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It's proven: FOX news makes you dumb!

New study shows that 80% of people who listen to Fox news believe at least one total falsehood about the invasion; link to Fresh Air interview where Bill O' Reilly walks out and cries; and a FAIR action alert about O'Reilly's false statements about the LA times.
Note: This article is not intended as support for mainstream media or NPR. It is a slam on FOX and O'Reilly
And while I'm contributing the character assassination of Bill O'Reilly (see below) - someone who's credibility does need to be assassinated - let me offer a couple more facts, very useful for talking to regular folks out there.

in a recent, rigorously documented poll conducted by The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), it was revealed that:

of the 80% of people who said they get their news primarily from broadcast media (TV\Radio), 18% get their news solely from FOX - the highest single source percentage (NPR\PBS was 3% of that same group)

Checking for misperceptions about the Iraq invasion, 80% of Fox listeners believe at least one of the following falsehoods:

a) WMD have been found in Iraq
b) the US has found demonstrable evidence linking Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaida
c) Most of the world backed the US invasion of Iraq

23% of NPR\PBS listeners believe at least one of the falsehoods

Even better, 45% of FOXwatchers believe all three, compared with 4% NPR listeners.

There was no mention of KBOO listeners, but I bet it's even smaller.


Speaking of uninformed, on to Bill O'Reilly. FAIR documents yet another utterly false statement recently made in defense of the Governator.

Also, check out the Terri Gross's interview with him a couple of days ago, where he walks out like a petulant child. Of course, she could have asked him about his book, but...


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From: "FAIR" < fair@fair.org>
Reply-To:  fair@fair.org
To: "FAIR-L" < fair-l@comet.sparklist.com>
Subject: O'Reilly Smears LA Times on Sex Abuse Story
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 11:20:07 -0700

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O'Reilly Smears L.A. Times on Sex Abuse Story

October 10, 2003

In his continuing criticism of the Los Angeles Times for printing stories
about Arnold Schwarzenegger's alleged record of groping and sexual
assault, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly (10/8/03) pointed to what he saw as a
double standard: "Do you think the L.A. Times sent a squad of reporters to
Arkansas to investigate Bill Clinton's problems with women? No, it did

In fact, the L.A. Times did investigate Clinton sex stories in Arkansas.
A 4,000-word piece appeared on the paper's front page on December 21,
1993, running under the headline "Troopers Say Clinton Sought Silence on
Personal Affairs." This article was one of the first to report on the
scandal known as "Troopergate," which led to Paula Jones' lawsuit against
Clinton and thus indirectly to Clinton's impeachment.

Later on in the same broadcast, O'Reilly charged that the L.A. Times
"didn't send a squad of reporters to go down there and interview Kathleen
Willey and all of the other people. They did not do it." The paper could
not have interviewed Willey "down there"; she was a White House volunteer
who accused Clinton of sexual misconduct at the White House. She came
forward to tell her story in 1998, and her case had nothing to do with
Arkansas. Her allegations were featured in a front-page L.A. Times story
on March 16, 1998.

It's not unusual for O'Reilly to slam the L.A. Times, a paper he often
criticizes for being too left-wing (once calling it, for example, the
"pro-Palestinian newspaper of record out there in L.A."-- 2/21/03). Such
attacks helped Schwarzenegger supporters dismiss detailed and consistent
accounts from women who said that they had been abused by the film star as
mere partisan mudslinging.

ACTION: Contact the O'Reilly Factor and ask them to issue a correction
about the host's erroneous charge that the Los Angeles Times failed to
investigate Clinton's "problems with women" in Arkansas.

Fox News Channel
The O'Reilly Factor
mailto: oreilly@foxnews.com

link to previous article 10.Oct.2003 14:58

empire slayer

link to previous article about this, with a couple comments:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/10/272988.shtml

a helpful graphic 10.Oct.2003 15:35


faux news: all the lies that are unfit to print
faux news: all the lies that are unfit to print

No Petulant Child 10.Oct.2003 17:26


He didn't storm out like a child, he never raised his voice. He just told her what he thought about her and said quietly, this interview is over.

I listened to it 10.Oct.2003 18:18


He sounded like a ranting nut to me. It was like something from Monty Python.

Oh please... 10.Oct.2003 21:29


He was practically yelling at her. As she said, he got to give a lecture and have the last word, because he hung up.

He should realize 11.Oct.2003 02:58


He should realize that he has a problem. He may need medication, or at the very least anger management classes. Who else ends up red-faced and nearly yelling in interviews and other public appearances? He's always the one who loses his cool. That discussion with Al Franken is another example.

But then, normal people wouldn't do what he does for a living.