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It Is time For Action!

A call to action to build Cascadia.
I am a Cascadian. I prefer this to being described as an American or a Californian. My interests lie in my homeland. Yes, I care about oppressed people everywhere, but this is my home. I live in Eureka, on the north coast of California. I find I have more in common with the people of Victoria, B.C. than I do the people of Los Angeles, CA. I certainly don't feel the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. can make wise choices about my life.

Here, In the Pacific Northwest of North America is movement called Cascadian, after the mountains that dominate the region. Here, many of us seriously talk of south coastal Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Northern California seceding from the United States, and British Columbia, from Canada to form a new union, Cascadia. The books Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging are more than mere Utopian political fiction; the books are a vision of a quite possible, if somewhat fanciful, future. Yes, I am a Cascadian.

Cascadians are thoughtful people. We feel strongly about civil rights and liberties. People matter to Cascadians, their well-being and their opportunity to live personally fulfilling lives. Genuine democracy, in political and economic life, is vital to us. Among Cascadians, you will find a strong distrust of big business and big government; frequently we view mainstream politicians and bureaucrats as tools of the multinational corporations.

Cascadians feel deeply about our. Homeland. Its natural beauty is fundamentally important to us. We seek to use all the resources available to us to conserve, preserve and restore the natural ecology. A large number of Cascadian even advocate the re-introduction of grizzly bears and wolves to the region (It is rumoured that there have been covert re-introductions of these predators). Cascadians believe that it is possible and critical for humans live softly on the earth.

Self-supporting communities are a central part of Cascadian thinking. Anything that can be done at this level need not be passed on to a "higher authority". The community, whether it is a neighbourhood, a watershed or a rural village, is the foundation of the society, politically and economically. We Cascadians can easily imagine communities where everything, especially work and schools, are within walking distance. We envision communities that are self-reliant, having all the necessities of modern life; medical clinics, parks and playing fields, retirement homes and care homes, shopping areas (not life destroying malls), community centres and outdoor plazas for concerts and dances. These would be cities built on the human scale, meeting all the needs of neighbourhood residents at the neighbourhood level.

Those of us in Cascadia advocating secession (I must include myself here, sadly) are fond of talking and short on action. The revolution (even a peaceful one) will not happen without action. It is time to meet each other face-to-face, to start organizing neighbourhoods, to build an alliance of substance. I am proposing an All-Cascadia Conference in early 2004, prior to the conventions of the U.S. national parties.

Tentatively, I am proposing that the All-Cascadia Conference be held in March at Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA, as this area is centrally located. I would like to have representatives from South Coastal Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Especially, people from the first nations should be represented. Are you a Cascadian? Then participate in this historic event, please contact me through the Bioregional Research Collective and I will keep you posted.
The Bioregional Research Collective (B.R.C.) is a group of individuals, world wide, with a common goal of decentralizing nation states into bioregional confederations. While we hold diverse opinions on a number of topics, on this we stand together. B.R.C.s purpose is to research decentralization and community building. It develops position papers and articles relating to the research. The office of the Bioregional Research Collective is in Eureka, California. BRC can be reached by email at  cascade_rebel@yahoo.com and our list server is at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bioregion_research/ . I will use the BRC site for updates on the conference. Too, I am including on this site a proposed United Cascadia Manifesto for Sovereignty. It reflects our desire for independence, peace, justice and egalitarianism. It is not a radical statement. Cascadians of all political persuasions must be united under a common banner. After independence we can hammer out the details of our new homeland. Being united in our drive for sovereignty is vital.

homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bioregion_research/

New Comer Go home 08.Oct.2003 20:48

Halls of

Parts of what you define as Cascadia are more Northwest Mexico. Since the part of the land in question was seized by terrorist it should be returned. This would included CA, CO, NV, AZ, NM and of course TX. How ever your plans for OR and WA are fine.

all-cascadia conference in pdx in march? 09.Oct.2003 00:16

republic of cascadia citizen

let's do this thing! portland would be proud to host the first all-cascadia conference/gathering of the tribes. the time has come to seize our future and break free from the rotting dinosaur that is the occupational government of the united states. i always use "republic of cascadia" on my return address labels for snail mail, and twice now strangers have given me the thumbs up at post offices. it is an idea whose time has come. it it time to take things to the next level.

secede? 09.Oct.2003 08:09


Is there a mechanism for the states to secede? In other countries there are procedures for doing this. How about the "land of the free"? If not, then this entity is just one big people's prison.

Please don't include Alaska 09.Oct.2003 08:27

AK Fisherman

If you want to leave the US, then by all means do so. Alaska could really stand on it's own without California and Washington. I've heard people talk about succession up here for years. We have enough oil, enough resources to be a viable country.

We usually leave the "Lower 48" to their own devices anyway. That's why they make all those movies about Eskimos and polar bears (we wan't people to think it's cold up here; that way they stay away).

All-Cascadia Conference: The Time Is Now 09.Oct.2003 09:04

Gil Gamesh

Yes, the time is now. Let's plan an All-Cascadia meeting for the Spring in Oregon or Washington. My suggestion would be on public land (like the Rainbows do it in their regionals and nationals) to facilitate low-rent living (I for one can't afford a hotel, and have lots of camping gear to share around), freedom of movement and thought, and real human interaction. I'm skeptical of any organization that meets in a Holiday Inn and wears name tags.

Speaking for myself, I can bring ten people, professional event logistics skills, and a lot of ideas. What do you say?

Balkanization 09.Oct.2003 10:37


The brown people want to take back the southwest that was stolen from them in the Mexican War.

The yankees in New England want to get back to their roots of independance.

The Southrons want to finish the secession that they started.

The Cascadians want and independant northwest.

We are all sick of Washington DC ruining our lives and the planet.

Why is there no organized effort for all these related interest groups to all do the job at the same time?

One at a time and Washington would send their troops, like in the Civil War. But if we all go for it at once?

Eleven tried 09.Oct.2003 11:13

Gil Gamesh

Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and significant percentages of Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, and Maryland tried it all at once in 1861. Hell, they even sent their troops to the field together. Remember that the Confederacy wasn't a nation against the US so much as a collective front for eleven independent states (the common thread of which was not racism or slavery as much as it was a different conception of the rights of states (read: liberty) and an agrarian base. The engine of the agrarian base was slavery, the taint of which poisons the whole, but which doesn't change the fact that the essential motivations of these 'Constitutional Fundamentalists' pass the test of liberty and community obligation.

Cascadia can't go the way of the Confederacy. Cascadia is, I believe, destined to be a neutral, or at most a nation with a small, professional defensive force (on the model of states without imperialist illusions like those of Scandinavia). In the crucible of Cascadian thought I just can't imagine violent revolution being the result. Only a state which values power more than it values the rights and wishes of its citizens would rob them of their right to determine their own destinies.

How do we do it? I'm damned if I've got all the answers. THAT is why we've got to have a meeting.

Nationalism 09.Oct.2003 16:53


What is being discussed sounds like you want a Cascadian State, or nation to succeed from the US and Canada. I don't support getting rid of one set of rulers for a more local set. It is the nature of government and all hierarchical social institutions to rule by coercion and bribery.

However, an anti-authoritarian revolutionary northwestern federation does sound like a good idea and the plan should be elaborated on.

How about a monetary secession? 09.Oct.2003 18:24


The real war is economic. Remember that was what was behind the Civil War and the World Wars. Once the money lenders got our currency under their names, ie the federal reserve, during WWII, then they had control of our government and our resources. By the way,the Federal Reserve, is neither owned by the federal government nor is there any reserve maintained. It is a fiat currency with nothing to back it, hence, recessions and inflation is a sneaky tool they streal our wealth.

So if you want to disengage from their bogus system, that would an excellent approach to explore.

How? 10.Oct.2003 06:54


Since I suspect that most "Cascadians" still live with their parents or are shoehorned into a poverty-level apartment with a dozen other underachievers, how exactly do you plan to take thousands of miles of land that isn't yours and create your own country? Shouldn't you set your sights a bit more realistically and try finishing school and getting a job that doesn't require you to wear a paper hat first?

Skeptic needs help 10.Oct.2003 23:04


Personnal attacks are not the same as inteligent points.

Just thinking of the tax loss potentional here makes me wet.

revolutionary, not civil war 11.Oct.2003 09:12


The civil war is the wrong model for Cascadian secession. The revolutionary war is a better one. Because of the oppressive and immoral US government, Cascadia must become a separate entitiy, organized in its own way, and securing the rights of its own citizens and preserving its own environment according to the wishes of its population, not the whims of DC millionaires.

AK Fisherman 12.Oct.2003 08:25

Philip E. Thrap cascade_rebel@yahoo.com

Yes Alaska could, and should, stand on its own. If any of Alaska were included in Cascadia, it would only be the south coastal area. Even then, hopefully, these smaller sections of Cascadia would be independent, united in a confederation to address common issues. There wouldn't be a central "Authority" to make decisions for the various areas.

MEETING DATE SET 19.Nov.2003 09:05

cascadian socialist republic anouncment

Attention: A meeting has been set up for the socialist repbulic of Cascadia. The place will be 8th and Seneca Street 1:30 PM, on December 13th. For you who do not know where this is, this is in downtown Seattle. The chairmen of the board will be on the stage in a Cascadian pride outfit. Inorder to attend a donation of $15 will be required. We will have some entertainment for your listening pleasure. The topics discussed at this meeting will be reflective of our form of goverment, how to start the rebellion, and plans for small arms. If you can attend please inform other Cascadian nationals to come with you. For the rebellion starts that date.

(free paper Cascadian hats given out)