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World Cup Streakers - Boycott Adias - Now With Pictures!

A brief article of this story has already been posted, but now we have pictures!

On October 6th, two animal rights activists streaked across the soccer field at the Women's World Cup soccer tournament carrying a banner stating, "Adidas kills kangaroos" and "Boycott Adidas!".
Both of the women involved have stated that they were driven to take such extreme action because of the horror the felt while watching the footage of the Kangaroo slaughter, including images of baby Joeys being ripped out of their dead mother's pouches, thrown to the ground and stomped to death.

The World Cup receives sponsorship from Adidas, and the sporting goods giant has been under heat lately due to their use of 'K Leather', or Kangaroo Leather in the making of their soccer shoes. The nearly unregulated hunting that goes on in the Australian outback of these gentile creatures has been responsible for millions of deaths, and has directly contributed to the extinction of six species of kangaroo, and helped put 17 more on the endangered species list.

Adidas is the largest purchaser of Kangaroo skins, leaving them largely responsible for what is now the largest slaughter of wildlife in the history of humanity. Help stop this blood shed for vanity - boycott Adidas, and support the use of synthetic alternatives in footwear - animals are not fabric.

Check out www.savethekangaroo.com to learn more about what Viva! and other animal right's groups are doing, and to find out how you can help.

These pictures have been shamelessly ganked off of Katu's web site, from this article.  http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=61321

The Mercury has also run a short article about these kick-ass animal activists. Check it out!

More Pictures! 10.Oct.2003 11:58


Did i do this wrong?

GO! 10.Oct.2003 11:58


Get down, animal rights women! I didn't know anything about this. I would never buy sports shoes anyway, for the pure outrage that they charge so much for their silly brand names and exploit the workers who make the shoes so badly. But I will make a special point of assuring that no one I know buys addidas ever aagain without being informed about this. Shit!

Gentile Kangaroos? 10.Oct.2003 12:24


Huh. I wasn't aware that kangaroos even had religeous tendencies. But the knowledge that they do just steels my resolve to bring Adidas down. Onward Christian Kangaroo Soldiers!

DOH! 10.Oct.2003 12:32


Damned spell check! Now I feel pretty dopy. Gentile: read Gentle. Right.

HEY 10.Oct.2003 12:44


Those pictures are censored!!!!

Censorship on indymedia. I never thought I'd see the day (snicker).

Look, everyone's smiling 11.Oct.2003 03:03


They made everyone in the stadium happy that day. That's nice.


uncensored 11.Oct.2003 08:44


Go to www.spiegel.de for uncensored photo - approx. half way down on right side. Click on photo. Then click on photo again as you are taken to new website.
Never fails - leave it to the Americanollahs-Ayatollahs with their magic markers.

Here they are 11.Oct.2003 09:41


Here they are

proper action? 11.Oct.2003 13:52

kangaroo/animal lover

i cannot even really read about what is done to the kangaroos it makes me so sickened. i could never watch it being done to them on video. yet, i do not know that the action that these two women took is one that will raise people's awareness to the levels that will instigate change. i fully understand the reason that we go to these sort of lengths in hopes of grabbing folks attention, but if those in attendance were smiling, as another poster suggested, then clearly they were entertained and not outraged by the message.

and this is an outrage that we all have a responsibility to educate others about. i loathe nike but this issue may even top their abuses.

What about Puma? 11.Oct.2003 23:17


Hey, congrats on that! Seeing what you girls did gives me hope for humanity. Does anyone know if PUMA is a "good" brand to support? As far as things like humanely made and what kind of animals they kill for them? Thanks so much!

and what about..... 13.Oct.2003 09:11


....chuck taylors? how many chuck taylors die so you can look snappy? have you ever seen a baby chuck taylor? cute little rascals i tell ya.

What about Cows, Pigs, Dogs, etc? 14.Oct.2003 18:21


Cows, Pigs, Dogs, Cats to name a few all are incorporated into "leather" shoes. I support these activists, however, all animals are the same. I wish more people felt this way about the rest of the animals, not just the cute ones. No one ever streaks for cows or pigs!

Leatherneck, it's not because they're 14.Nov.2003 17:22


cute. Read the above article again and look on Viva's site to learn more about why this is particularly heinous. We care about all animals.

PUMA offers Kangaroo skin shoes 19.Jan.2004 12:20


PUMA shoes has a model called the "Speedcat L" which uses Kangaroo leather...I would NOT buy anything from them either!