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Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat DRUG ADDICT

Today Rush ended his show with an admission that yes, he is a drug addict. This culminates a week of speculation of this fact. The difference between Rush and the commoner drug addict is that Rush isn't going to jail.
Today Rush ended his show with an admission that yes, he is a drug addict. This culminates a week of speculation of this fact. The difference between Rush and the commoner drug addict is that Rush isn't going to jail. He bombasts, pontificates and dictates what should happen to the commoner drug addict--go to court and then directly to jail. He has said this many times over the airwaves. The way the authorities treated Rush is more evidence of a two class society. The commoner who authories found out had purchased drugs on the black market, would have had the police get a search warrant, kicked the door down and hauled the person's ass off to jail. With Rush, and all the blantant evidence that yes, he DID commit a FELONY, the authorities treated him with kid gloves.

This, as I said, is just another example of the two class society. The traitors/thieves of our democracy and in the White House are a perfect example. No better crime under the USA Patriot Act, let alone the Classified Information Act, should be prosecuted, and would have been if a Democrat Administration or progressive political activist had "outed" a undercover CIA agent/operative. Yet, it is probably going to go unprosecuted and unpunished. It was an act of treason. Another serious felony. And these bozos claim they are all for the "RULE OF LAW" while they break it at will.

The right wing wackos always bemoan that class warfare is being waged by its opposition--liberals and progressives. Their language is pure doublespeak--my cousin George is very proud right now. The tax rate in 1960 for the VERY WEATLTHY (the top 1% of wealthy in this country) was close to 90%. In 40 years the base tax rate has dropped down to around 25% and in many cases next to nothing with various deductions and credits. Meanwhile, the tax rate for the middle class has risen in those 40 years to the point we finance the operation of this country. All class warfare is started and created by the filthy wealthy of this country. They started it and we are going to finish it. Not in my lifetime probably--I don't have that many years left on this backward palnet. But Hopefully by my kids or grandkids or even their kids. But it is going to change. In history, the disparity of weath always reaches a point when change hits the fan. We may be watching from the grandstands when it happens--but it will happen.

Hmm... 10.Oct.2003 14:00


Yeah, its important to notice how our classist society favors the middle and upper class, especially when they commit crimes.

BUT, why is you header demeaning to fat people and drug addicts? No one should feel shameful or being heavy or of having a drug problem.

Agree with Babel 10.Oct.2003 14:11


I think he's a dick and wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire, but making fun of him because he's got a problem with pills or eating just isn't cool.

GPFX 10.Oct.2003 14:17

Calling it like it is

Hell yes it is appropriate to make fun of him! A) his "prescripton pain medication" problem is a completely voluntary problem, and he should enjoy no protection from mockery that he is unwilling to extend to others, and B) ditto for his eating problem.

Chronic Pain 10.Oct.2003 15:20


Obviously all the answers are not available.

But it seems extremely wierd that someone with RL's resources would be buying street drugs. It is perfectly legal to treat chronic pain with whatever it takes-- including OxyContin-- provided you follow the rules.

Limbaugh obviously has plenty of money to go to the finest pain specialists in the world-- and apparently a perfectly valid reason.

What is this all about, anyway?

hnmnmmmm 10.Oct.2003 15:32


i wonder if those who actually support and believe the things RL has to say will now question his views and maybe begin to seek alternative forms of validation. maybe they now wonder if they ever should have trusted him in the first place. not that i think people who are addicted to drugs are not trustworthy, but i imagine a lot of right wingers do. this may be a good thing that draws some people to question what RL has been telling them. But then again, maybe not. just a thought.

casting the first stone 10.Oct.2003 16:57

andrea pdx

my comment is not about what i think about Rush.

its about the circumstance that western medicine gives you no alternatives for chronic pain and therefore puts you in jeopardy of becoming dependent on drugs that you know arent good for you.

i've found some relief via the use of accupuncture but I still wind up using vicodin more than i like and unlike Rush, perhaps fortunately, I dont have a source of oxycotin otherwise there would be days that i would be tempted to use them. But i can totally understand being in the situation of trying to live with chronic pain versus popping a pill just so that you can get through the next hour of your life.

Side note 10.Oct.2003 21:27


It looks like he uses botox on his forehead. That makes me laugh for some reason.

Rush's quote about 'addiction' 10.Oct.2003 22:10


Rush is a hypocrite and always has been. A quote from his TV show:

Dec. 16, 1994 : "So we're not going to get on -- we don't fault these animals for a lack of discipline, but we get on human beings who are fat for lack of discipline and you know it and I know it. But here's the thing that struck me about this. We have alcoholics and drug addicts in our society, don't we? And what do we say about them? Well, they can't help it. Why, it's genetic. Why, they have a disease. Why, put one thimbleful of scotch in front of them and they can die.' We totally exempt them from any control over their lives, do we not? Some athlete will spend two years snorting lines of coke. 'He can't help it.' You know, it's -- it's just -- it's not -- it's -- it's genetic. These people -- they're predisposed to having this addictive syndrome. They -- they can't help -- yeah, like that line of cocaine just happened to march into the hotel, go up to the athlete's room and put itself right there in front of him on his blotter."

Don't drop the soap 11.Oct.2003 08:16

westerford warden

Mega cudos you fuckin junkie! RL was buying thousands of pills, more than he could ever have taken, there is a good possibility he was trafficing also. He should go to prison. Another celeb. Tommy Chong is doing time for just having a website selling pipes.

hypocrite all the way 11.Oct.2003 14:00

hush rush

maybe his prediliction for pills is why he is such an ignoramous. i say throw his ass into detox and force him to look at himself in the mirror and ask how he is not unlike all of those that he belittles everyday, and gets paid millions of $$ to do.

if he weren't so pathetic i could feel the same way as many others here do, but instead i'll try and have compassion for someone as sick as rush. i think that his message is a dangerous one to all of the followers of the system, so maybe we could take this opportunity to silence him. you know, like, how can we continue to see him as a 'role model' (heaven forbid).

no doubt he was distributing 11.Oct.2003 22:17

2 + 2

No one takes that many pain pills. He didn't need the money so he wasn't dealing, probably just handing them around to his friends and associates. I think Tom Tomorrow nailed it when he said, "In fact, a lot of what Rush has said makes more sense now that we know he was stoned out of his mind for years." We all knew he was a hypocrite, why no one saw the obvious signs of drug addiction is beyond me.

So 12.Oct.2003 01:33


What about that O'Reilly guy on Fox? Maybe drugs could explain his behavior... or the lack of appropriate medication... No, I think it's drugs. Maybe Rush was supplying O'Reilly.

Question to all postings 12.Oct.2003 18:21


Does anyone know what Rush is doing with any overstock?

*** 13.Oct.2003 09:05

Screwlouse Latrec

It's too stupid to comment on, other than he needs to eat his words on OTHER people's drug use.

Self-Indulgent Liberal Man 17.Oct.2003 11:29


Self-Indulgent Liberal Man [George Neumayr: Aristotle on Liberals/Rush Limbaugh]
The American Prowler ^ | 10/17/2003 | George Neumayr

Modern liberalism, even as its philosophers hold that no act is objectively sinful, treats hypocrisy as a serious sin. Why? If nothing is sinful, why is hypocrisy sinful? Hypocrisy is sinful -- that is, damaging to the soul -- if the moral principles the hypocrite voices then violates are true. But liberals tell us those principles aren't true, that humans can depart from them without damage to their character. So what's the moral problem with violating a moral code liberals consider false in the first place?

Hypocrisy is a moral problem, but liberals can't reach that conclusion on the basis of liberal moral philosophy. In order to denounce it, they have to suspend their customary moral relativism and borrow the principles of conservative moral philosophy. Then, once the target of their moral outrage over hypocrisy is thoroughly eviscerated, they abandon those principles and return to a skepticism about right and wrong in which all forms of deception, including hypocrisy, are defensible.

Liberals on the hunt for hypocrisy carry an air of moral superiority. Why? Do they assume hypocrisy is a lower moral state than their standardless self-indulgence? Aristotle, among other moral philosophers, considered it a higher one. The hypocrite, whom Aristotle would call "incontinent," can retrieve his soul; the shameless see no reason to try, and therefore are morally hopeless.

``The self-indulgent man," he wrote, "is not apt to repent; for he stands by his choice; but the incontinent man is likely to repent... the self-indulgent man is incurable and the incontinent man curable; for wickedness is like a disease such as dropsy or consumption, while incontinence is like epilepsy; the former is a permanent badness, the latter an intermittent badness."

Aristotle compares the incontinent man to a "city which passes all the right decrees and has good laws" but fails to put them to use, whereas the licentious man is like a city which passes "wicked laws and puts them to use."

The latter is the city hypocrisy-hunting libertines seek to build., and woe to the conservatives who don't join them. Rush Limbaugh is their latest prey. The Washington Post this week recounted a "hilarious" evening Al Franken spent at a D.C. bar mocking Limbaugh. Franken, said someone at the bar, "does a great impression of Rush Limbaugh in a 12-step program. He said, 'Rush is having problems with the step where you acknowledge a higher power. He's wondering if you can acknowledge yourself as a higher power.' It was hilarious."

This is morally sicker than the abuse of painkillers, and probably not curable in Franken's case. Franken hates Rush not for breaking the moral law, but for once upholding it. Conservatives love the sinner and hate the sin; Franken hates the sinner and loves the sin.

Liberalism is an ongoing childish project to make conservatives cry uncle, and hypocrisy charges are the means of twisting their arms. The liberals' purpose in catching a conservative out in some hypocrisy is not to say, "You stepped away from the moral law you espouse. Go back," but to say, "You stepped away. Now keep leaving it and endorse our libertine laws." They don't see a soul in distress, but a potential convert to their libertinism. They nab conservatives not to save them but to silence their criticism of the liberal city Aristotle described. A city that sees no sin except hypocrisy. A city that takes pride in passing immoral laws and keeping them.

Hypocrisy is wrong, but a society which decides to live up to its standards by not having any is worse.

sad day for america 19.Oct.2003 17:17

another white guy

this fat prick is not going to do any time.

right now hes sitting on his fat ass trying to figure out the best way to buy his way out of this mess.

my cousin got 4 years for just talking about selling drugs, and rush wont get shit. this country is a fucking joke.

Ann Coulter's defense of Limbaugh 20.Oct.2003 14:35


Has anyone read that 'nut-job' Ann Coulter's defense of Rush baby?
Do yourself a favor and read it, it's hilarious: www.AnnCoulter.org the Title is 'With Half His Brain Tied Behind His Back': An apropos description of Limbaugh if I've ever heard one.

She has the audacity to insult people who use the word "hypocrite" to describe Rush.
"Duh... YUP!"
I added that last part because, you guessed it, the Clinton's are named within the first few paragraphs of her rant.
I'd be more willing to listen to these conservatives if they could admit their shortcomings.
The thing is, not many of them can.
The facts are in, Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite.
You conservatives out there should really lasso that crazy blonde before she undermines your entire movement.
Just don't do it right away, she's one of the funniest writers around.

Conservative Logic at Work 21.Oct.2003 07:44


In response to Joe's posting...
I'm going to try and give a synopsis of Joe's logic:
Rush Limbaugh thinks all drug addicts should go to jail.
Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict.
Rush Limbaugh didn't turn himself into the authorities.
Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite.
Anyone with a brain notes this hypocrisy.
Liberals are incontinent.

Wow Joe, you hit the nail on the head with that one.
Let me guess, you're a 'dittohead'.

People DO take that many pills 06.Jan.2004 17:28

pill popper

Trust me, people can and do take thousands of pills. I myself used to buy bottles of 500 Lortab at a time. I wasn't trafficking, I was popping. He might not have taken them all in a week, but trust me, he would have taken them. Brett Favre was up to like 30 vicodin a day during his habit. I've known people to take upwards of 40 a day. It sounds like a lot, but after time your tolerance builds up to that.

He's still an asshole and a hypocrite. I won't knock him for finding himself in addiction's grasp, but I will knock him for his hypocrisy.