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Bush as Political Cyborg

Why so suprised at " the Arnold " 's victory? The flesh needs a body, and Bush wants; no, needs his...
This is an off the cuff rant, but please bear with me.

The entity known as Geo. Bush v.2.0 is indeed a political cyborg. The exposed softened flesh requires power and an exoskeleton to adapt to a hostile environment. In this case, power flows from corporations and/or laundered from Governor Bagman of Florida. Thus taking care of the Right Side of the Body Politic.

For the Left Side, Bush 2.0 has used a very sexy exoskeleton (i.e. a jet fighter) to promote the algorithms of his political software package. For the "Left", sex is good and exploitable. Unfortunate the the cyborg, this body was available for a finite amount of time and not sustainable for long-term survival.

Enter Arnold Schwartzenegger.

For the masses of the aging baby boomers, Arnold is an icon of male strength and success what one press strory referred to as his "single minded determination (not unlike any ordinary cruise missile). Even though he is approaching 60, the image remains as his recent victory in California has shown.

All political flesh require in one way or another " votes" to "win" (read as survive and replicate in the environment). As politically older Americans are more likely to vote, what better way for political flesh to maintain survivabilty than to co-exist with this media enhanced man-image?

Using this paradigm, political resistance known as "activism" becomes a beta test model for "poly-hacking". A more aggressive and invasive form of activism would be "poly-cracking".
Looking as Bush 2.0 as a SYSTEM, how do you " control-alt-delete" the cyborg?

Any ideas?