survival skill, and we definitely might need such skills as the world goes to hell in the next few years.