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Open Letter to Governor Kulogoski Regarding McLaren v. SOSCF

A plea to Governor Kulogoski to act on 17 year old McLaren's request that he investigate Clatsop County SOSCF and free his family from the underground existence they have been forced to live for over a year and a half because of the state's fraudulent claim against his mother, Taylor McLaren, and a pick up order for her three children, whom she is protecting from the state of Oregon by living outside the state.
Governor Ted Kulongoski
160 State Capital
900 Court Street
Salem, OR 97301-4047

September 5, 2003

Clemency for the McLaren family: victims of Clatsop County and SOSCF

Dear Governor Kulongoski:

I am a concerned citizen writing to express my grief and disgust over the handling of the McLaren case. Taylor McLaren and three of her children are now living in exile because of false allegations made against Taylor by DHS caseworker Tina Amelia, and SOSCF in Clatsop County. Even though her 16 year old daughter and 17 year old son have both provided statements refuting allegations against their mother, some of which were falsely attributed to the children, the State continues to portray Taylor as an unfit mother, and has tried to criminalize her in retaliation for a tort claim she filed against the state because they had lied to her about the care and whereabouts of her older daughter.

By now, you should have received the certified copy of Michael McLaren's letter to the Governor. Michael is Taylor McLaren's 17 year old son, currently living with her and the two other siblings, in an unknown location, due to their status with Clatsop County. Because Michael fears for his safety, due to persistent persecution by Clatsop County SOSCF, he asked me to send you the letter myself. I have volunteered to advocate for the rest of the family as well.

If you do not know the complete McLaren story, it is available from Oregon Family Rights ( susan@oregonfamilyrights.com or  Leonard@oregonfamilyrights.com). You can also read about the McLaren case at www.oregonfamilyrights.com/oregon/taylor/index.htm.

Governor Kulongoski, please investigate this case. You will learn that Taylor McLaren is a competent, loving mother. The children will only suffer severe emotional trauma, and maybe much worse, depending on which "foster care" they get placed in, if they are removed from their mother's care. The dependency case against her is unfounded, fraudulent, and is the result of retribution. Every senator and state representative I have contacted about SOSCF abuse says it is "out of their jurisdiction—only the governor can intervene".

I heard you speak on OPB this morning about raising taxes so that school funding won't be cut. Yet SOSCF, the most perverted, dysfunctional agency in our state is apparently still receiving some $500,000.00 a year. If this agency were unfunded, or at least had significant budget cuts, maybe the number of children incarcerated in foster care would plummet. Maybe more families could live in peace, without the constant threat of the "child savers" knocking on their door. How can the legislature keep claiming the state is broke, when so much money goes to the "family abuse program", ie SOSCF? It is hard for me to fathom how this can be.

Please begin the end to family abuse by giving clemency to the McLaren family. I suggest you speak directly with the daughter, Danielle, who is very bright and articulate, like her mother, if you want a first hand accounting of the truth about the McLaren family. Danielle is here in Oregon, separated from her family. She also has been threatened by Tina Amelia for trying to help her family, for advocating for them, and for refusing to corroborate the lies she and SOSCF have tried to spread about her mother. The whole family has been repeatedly threatened by SOSCF for not cooperating with its plan to seize the children.


Susan Detlefsen
Parent, taxpayer, family rights advocate

homepage: homepage: http://www.oregonfamilyrights.com
phone: phone: 503-239-9901