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Michael Moore's new book "DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY", is out now and is already at #1.
Subtitled "an administration ending novel", this book is sure to expose Bush and his administration and could be a large step toward removing Bush from office. Check it out!
eh 09.Oct.2003 22:12


I've read the excerpts and I am not impressed at all. Moore has some real talent, with directing and imagination, but I'm not sure writing is his strong point. But even if it is, from what I've read this book doesn't showcase that. My advice to anyone: read the excerpts before buying the book, you may quickly change your mind and find better uses for your money.

BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW 09.Oct.2003 22:14


buy buy buy buy buy its at #1
buy buy buy buy buy revolution!

Relax 09.Oct.2003 22:17


you can get it from the Multnomah County Library--

at no charge--

if you're curious about Moore's new book.

hey now consume 09.Oct.2003 22:28


michael moore is our best chance to reach the middle class masses,man. they and their buying power could be very useful to the revolution if manipulated correctly.

sorry. just feeling macchiavellian today. i think almost anything can be beautiful in context and michael moore in his own world is a force to be reckoned with.

your purchase is a vote for Wesley Clark 09.Oct.2003 22:35

added bonus

If you want to run a war criminal as the "peace candidate," buy Moore's book! Buy several copies.

and who's gonna protest this liberal shit when he comes to portland? 09.Oct.2003 22:46

where's the flyers?

General Clark is your man? Fuck that.

I for one won't buy a book 09.Oct.2003 23:06


You would find any slaughtered trees where I live. And I encourage you all to dispense with the killing of our forests for profit.

quick ID check 10.Oct.2003 01:32


Tree is a reactionary infiltrator.

someone is hopefully being sarcastic.

Consume hit this one pretty nearly on the head.

I'll be treating the newest dispatch from Mr. Moore the same as his previous books by ignoring them. He's a pretty good documentarian when he doesn't involve himself in the action and is simply observing. Otherwise he becomes manipulative and false as when he gave the teacher an awkward hug in BFC or when he placed the photo of the dead student on Charleton Heston's doorstep. His primary market is the "liberals" who felt sort of guilty about wanting to taste Iraqi blood.

be the change you seek to see 10.Oct.2003 04:22

nyc librarian

Who is served by condemning Moore for not being perfect in the eyes of the revolutionary left?

How many activists have done better at reaching the sheeple in the last ten years?

He reaches the masses, urging them to think about how capitalism is in opposition to social justice.
Remember, you can only take people as far as they are willing to go. I do believe that Moore takes that into consideration at all times, hence he doesn't want to appear to be a staunch socialist.

I do think his support for Clark is misguided, but suspect there's a method to his madness.

Ya'll should be happy he's on point as much as he is, and view his success as inspiration for your own efforts.

Be the change you seek to see.

Moore not taken seriously 10.Oct.2003 06:17


Moore doesn't "reach a lot of people", as one writer wrote. He's not taken seriously by most of America. Everyone knows that he has his own agenda and it's basically about getting his name out there by making slanderous charges that he can't support. He's a publicity whore and he hurts every cause that he attaches himself to.

Say What? 10.Oct.2003 08:15


Skeptic wrote, "Moore doesn't reach a lot of people."


Let's see, his new book is already at No. 1. His last book was a best seller. His movie "Bowling for Columbine" won a prize at Cannes and an Oscar and played at theaters all over the country for weeks if not months. All of this (except for the Cannes prize) happened in a country that is totally dominated by corporate controlled media.

Face it, no figure on the left who gains popular status will ever satisfy the self-marginalizing critics who look for any chink in the armor to put down anyone who doesn't agree point for point with the critic's own agenda. Moore may not be perfect, but he's getting a lot of people to consider alternatives to what they're fed by corporate media.

The cool thing about anonymous postings... 10.Oct.2003 08:38

Pappy Yokum

...is that you can create a one man chorus. It's a safe bet that easily half of the above postings are from the same person, almost certainly the one who crapped in an earlier story on the same subject a few days ago.

Shooting the messenger is less work than refuting the message, and if you do it loud enough and often enough you can overwhelm any discussion. It's a pretty popular tactic in politics these days -- and is it my imagination or is it mostly the right that's doing it?

Don't be a robot, think for yourself 10.Oct.2003 09:42

Roland the headless gunman

"He's not taken seriously by most of America. Everyone knows that he has his own agenda and it's basically about getting his name out there by making slanderous charges that he can't support."

You wish Moore wasn't taken seriously , he has finally found the time to prove points in Bowling for Columbine as well as providing the links to the original published articles ideas for the movie came from:  http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/wackoattacko/

Indy afraid of a successful Lefty? 10.Oct.2003 10:01


Hmmmmmm...................there seems to be a bit of censorship here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I've repeatedly tried to provide a link to a page on Moore's site where he provides proof of his movie Bowling for Columbine as well as links to original published articles where he got some of his ideas for the movie....................What gives o' great pumpahs?

censorship.... 10.Oct.2003 10:19

guy who gets censored a lot

is pretty common here. far more than it should be in a forum that purports to be "independent".

c'mon guys 10.Oct.2003 12:30



Some of you guys are pretty incredible.
First, you say that Moore is "backing" a war criminal. (Clark) No... he's not. Moore plainly stated that he is NOT backing Clark in his two letters about him. Moore simply wanted Clark to throw his hat into the ring to provide a little more bite into the lame democratic debates. (Go Kucinich!!!)

Now some of you state that Michael Moore doesn't really influence people and that he's a non-factor.

Please allow me to use myself as an example...
I've always considered myself an environmentalist, however not actually active.
I've always considered myself somewhat anti-capitalist, however not actually active.
I've always considered myself anti-Bush, however not actually active.

I was shocked about the 2000 (S)elections, but I didn't do anything.
I was shocked by the evil/greedy way the Bush administration handled 911, but I didn't do anything.
On and on.
Over and over.
Things pissed me off, but (like my father) I would just sit there and bitch.

Then last year I read "Stupid White Men." and about crapped my pants. Here was a man that was finally laying it all down on the line. Page after page "connected the dots" into explaining so many problems.
About a month after I finished the book (last summer) I heard that Bush was coming to town for a fundraiser. (Thank you Hornings Hideout for announcing that!)
I decided that I would no longer sit idly by and only complain about all the shit that's going on.
So... I told my wife that I was going to protest.
What happened that day COMPLETELY changed my life forever. (Police brutality against my peaceful neighbors, and the lies that the corporate media spewed in the aftermath. These things I never truly realized REALLY happened until I was a part of them.)

Since that day, I have marched for Peace and compassion at least a dozen times. (Walking hand-in-hand with my three year old son and my pregnant wife.) (She marched at over 8 months pregnant!)
This August, you may have seen me protest Bush again.
I have gotten my friends and family educated to the real facts about what's going on. (From Florida, New York, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California)
As the Buddhists know... this will cause a Ripple Effect as it increases it's strength to many, many people.

Now Michael Moore has the balls to step it up a couple notches and basically claim that Bush was behind 911 and you guys not only turn your back on him, but ridicule him?? What kind of reality do you live in?

I thought solidarity was a GOOD thing to have in our movement.

We are all NEVER going to agree with each other 100% on all the topics. However; we must remain focused on what our prime objective is. (To change the world for the better.)
I personally know that Michael Moore was a HUGE influence in my path... he may also be for millions of more folks just like you and I.

right on mark 10.Oct.2003 17:31

a person

What is wrong with you people? If you think we can win the Revolution w/o the help of the middle class "guardians" (Chomsky or Zinn's term), you are crazy or naive. I suggest you check out a video, available at the Portland public library (and I'm sure many other libraries) called "Micheal Moore live in Santa Rosa". It was from the book tour for Stupid White Men and was made 6 mos. after 9/11. Michael's passion and intense identification with the working classes is really evident. I got goose bumps watching this. He shakes most of the way through the talk; his moral outrage and disgust with the entire bush "administration" is obvious. Maybe there are chances he doesn't take. Well guess what, kids, he'll be around to fight tomorrow. Don't get me wrong- I'm grateful to all of you murder king window-breakers out there. We need ALL kinds, ALL extremes to get anything done and to speak everyone's language. Just don't get lost in the belief that your way is the only one, or the best,cause it ain't. Grow up, let others in and stop being such obvious snotty little trust fund BABIES. There's too much at stake. Please.

One Man Chorus, So True 10.Oct.2003 20:09


There seems to be a lot of that going on. All of a sudden there are self proclaimed judges of activists. It's the "not radical enough" argument. Moore reaches plenty of people. We need more people on the left that can speak the language of working class Americans. So, he may compromise some of his talk. Who else is doing this work? It's a tactic that can be quite effective. The rest of the left isn't doing much to change people, especially those who listen to Fox news, CNN and all the rest. They are certainly not going to listen to many Indymedia activists. I say, do what you do best. There's a place for the uncompromizing activists (they keep us honest), but there's also a place for those at the interface who can interpret for the "masses" what is going down in this country. They need the information to be served on a platter. Just a thought.

excerpts 10.Oct.2003 23:38


Face it, you'll never be rich

Answers please, Mr Bush

The Guardian has removed the other exceprts, which were the ones that made me decide that I would not buy the book. But to each their own...

Skitch 10.Oct.2003 23:51


Sorry your posts have taken so long to come through; they are not being censored. The url you are posting is falsely identified as spam or advertising. It's a great link though and we'll do what we can have the problem fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Redo your spam policy 11.Oct.2003 08:25


Why is Michael Moore's website considered spam?

democracy is dead 12.Nov.2003 10:57

texas lizzard

It just doesnt work anymore no one wants to be told what to do so you just try seeking majority that sound more like dictadorship. if not ask other countries.