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S. Renee Mitchell will solve all of YOUR problems!

S. Renee Mitchell has define herself as the people's champion, a woman willing to defend and promote any cause, however inane. Call her now to help her help you to promote your pet peeve!
In today's Oregonian, columnist Renee Mitchell caves in to the demands of a cranky 84-year old woman and plaintively demands "Is there anyone out there brave enough to stop allowing law-breaking bicyclists a free ride?"


Please note that Mitchell also indicates that she mainly did this because she was on deadline and didn't have anything better to write about. Also note that it only took THREE phone calls before Mitchell decided to take up Inez Seim's campaign to register cyclists.

Therefore, I encourage EVERYONE who has any kind of pet cause to contact Renee Mitchell and convince her to support your efforts in her column. Tired of people who grow grass on their lawn instead of food-producing gardens? Disappointed that there aren't enough worker-owned collective in Portland? Too many worker-owned collectives? Angry at people who drive while talking on their cell phones?

Whatever your cause is, please make it a personal challenge to see how many times you can call Mitchell before she'll champion your cause for you. See if you can beat Inez' record. Reach Renee Mitchell at 503-221-8142 or  rmitch@news.oregonian.com.

good idea 06.Oct.2003 19:10


truly a terrible writer.
wasn't she the one who wrote that piece about adolescents in OUR CITY regularly engaging in ORAL SEX because it's FUN and safer than intercourse?
i've got some pet peeves for her...