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IWW retail workers in solidarity with Powell's struggle

A statement of solidarity with our fellow workers represented by ILWU Local #5, Powell's Bookstores Inc.
Portland IWW retail workers stand in solidarity with Powell's workers.

The membership of the Portland IWW retail/general distribution workers Industrial Organizing Committee (IOC 660) stands in complete solidarity with the workers represented by ILWU Local #5 of Powell's Bookstores, Inc. Our Committee, comprised of workers from several facets of the retail world, recognizes a common struggle with our fellow workers from Powell's against worker exploitation. IOC 660 has noted how Powell's management has continually proceeded in a pattern of employee intimidation against union activists, and how it has often times unfairly punished Powell's workers under the pretense that "well, the union's rules make us have to do it."
The IWW IOC 660 would like to extend our greatest feelings of solidarity to Powell's rank and file workers. We recognize that standing up to the boss and demanding more, especially in this time of supposed economic recession, requires great courage and love for everyone who you work with. In our own workplaces, IWW members struggle with this reality everyday, so we know how hard it can be to pull people together.
Our hope is that Powell's workers realize that they are not alone, and that IWW members are ready and willing to support them.
So, as an open invitation to the floor workers of all Powell's locations, and the Administration of ILWU Local #5, the Portland IWW IOC 660 would like to offer our services in solidarity, should any need arise. Our group will help to mobilize membership to attend any action that is called for.


Portland IWW Industrial Organizing Committee 660
Retail and General Distribution Workers

homepage: homepage: http://retailworker.org
phone: phone: (503) 231-5488
address: address: 616 E. Burnside St. Portland, OR 97214

featurepic 09.Oct.2003 00:29

indy ed

featurepic resized

But are you in solidarity with Powell's struggle? 09.Oct.2003 03:46


but will you state your solidarity with your fellow workers at Powell's Bookstores Inc.?
but will you stand in solidarity with Powell's workers?
I think we're all dying to know if your membership stands in complete solidarity with the workers of ILWU Local #5 of Powell's Bookstores, Inc.

yey! 09.Oct.2003 09:06

powells emp

Yey for wobblies! We love you gals n guys.

see ya sunday!

Thank You 09.Oct.2003 09:53

another Powell's Emloyee

You guys are wonderful. And thanks for the cookies too!

hey! 10.Oct.2003 00:37

powells emp

I didnt get any cookies! ;)

looking forward to Sunday 10.Oct.2003 01:59

a 640

I like Powells, unfortunately I don't really feel comfortable buying anything there until the contract is settled. I'll be there Sunday, but am anxious for everything to be put in writing so I can make purchases again.

Thank you 11.Oct.2003 15:28


Thanks to the IWW for continued support of Local 5 in its battle for a fair contract. Your support was desperately needed back in 1999 and 2000 when we were first organizing and fighting for a first contract. You came through for us and inspired me with your dedication. Thanks also for the great party you threw when we won that first contract.
Thank you, thank you thank you!