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America's Drug Czar Rides Again

In a recent speech (today, 10-9-03) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Walters of Drug Czar fame spent 70% of his time continuing the demonization of marijuana.
America's Drug Czar Rides Again
By: Jack Dalton

There has to be something seriously wrong with anyone that can sit through an hour of America's Drug Czar's... John Walters... misinformation news talks. Maybe that at least partially explains what's wrong with me... to much John Walters. After listening to him give his little speech about that evil weed marijuana to the people at the Center for Strategic and International Studies I had to fight an almost uncontrollable urge to throw a hammer through my TV. But then why punish the TV.

Drug trafficking and terrorism was the topic he spoke on. Walters, like the rest of the ultra-right ideologues enjoying their stolen power, spent the majority of his time continuing the party line demonization of that killer weed marijuana. He had not very many nice things to say about Canada or Canada's Prime Minister, who he condemned for his recent statement that he (Canada's PM) would probably smoke pot at some time in the future. That really put Walters in a tailspin. Walters went on and on about the estimated $9 billion of marijuana coming across our border from Canada. The "Crack of Marijuana" is what he called Canadian pot coming into the U.S. He claimed that this marijuana is 10 to 20 times stronger that the marijuana of days gone by (1% to 2% 30 years ago and 20% to 30% coming in from Canada today). The same old reefer madness do-do.

Hey John-John, you're off your rocker! As a 60-year-old that has been smoking pot for the better part of 40 years I can tell you right here and now that the pot we were smoking back in the end of the 60's was more potent then than most of what is available today. That includes what comes down from Canada! The major difference between then and now is the simple fact that most growers and smokers switched from mind-warp Sativas to body-thump Indicas. Except for that the relative potency, in general, has remained about the same over the years. Needless to say I'm a Sativa kinda guy.

At any rate, Walters went on about how we have to stop the Canadians from shipping their "poison" into the U.S. Especially with, according to him, right at 7 million people seeking drug treatment with 60 to 70% because of "Marijuana addiction." Forced into treatment by whatever court or agency an "addict does not make." But then people like John Walters will always play with numbers to justify their existence.

The part of his little speech that really got me to laughing though was when he had the umphs to state how we have "learned from medicine and science how truly harmful marijuana really is." What do you say to such an absurd statement? Oh John-John what books do you read? The science and medical reports and books I read completely contradict you.

I just thought of a way to appease John Walters and the rest of that pack of ideologues and still have what the pot smokers of America want. To appease him, we simply stop buying pot from Canada. To have what we want, EVERBODY GROW THEIR OWN or at the least help someone else grow. A new twist on "joint ventures" Wouldn't that tie some shorts in a knot... 30 million + American pot smokers with gardens one and all. I am convinced that we can outgrow this fascist government. Well fellow warriors, it's 4:15 and getting closer to 4:20 so I must end this and get things ready... 5 minuets to go... my mouth is starting to water (like Pavlov's dog). To quote someone else, "it's not what others do, it's what YOU do that matters.

Jack Dalton
Portland, Or

homepage: homepage: http://Oregon-Medical-Marijuana-Project.org
address: address: Portland, Or.

I'll bet he's on prozak 09.Oct.2003 21:49

the #1 cause of premature death is cigarette smoking

So what does he say about alcohol and nicotine?

soma 10.Oct.2003 00:40


anyone read brave new world? yeah... i love how the anti depressants of today are soo sooo close to being soma, no bad side effects (hah) and make you forget all your problems..

anyway, no bad side effects beside the fact that you dont bother to fix your real problems (that being too wide a statement, im sure that some people were "helped" by "anti-depressants") but anyway, i love how groups like phiser keeps people scared that they might have an anxiety disorder, or sad that they may be missing out on life... so they go out and buy their wonderful, (fully legal! yay) drugs, to make them feel better. and the goverment loves them because they dont interfere with work... anyway, done rambling

Cracked CIA 10.Oct.2003 10:06


I dare Walters to debate MIke Ruppert, one-on-one, about the real drug scourge of Amerika: crack and heroine. But then those two drugs are the mainstay CIA proprietaries.