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October 27 Detlefsen Hearing

Invitation to watch Susan Detlefsen prosecute the state for its incomptent, abusive handling of a child welfare case.
When: October 27, 2003, 9:00 a.m.
Where: Juvenile Hall, 1401 NE 68th Street (down the hill from Glisan Fred Meyer)
What: Juvenile hearing regarding return home of Detlefsen's teenage daughter, who was taken into involuntary state custody because of an aspirin overdose. After the daughter was taken into custody, allegations of child abuse and neglect were fabricated by the state against Ms. Detlefsen with the apparent attention of keeping the daughter in custody and qualifying for federal dependency funding. Susan Detlefsen has been prosecuting the state since she discovered the fraud and abuse. On October 27 she will reveal how the mental health community is collaborating with SOSCF to destroy families in Oregon. All are welcome to attend and cover the story.

homepage: homepage: http://www.oregonfamilyrights.com
phone: phone: 503

What about the daughter? 10.Oct.2003 12:23

Nick Bordoni

I can truly appreciate the pain and suffering that Ms. Detlefson went through when the state came and pulled her daughter from their family home. That is a terrible thing to have happen especially when you are a single mother struggling to provide a stable environment for your daughter. However, in reading this article, at least the last few sentences, it seems that the focus has fallen away from the daughter and her well being to showing how families are being destroyed in the state of Oregon. To be sure that is something that needs to be focused on but shouldn't the more immediate focus be on the daughter and her welfare?