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New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio

A list of new content that you can stream is available in the text of the article. To get your own show or publish audio content send an e-mail to "salaud(at)riseup.net" with the subject line "PDXRADIO" preferably. Check out the link to the radio page on this article.
Download the WinAmp VERSION 2 (not version 3) player if you have trouble hearing the stream with Windows Media Mangler ("Player"). --> Winamp Download Page .<-- Make sure to check the box next to WinAmp Agent when installing so that Windows Media player doesn't try to take over your mp3 files again. Technical Suggestion: Uninstall Windows Media Player. The Winamp player can play windows media files (.wav, .wmv)

Trash Talk

The Beast's Ugly Head

Arturo Commando

The ArturoCommando Show is a warm mess of noodles on your face, while at the same time about ten kittens lick your bare feet. Its walking down a rural road under Autumn trees with leaves displaying their brilliant colors and your dressed like a taco with a boom box on your shoulder blasting your favorite song. No, no its even better. Its getting to have sex with that person you always had a crush on, in a giant swimming pool filled with jello, while ferocious prehistoric animals circle in rage with fire all around. Ya its like that, and its gooooooood.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/pdxradio.shtml

Wow 10.Oct.2003 22:33


That ArturoCommando guy kicks ass. I want to have his children..............