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Viva la BANDANA!

Tualatin High School has recently banned the wearing of bandanas anywhere on school grounds. The reason given was because bandanas are "gang-related."
I am a junior at Tualatin High School, and have always believed in freedom of speech and expression. Recently, my school has enacted a rule that forbids wearing bandanas on school grounds, because they are gang-related. I have never heard of a gang or any kind of gang activity in this predominantly middle class suburb. While I have never worn a bandana to school, this new injustice tempts me to do so. The fact that this piece of fashion, which is growing increasingly popular, has been taken away for an unsatisfying reason makes me terribly upset. I can not believe the administration would take this extreme, and that the majority of the students is taking it in stride. As Benjamin Franklin said, "They that can give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." This rule does not provide safety, because there was no threat to begin with. If my fellow students do not join me, I beg you to help. I also wonder about those who wear a white bandana to show support for the Palestinians's stolen homeland. I am wondering to anyone with legal experience, if I was to wear a white bandana, and then be forced to take it off, would that not be a violation of my basic freedom of speech? E-mail me:  PunkieDrewster@netlane.com
you are cattle 10.Oct.2003 00:31

boonplod monotomi@hotmail.com

read through your school handbook, its full of wonderfully authoritarian bullshit... and yes in fact, they can make you get rid of it...

most likely that is, again; look through your handbook,

there are/could be exceptions if it is political or religeous...

you are nothing but property until you are 18, (you know how dog owners are responsible for their pets actions? parents are responsible for their children in the same way), until you are 18 you do not have many of the rights that full citizens of the good ole US of A are warented.. ever wondered about curfue?.. sounds a little unconstitutional to me, hoplding a certain group of people indoors after a certain time?... /o, but its based on age? well then it must be okay!/... its called ageism my friends, and its absurd. (Is a 16year old a child? could be, but its just as likely that a 30 year old is still a child as a 16 year old.)

there are of course ways to speak out, but speaking out about bandanas i dont think should be your priority. Yeah, its fucking lame that they think they can just make you do what they want, but under the current state of the laws they can in fact make you do what they want you to.

your right to free speach is also limited, as long as they can prove that it was "disruptive",

AND think of the student body committee/president/goverment or whatever they call it... is that anything more than a game?... should it be? i think it should, i think the students should be takeing a more active role in their own governance... but of course that would put too much power in the hands of the majority=-)... and 16/17/18 year olds controlling their own lives? thats preposterous!...

but for the most part, dont let them get you down, speak out if you want... i dropped out last year (after trying community college but realizing it was no better), i personnally dont want to be a product, and i encourage anyone else out there thats still in highschool, and wishes they could not be wasteing their life; to drop out. of course dropping out is not for everyone, but neither is school.

also remember though, if for whatever reason you dont want to drop out (? i cant think of many), then use your right to be in school to your advantaqge, post fliers, organize debates/actions... get involved with things that really matter for the community...

anyway, this is rambling.. but remember there is a HUGE difference between getting yourself educated and going to school, school is a propoganda based factory that makes tommorows working class.... you dont need that to be educated... look back in time to any of the people considdered educated, did they go to the english based american school system?... and how is their life any different than ours? really...

anyway, im done now

use your bandana wisely 10.Oct.2003 06:15


That big high school revolt waiting to happen may include using bandanas. don't play your cards until you have a good hand, my friend. keep it up. then again, either you know the english language well, or are fishy. I couldn't write anything like that above while i was in high school. if you are what you say you are, then you will have no problems out smarting all your authority figures. plotting with friends helps too. good luck

same stuff here 10.Oct.2003 08:20


In the Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Forest Grove school districts (I called) not only are bandanas banned, but satanism and anarchism (yep, can't even talk about them or wear clothing refering to the concepts), any clothing with drug, alcohol, or tabacco references, do-rags, and "brightly" colored hair. Forest Grove also threw in "anything that promotes negativity ... or is a distraction from the learning process." Whatever that means. This is why I make a point of wearing my brightlly colored hair and the A on my sweatshirt to every parent-teacher conference they ask me to attend. My son has been sent home from school twice for his anarchistic apperance. There is really nothing to be done about it. Public school is set up to create good little workers, not independent thinkers. You might want to consider homeschooling if you want a real education. Some schools have gone the uniform route due complaints about dress code issues. Not to say you shouldn't complain, just be prepared for all outcomes. I think they should ban WWJD (what would Jesus do) along with satan, all clothing with the amerikkkan flag and the confederate flag, any reference to corporate food/beverage, and all disney cartoon paraphanalia. But, that would be censorship, wouldn't it?

gota get a head band 10.Oct.2003 11:10

Andy Andy-van-den-bos@excite.com

Well until just now I had no idea that this web site was in existence. But to further talk about the bandana situation I think you should check out this web site


That's a direct link to my post page on antishift.net

Last week I posted my experience about the bandana being asked to be taken off.
Bare with me if you go to the site, my spelling and grammar was not all that great due to the fact that I did not use spell check. But maybe you can see past that and get out what I was trying to say.






we may be able to help and or work with you to organize! give us a werd...


an example 10.Oct.2003 20:54


I attended McMinnville High School from 1989- 93. We couldn't wear hats or jackets inside of the school because of the threat of 'gangs' This included the wearing of our Letterman's Jackets! You would be warned once and then suspended. Stupid, huh? kinda along the same lines....

feedback 10.Oct.2003 22:59

Andrew Plambeck

I'm happy to get your feedback. I was a little heated up when I wrote that, but I have calmed down since. While I am a Christian, I agree with the banning of WWJD and other religious propaganda. How is it just to allow only certain religions? Gee, that sounds familiar.....*cough*Hitler*cough*. Anyway, I appreciate hearing from different viewpoints and will definitely pick my battles. A friend of mine, one day this week, wore a shirt that stated "FIGHT FOR FASHION: VIVA LA BANDANA!" I'm hoping to possibly meet with the administration to receive their take on it. I know that our principal is very understanding, and will listen to what i have to say. I would also like to bring up the anarchist issue.

Keep it up! 11.Oct.2003 23:16

A former TuHS student

Glad to hear that there are still rabblerousers in T-town. Continue to agitate and educate. You'll find other people like you. Trust me...

true, true ,true 10.Jun.2004 19:16

vincent mayhem

yes i agree....i think..,
i have started to wear bandanas because my hair is longer,
i dont know if black is a gang color or not so i decited to go on hear and find out but they did'nt have information on it and i passed up on your article, you are right it is bull shit, you live a fucking suberb and not all bandanas are gang related.
this country is really messed up right know and i am mad they think they can take away your freedom like that.
it makes me made that use the excuse that we are young and we do'nt get all the benifit of freedom because it is farther then that.

womens rights,gays rights,people who are diffrent looking for gods sake,it goes farther then taht to.

if we are older, we cant do that stuff because we are expected to be mature adults and look a sertain way to get a good job.
if we are kids, we are expected to do every thing that adults tell us becouse we are kids and we do'nt know what is good for us and we are kids and do'nt deserve the same respect as adults do and stupid shit like that.

i guess i will keep looking for that information i was looking for before i noticed your coments.

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