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What does EQUAL TIME mean?

CNN's definition: EQUAL TIME = 1 cadidate getting 14 minutes while another gets 5
War = Peace
Slavery = Freedom
Bush = a President
How Many Minutes Each Candidate Received
For Immediate Release: October 10, 2003

CNN's Democratic presidential candidates' debate last night was held with the stated intention of providing the candidates equal time. According to the Hotline (National Journal), here are the results:

Amount Of EQUAL Debate Time
Dean - 14 min 07 seconds
Kerry - 12 min 31 seconds
Clark - 10 min 36 seconds
Gephardt - 10 min 02 seconds
Lieberman - 9 min 26 seconds
Braun - 8 min 39 seconds
Sharpton - 8 min 28 seconds
Edwards - 8 min 00 seconds
Kucinich - 5 min 09 seconds

At the debate, Congressman Kucinich stood out, expressing some of the clearest and sharpest distinctions between himself and other candidates, and receiving applause for his comments. It is safe to assume that his impact would have been even greater had he been given more than 36 percent of the time given to Gov. Dean.

Kucinich presented the outlines of a plan he has just released to bring US troops home from Iraq, end the war profiteering, and allow the United Nations to facilitate Iraqi self-governance.

Read the Plan:  http://www.kucinich.us/statements.htm#100903

For more information:  http://www.kucinich.us

For Rep. Kucinich's Schedule:  http://www.kucinich.us/schedule.htm

homepage: homepage: http://KucinichWatch.com
address: address: earth

Kucinich gets so little time? Wonder why? 10.Oct.2003 21:07

People for Freedom

Hmmm. Dean gets the most time. Kucinich gets the least. Hmmm?

Wonder who the media likes? Why would media sidle with these people? Media sure like war criminal Wesley Clark.

Hmmm? Are people going to figure out what an opportunity Dennis Kucinich is. He wants to Cancel WTO and Nafta. It is amazing to me that many groups aren't fully endorsing Kucinich. You want to see change happen? Give the White House the message. Kucinich was at Seattle WTO. Need I say more?

You want the end of Nafta and WTO, well support Kucinich. You also get an end to the Drug War, and you get Universal Health Care, more funding for schools and social programs.

I highly suggest we make it happen now. Go get the shirt and the bumper sticker. The office is on 37th and Hawthorne.

Peace is progress.