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Is anything planned here in Portland on October 25th in conjunction with rally in DC?

This sounds like a great opportunity to support those folks that are going to be in DC for the peace rally. Wondering if anything is happening here in Portland.
Attached below is information via email of what is happening in DC. Anything here?


We are thrilled to announce that the number of organizing and transportation centers bringing buses to the October 25th National March on Washington has increased from 79 cities to more than 120 cities in just the last week.

As the criminal character of Bush's war and occupation become exposed with daily revelations and as the cost of this shameful enterprise soars toward the $200 billion mark, it is crucial that people of conscience go into the streets to protest The death count grows daily and will only come to an end when we stop it!

Tens of thousands of people have voted to Bring the Troops Home Now in the online referendum at the VoteNoWar web site. The petition is being used by local Bring the Troops Home committees that are forming around the country and starting to collect a huge number of signatures. Everyone who has worked to make the October 25th demonstration and this new grassroots referendum a success should feel proud. Now we are ready to take the next big step.

At the October 25th demonstration tens of thousands of people will gather in the largest peace demonstration since last winter. The US and world media will be covering this event. Around the world this event will be broadcast live by satellite uplink. The whole world will be watching, and hoping, that the people of the United States will rise to the occasion and show that we too are resisting Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld's vision of endless war. Scores of countries will also have large October 25th demonstrations. Make your plans to be a part of this important event.

Be sure to tell your friends and family about the October 25th demonstration. Bush's approval rating is dropping dramatically, to less than 50%, primarily because of people's anger toward the war and the realization that the government was lying in all of its rationales used to justify the reckless race to war.

People are angry -- as they should be -- and want to take that anger into the streets on October 25th. Nearly three million jobs have vanished since Bush came into office but the Administration seeks limitless funds only to carry out war and occupation in Iraq. When we march on October 25th -- and literally surround the White House in an outpouring of protest -- the message will resonate that people are demanding money for schools, jobs, healthcare and housing, not war.

The mass demonstration will be a powerful _expression of human solidarity as military families and veterans, Arab-Americans, the Muslim community and all religious denominations, unemployed workers, students, and people form all walks of life join hands to say NO to Bush's illegal policies.

This is a monumental effort and your help is needed.

If you cannot come to the demonstration but would like to make a contribution to help defray the enormous expenses or to help subsidize a bus seat for someone who would like to attend but cannot afford the cost, you can click here to donate. The generosity and support from VoteNoWar members during the last twelve months has been critical for the growth of this new and dynamic peace and anti-war movement. Please consider contributing again to help sustain this movement. To write a check or make an online donation, please visit  http://www.votenowar.org/donate.html.
YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! 10.Oct.2003 18:51

Overt Ax'd Enwerked

Bringing down the House!

Solidarity Protest in Southern Oregon 11.Oct.2003 21:52

in unity

It took a little protest to inspire a protest in southern oregon, but its happenin'

Troops home now - End the Occupation !

Non-violent march to "Bring the Troops Home Now" Triangle Park - 10am - Sat., Oct. 25th

In solidarity with peace groups all over the world, Ashland ANSWER and Peace
House will be sponsoring a non-violent march to "Bring the Troops Home Now -
End the Occupation!" The march will begin at Triangle Park at 10 am
Saturday, October 25th. The march will proceed to the plaza, and a rally
will be held to demand an end to the occupation of Iraq and Palestine, and
money for jobs, education, environment and health care, NOT WAR! Mass
marches are being planned in SF and Washington DC as well as around the
world to protest Bush's proposal of $87 billion,($10 million dollars an
hour), for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more info about international actions, see www.InternationalANSWER.org.
For more information, questions, or to volunteer to help with local march or
rally, call Peace House, 482-9625, or Mori 482-8288.